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Tinted Grey and Clear Glass Tinted Grey and Clear Glass Tinted glass significantly reduces solar heat and UV transmission but also reduces light entry. It is suitable for those windows with a major exposure to summer sun Clear. Just as the name implies, this is clear with no tinting. Green. This is a very popular color, similar to many modern vehicles. This color helps reduce headlight glare without reducing visibility. Gray. Our gray glass allows only 44% of the light to pass through the glass. Recommended only for side and rear glass. Bronze

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Most commonly used when privacy is required, frosted glass allows light to pass through without clear view. Frosted glass is produced by sand blasting or acid etching float glass. Insulated or Double Glass. Insulated glass refers to two or more glass sealed around the edges with an air space between the two to form a single unit. The insulating. Grey Glass or smoked glass in lay terms; is a tinted soda lime glass that is primarily used to restrict or reduce light transmission (transfer) as well as for decorative applications. Generally used for windows, grey glass can be used to prevent fading of furnishings, carpeting, clothing, artwork, etc. It is also used to add a level of privacy The difference between clear glass and low-iron glass is the greater transparency of the latter, making it more ideal for certain uses such as frameless glass walls, display cases, partitions and dividers, and other appearance-driven applications. Editor's Note: This blog post was originally published in December 2016 and has been revised to.

single glass performance values vlt visible light transmission vlr visible light reflectance vlri visible light reflectance acousta™ 12 clear 84 7 7 0.70 5.5 7.14mm grey 42 5 5 0.61 5.6 9.14mm grey 41 5 5 0.59 5.6 11.14mm grey 40 5 5 0.57 5.5 13.14mm grey 40 5 5 0.56 5.4 low-e coate Keep your insulated glass units performing at their best for longer with Intercept, Supercept, or Super Spacer systems that hold the glass in place while tightening the seal. SpectraClear glass. This package includes the gas fill and titanium Low-E coating while providing a super clear view. ENERGY STAR glass Clear glass bottles, also known as flint glass, will not directly deteriorate the integrity of the oils. However, these bottles do not offer any light protection. For essential oils that are apt to break down due to oxidation or that are used much more slowly, i.e., the number of drops per application, clear glass is not the best option

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1. Translucent glass. This style of glass has a frosted appearance and is produced by sandblasting or acid-etching clear sheet glass. By creating a marked surface on one side of the pane, the light is scattered and diffused. The effect is that it blurs images while still allowing light to pass through Anything will be better than 4mm float glass. A reputable window manufacturer will be able to give you great advice on glass selection, if they can't find another one! If you really want to eliminate noise you would end up with 2 panes of glass about 100mm apart but it is unlikely you need to go that far (it is an uncommon solution) Smoke or Gray glass tends not to show smoke and soot stains as quickly as clear glass does. Probably the most prominent advantage is that, during the many summer months when the fireplace isn't generally used, the (dirty?

We have clear glass, didnt even think of anything else, other than the supplier pushing self cleaning, which we dismissed. for sample pic on a grey day - you cannot really tell it is blue. Solargray ® glass has been a popular choice for commercial structures because of its cool, medium‑gray appearance and ability to control solar heat gain and glare. In a one-inch insulating glass unit (IGU), Solargray ® glass provides visual light transmittance (VLT) of 40 percent. Solargray ® glass may also be combined with Sungate ® 400 glass in a one-inch IGU for improved solar heat.

Toned glass. Toned glass, often referred to as tinted glass, is made by including colouring additives to normal clear glass during the manufacturing process. Most commonly found in shades of bronze, grey, blue or green, toned glass significantly reduces glare and heat gain from the sun. Supertoned glass (also known as supertinted) uses a. Frosted/translucent/obscured glass is the perfect option when customised privacy is the goal yet allowing light to pour in creating an open feel to a room. Options include: acid etched (Matelux) glass, cathedral glass, clear glass, gluechip glass, Kosciusko glass, mirror glass, roughcast glass, sparkle glass, Georgian wired glass, reeded glass.

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  1. Pilkington SuperGrey™ is the best solar control of any uncoated glass, providing the lowest shading coefficient of any float glass and a better shading coefficient than many reflective glasses, unsurpassed light and glare control, improving visual privacy and reducing the need for blinds or shades
  2. University of Oklahoma, College of Medicine. The all-glass façade of this office tower features Solarban® R100 glass on Solargray® medium-gray-tinted glass. The exterior reflectance and color neutrality of the configuration creates a clean, crisp exterior aesthetic. See Project
  3. In addition, it provides you with a foundation for being more environmentally cautious. When you have the choice between tinted and reflective glass, the two are very similar in what they can accomplish. One of the major differences is the aesthetic of the two. For commercial glass options, contact S. Albert Glass by calling 301-517-7442 or.
  4. In this video we do a complete starphire vs clear glass review. If you have a question or topic you would like us to discuss please put it in the comments b..
  5. Guardian UltraClear® is a low-iron glass with a brilliantly clear, neutral color that offers incredible aesthetic benefits. It can be used for any application, but is especially suited as a base glass for architectural, interior and specialty applications. See more
  6. ComfortPlus™ gives you improved insulation and a choice of solar control compared to ordinary glass - so you can enjoy the ideal temperature in your space. Wide range of options Each tone from the range has benefits suitable for different residential and commercial applications, widening your opportunity to choose the best glass type based.

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Carved glass is etched glass times ten. Etched glass simply scuffs the surface of the glass creating occlusions, where carved glass is actually digging into the glass at various depths. This is an art form, so choose the company providing this service very carefully. Actual artists at glass suppliers do this kind of work Using tinted glass through the whole house can make it seem dark, so be careful about where you choose to install it. Switchable glass is another option for privacy; this glass changes from clear to opaque electronically. The glass has an interlayer containing an emulsion - this changes colour immediately when the switch is pressed

More importantly, Solarban ® 60 glass helps homeowners shield their homes—and their utility bills—from summer heat and winter cold. Measured against windows assembled with ordinary clear glass, Solarban ® 60 glass lessens solar heat gain by more than half. When the seasons turn cold, the high insulating value of Solarban ® 60 helps reduce furnace heat loss through windows by up to 50% Clear Glass - Clear glass has been used since the dawn of the safety industry. Its optical quality is higher than that of any other material used through out the optical industry. Unlike plastic lenses, Clear Glass is naturally scratch resistant and has the least amount of distortion than any other lens material Glass Performance Comparison charts. The following products and combination of products are compared: • IG units with nominal 3 mm and 6 mm glass substrates; • IG units with clear, green, gray, and bronze non-coated glass substrates; • 3IG units with LoĒ²-272®, LoĒ²-270®, LoĒ-366®, and LoĒ²-240® on the #2 glass surface 6.38mm Sunergy Grey PVB (2) 12mm/ 6mm Clear 30 6 15 0.34 1.8 Data listed based on NFRC 100-2010 with the following; Single glass data - Low-E coating surface #2 for single glass and surface #4 for laminated glass. IGU glass data - Low-E coating to surface #2 of IGU. VLT% - refers to % visible light transmittance. Simply a measure of the. Low emissivity (Low-E) glass, the most popular choice, will reduce light transmission and solar heat gain, making the space more comfortable for people. However, when growing plants is a room's main function, clear glass is the most beneficial option, allowing the most nourishment to emanate the room

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Low-iron shower glass has all the advantages of clear glass with the addition of extra clarity. By using a low-iron mixture to create the material, manufacturers eliminate the green tinting seen in clear glass. The superior clarity of low-iron shower glass means it lets true colors appear through the door and enclosure Solarban ® 80 Solar Control Low-e Glass Solarban 80 (2) Clear + Clear 13 48 20 33 38 0.29 0.27 0.28 0.24 1.98 Solarban 80 (2) Optiblue + Clear 9 34 15 19 28 0.29 0.27 0.23 0.20 1.70 Solarban ® z50 Solar Control Low-E Glass Solarban z50 (2) Optiblue + Clear 14 51 26 8 23 0.29 0.27 0.36 0.31 1.6 Safety glass is essential for all kinds of projects from patio furniture and shower doors to business storefronts. There are two different break-resistant solutions: laminated glass and tempered glass. Both can be excellent options for home, business and auto owners looking to increase the safety and security of their glass - but it depends on the application. Read on to learn more about the. ARCHITECTURAL LOW-E Energy Select ™ is the family of low-emissivity coated glass products designed to meet and exceed the most stringent code requirements for commercial applications. These high-performance glass solutions go beyond what is required today, positioning architects to meet the challenges of designing fo Typically regular clear window glass blocks most UV-B rays but only an insignificant percentage of UV-A rays. However, there are coatings, treatments and films that can increase protection through doors and windows in your car or home. Automotive Glass: Windshields, Sidelites and Backlites

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product glass type total thickness composition ufactor shgc vlt laminado clear 5/16 1/8 clear hs + 0.09 pvb + 01/8 clear hs 1.117 0.602 0.66 Clear beveled glass is less private option, but allows the maximum amount of light. If overlaid with wrought iron, it can create more privacy while also embarking on a baroque semblance. Homeowners seeking to combine clear beveled glass with privacy may also consider investing in a wood entry door with blinds between glass panels Grey / Green glass 4mm $46.05 $ 5mm $51.04 $ 6mm $61.36 $ 10mm $144.75 $ 12mm $154.50 $ 4 YouR VIEW YouR STYLE AXI TOUGh DESCRIPTION P m2 CUSTOM RATE 4mm Clear Toughened Cut to Size $36.00 $ 6mm Clear Toughened Cut to Size $48.00 $ 8mm Clear Toughened Cut to Size $85.00 $ 10mm Clear Toughened Cut to Size $112.00 $ 12mm Clear Toughened Cut to. - Solar Control Low E Coated glass Like Guardian SN-68 (clear, ultra-clear, green, crystal gray substrate) or Pilkington Eclipse Advantage (bronze, gray, blue-green, evergreen, arctic blue substrate) are generally the outboard lites, with coatings on the #2 Surface

Depending upon its thickness, clear glass allows about 75 to 92 percent of the visible light to pass through. Tinted glass (also called heat absorbing glass) is made by adding coloring agents to the batch mix. These agents include bronze, gray, green and blue. As the glass gets thicker, the density of the color also increases. This causes the. Clear glass transmits as much as 90% of the solar energy in all the regions and is ineffective at controlling glare or solar heat gain. Bronze and gray-tinted glass absorb as much as 50% of all sunlight, but this varies with thickness. Large windows with thick glass will be dark, while small windows with thin glass will have little tint and.

The two types of Low-E glass have different performance characteristics. The soft coat process has the ability to reflect more heat back to the source. It typically has a higher R value. R values are a measure of resistance to heat loss. The higher the R value of a material, the better its insulating qualities 45% AGC Pure Gray Gray 44% Vitro Solar Gray Gray 44% LOF Optifloat Gray Gray 42% Vitro Pacifica Blue 34% AGC Midnight Blue Blue 23% PPG Optigray 23 (Discontinued) Gray 14% PPG Graylite 14 (Discontinued) Gray 9% LOF Super Gray 8% Vitro Graylite II 8% .030 Polar White Laminated Obscure 1/4 MONOLITHIC GLASS VISIBLE LIGHT TRANSMISSIO This method gives the glass product uniform thickness and a very flat surface. Float glass is the primary glass product on which all other value-additions are done to enable glass to do more. This type of glass ensures 100% distortion-free vision. AIS Clear Glass. Gives a clean and modern look to the exterior façade Want to know the difference between car window tint and privacy glass Check out the latest blog post form We Tint Windows, Brisbane We have lots of tint There are many variances of insulated glass. Clear, bronze, gray, black, low-e, with bars (muntin bars/grills), without bars, and so on. A typical insulated window glass (or I.G.) consists of two panes of glass sandwiching a metal spacer. Weather resistant sealant is then applied around edges to seal the air space between the panes. The space

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Solargray® Glass A cool light-gray color that enhances almost any building facade and the ability to control solar heat gain and glare have made Solargray glass a top choice for commercial structures. With a visible light transmittance of 40% for a 1 insulating glass unit with clear interior light, Solargra Low Iron Glass vs StarPhire Glass. The reason you will hear the terms low-iron and StarPhire sometimes used together is because StarPhire is a brand name of the glass, and low iron is the process used to remove the green tint; they are the same type of glass

Laminated insulating glass is composed of three panes of glass: two panes of glass bonded together with a strong, clear interlayer for impact resistance; and one pane for added insulation. Once sealed, the glass sandwich behaves as a single unit and is transparent like ordinary glass When it comes to lenses, you've got options: tinting, mirror coating, gradient, transition, polarized or non-polarized, and, of course — lens material. For some clarity on which lens material is best for you, let's have a little face-off between the generations-old glass and the (relatively) young upstart polycarbonate. Glass Lenses The veteran of optic materials, glass has been in the. SHGC. Winter / Summer. Viracon's solar and optical performance data is center of glass data based on the National Fenestration Rating Council measurement standards, calculated using Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory's (LBNL) WINDOW 7 software. Winter and Summer U-Values are the only performance values available for spandrel glazing

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  1. Stock Interlayers Available Clear PVB - .030, .060, .090 Tint PVB - .030 - 52% Bronze (comparable to ¼ bronze glass), 44% Grey (matches ¼ grey glass), 73% Light Blue/Green (matches ¼ green glass), 65% White, 80% White, 0% Diamond White, 0% Brilliant Black Clear SGP - .060, .090, .120, .150, .180 Additional custom (non-stock) PVB colors are available, contact Manko for more.
  2. Low-E vs. Tempered Glass Windows. The world of windows has come a long way from what it once was. No longer do we simply choose a single-pane wood window and call it a day. Now we have double- and triple-paned windows, high-efficiency windows, and a wide variety of frame materials to choose from
  3. al 3 mm and 6 mm glass substrates. † IG units with clear, green, gray, and bronze non-coated glass substrates. † IG units with LoE²-270™, LoE²-272™, LoE3-366™, and LoE²-240™ on the #2 glass surface. † IG units with LoE-179™ on the #2 or #3 glass surfaces. † IG units with green, gray, and bronze.
  4. Solar Bronze. Solar Gray. Low-E2. Low-E2. Milgard SunCoat® Low-E2 Glass comes standard on all dual-pane windows and patio doors. This microscopically thin coating is applied to one side of the glass to reflect heat from its source in the summer, keep heat inside in the winter and reduce harmful UV rays. Low-E3. Low-E3

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Virtually no reflections. UV radiation protection. Reduce reflection from 8% (regular clear glass) to less than 1%. Eliminate glare from natural and artificial lighting. Can be tempered or laminated for safety glazing. Cut energy costs from over glaring and over heating. High light transmission 98% versus 89-91% (regular clear glass There are several shades of gray sea glass, the darker being the most desired. Five Rare Sea Glass Colors. Pink sea glass tops the charts as a rare sea glass color. Its most popular use was for Depression era tableware, but most pink sea glass that we find today is sun colored pink, derived from clear glass bottles made with selenium as a.

GrayGlass, leading global custom glass fabricators and glass suppliers since 1946, offers you a wide variety of flat glass and comprehensive in-house glass fabrication and precision machining capabilities. Browse through the online flat glass gallery. Call (800) 523-3320 Optigray® glass, the newest addition to Vitro Architectural Glass's collection of neutral tinted glasses, is designed to eliminate the green cast typically found in conventional clear glass.

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  1. The Cons of a Glass Fuse. The main disadvantage of glass fuses is that they have a lower breaking point than a ceramic fuse. There is also a possible time delay when using a glass fuse. This reduces the reliability of your fuse. You now know the pros and cons of both glass and ceramic fuses, which will make it easier to decide which one to use
  2. Available in 15cc and 30cc bottles as well as Clear, Blue Green, Amber, and Grey tints for your specific application. Tinted Resins (Blue Green, Amber, and Grey) offer a cured refractive index that more closely matches that of tinted glass in that specific color. British Standard Institute (BSI) Tested
  3. A glass pane is a transparent block that can be used as a more efficient alternative to glass blocks. 1 Obtaining 1.1 Breaking 1.2 Natural generation 1.3 Crafting 2 Usage 2.1 Placement 2.2 Crafting ingredient 2.3 Locking maps 2.4 Trading 3 Sounds 4 Data values 4.1 ID 4.2 Metadata 4.3 Block states 5 History 6 Issues 7 Trivia 8 Gallery 9 References Glass panes can be obtained using a tool.
  4. MIFFLIN Clear Plastic Sheet (11x14 inch, 5 Pack), PET is Similar to Plexiglass & Acrylic, Perfect as a Replacement for Picture Frame Glass, for General Purpose Household Use, Easy to Cut to Any Size 4.6 out of 5 stars 67
  5. Glass in its raw state usually has a greenish tint to it, to make glass white or clear, a bleaching chemical agent was added. When W.W.I broke out the chemical could no longer be used and the replacement chemical that was used turned glass lavender over a period of time
  6. Minneapolis Glass Company is a woman-owned glass and glazing fabricator that designs, fabricates, globally sources and installs customized glass solutions. With 80+ years of innovation in construction and manufacturing, we make doing business a little bit easier and a lot more predictable

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  1. Glass fragments are held in place with a safety backing, reducing the risk of injury. Installation Accessories - During the customization process, you can select mirror mastic and either decorative clips or j-bars / l-bars to install your mirror, for extra support
  2. imising, or even eli
  3. The tempered glass tabletop and shelves offer plenty of storage and display space for your before-bed or living room essentials. This tall table measures 26.25 tall, making it ideal in your entryway with your favorite potted plant, or next to your sofa. This side table requires assembly. Top Material: Glass; Top Color: Clear; Base Material: Meta

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  1. In addition to Clear tempered glass table tops, we also carry In Stock Grey tempered glass table tops, and Bronze tempered glass table tops at unbelievable prices. Glasstopsdirect.com carries an extensive collection of tempered glass shelves and beautiful designer shelf brackets. Shelf brackets and hardware are available in Brushed Steel.
  2. i-Blason phone cases offer stylish protection at an affordable price. Discover the industry's most protective, slim case or browse matching cases for phone, tablet, smartwatch, and more! Make Everyday Beautiful with cases and mobile accessories from i-Blason
  3. Colorless (aka Clear) This color is the actually the absence of any color. Colorless is preferred over the term clear or white glass since the former term refers more accurately to the transparency of the glass not its color, e.g., clear green; the latter term can describe milk glass which is discussed separately below (McKearin & Wilson 1978)
  4. ate sandwiched between two panes to resist impact, forced entry and unwanted noise. Choose from clear or gray. Available in: A-Series Patio Doors, E-Series, 400 Series Windows, Weiland See your local code official for building code requirements in your.
  5. The most common glass tints are available. Bronze, Gray, Green and Blue (Low-E Glass) can be single or dual pane and come in multiple thicknesses. 1/4 clear annealed storefront glass. Dual Pane Storefront Glass. Newer buildings usually use Dual Pane Glass units. For the most part, when comparing commercial to residential dual panes you will.
  6. Thankfully, nowadays there are a lot more colour options to choose from rather than just the good old clear transparent window glass or the dull metal shade frames. So, in this post we'll try to uncover what colours are available for window glass panes & metal grilles and share some tips that will help you make the right choice or your abode
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A typical double-glazed unit with bronze or gray tinted glass has two lites of glass with the the outer layer of glass being bronze or gray tint and the inner layer being clear. These two layers are separated by an air gap. Double glazing, compared to single glazing, cuts heat loss in half due to the insulating air space between the glass layers Tinted Glass. O ne Day Glass is a flat glass production facility. We don't manufacture a replacement car window, since auto glass is usually curved in some way. Tinting on our glass products is actually part of the glass and not just a surface film.. This provides a much more durable finish that won't rub off Insulating Glass Options. Dual Pane. Our standard glazing is dual pane: two panes of glass with Low E coatings and insulated with argon gas. Compared to a single glass pane, dual pane glass cuts energy costs significantly because of low emissivity coating and the gas filled insulating space between the glass layers. Triple Pane In mixed and heating climates, the improved insulating properties of low e glass blades offer thermal performance comparable to clear double glazing. Energy ratings of most windows sold in Australia can be found in the Window Energy Rating Scheme section of the WERS website Frosted glass is one step up from clear glass when it comes to pricing. Gray Glass: If you prefer glass but want the privacy that comes with shower curtains, install gray glass. They are equal to tints on a car. Gray glass, along with bronze and rain, are in the same price range as frosted glass shower walls

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