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  1. 427. ive been through the unit on the north end during the general sesson deer hunt. i would work the edge of the 37/38 high country. every damn local is up in 38 during the general season. for a limited entry elk tag i would be pretty upset with all the pressure. 37 had nearly zero hunters in comparison. but also no elk tracks on 9 miles of.
  2. g's deer may not be at historic highs or even close at this point, there could still be some very solid deer hunts to be had this fall in a handful of areas. Most hunters will see plenty of younger bucks but may struggle to find the older mature survivor bucks of the brutal winter of 2016
  3. Dec 18, 2012. #1. Well didn't get our tags last year we wanted, and this year we have two PP's. Me and my buddy are thinking of trying to get into this unit in 2013. And while were there try to get a antelope unit 76 tag, we have 2 PP for them also. I have talked to a couple of guys through PM's, but does anyone have any experience in this unit

Unit 37 ElkWyoming. I am researching areas for an archery elk hunt in 2011. Apparently like a lot of others I find the WY regs a little confusing. For unit 37 there are both type 9 and type 1 general licenses. While we only wish to archery hunt, is it better to apply for a type 1 tag as our small group will have plenty of points (average of 2. Access Notes - Deer are primarily located on private land, but the area does support 1 HMA and several WIAs. The southern half of the hunt area is mainly private, whereas the northern portion is mainly public lands. BLM 1:100,000 Quad Maps: Nowater Creek USFS Designated Wilderness Areas: None Hunting Access in Wyoming - Public Access Summar

This Map is designed for Big Game Hunting in Wyoming Deer Unit 59-60-61 and Antelope Unit 37-38. This map contains public/private boundaries, campgrounds, all roads (even decommissioned and closed Forest Service Roads), Hiking Trails, Pack Horse Trails, The Species Hunting Unit Boundary, Water Bodies, Rivers, Wilderness Areas, 50 foot contours, and GPS Grids Wilderness Area Info. Wyoming state law requires nonresidents to hunt with a resident guide in designated wilderness areas. This does not mean the entire Hunt Area, only within the boundaries of the wilderness area. The resident guide does not have to be a professional; a Wyoming resident who holds a big game or trophy game hunting license is able to obtain a Resident Guide License to guide.

Deer Hunting in Wyoming Hunt Area 164 - Nowater. It?s believed a winter die-off of mule deer occurred during the latter part of the 2018/19 winter within this herd unit, specifically in Hunt Areas 37, 39 and 164. Overall, hunter satisfaction declined from a 72% satisfied rate in 2018 to a 60% satisfi... Scores. Access Enjoy the finest deer hunting in Gillette, WY at Rawhide Creek Ranch. Boon and Crockett Whitetail Deer, Elk, Mule Deer, Antelope and more Wyoming's unit 90 is a great low-density open country desert mule deer hunt. Hunter success typically runs high as rifle hunters have the whole month of October to find a buck. Even though it's an open country hunt, the deer here are very good at hiding in the open and in the breaks

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Antelope Hunt Area 37 regulates hunting opportunities in Wyoming and covers 217,154 acres.Check out the public land access and historical weather For GPS, Phone or Google Earth. Unit 37. Unit 37. EXCEPTION: Short range weapons only on Pahsimeroi Access Area. Area Size: 200 acres. View a High Resolution Adobe PDF Map of Hunt Area White-tailed Deer Tag. Cartography in Progress! This area has not yet been mapped. Our mapping staff is quite backlogged, but we should get to this shortly

Wyoming unit 119. Thread starter justinvv; Start date Aug 26, 2011; J. justinvv Active member. Joined Aug 24, 2009 Messages 27 Reaction score 1. Aug 26, 2011 #1 Drew a wyoming 119 deer tag for November. Cant wait to go chase muleys around in the rut! Anyone ever hunted this unit? Been researching using maps and talked to a couple guys that. Deer Unit 40 - Buffalo Creek. Deer Unit 41 - Lower Nowood. Deer Unit 46 - Cloud Peak. Deer Unit 47 - Webber Canyon. Deer Unit 50 - Upper Shell-Beaver Creek. Deer Unit 51 - Beaver Creek. Deer Unit 52 - Crystal Creek. Deer Unit 53 - Devils Canyon. Deer Unit 59 - South Laramie Mountains Explore expansive BLM lands surrounding Lysite. Travel on the South Bighorn Red Wall Back Country Byway Loop starting at Waltman. The BLM quadrant maps are scaled at 1:100,000, and cover an area of about 30 x 50 miles. Official Bureau of Land Management metric topographic map @1:100,000 scale (roughly 3/4`1 mile), color-coded to show surface management, i.e. agency vs. private or tribal. 'hpdqg 5hsruw 1rq 5hvlghqw 'hhu 6wdwh ri :\rplqj 'dwh 15 33 '5$: :\rplqj *dph dqg )lvk 7lph 3

Map shows a large part of Wind River Indian Reservation, Boysen Reservoir, and BLM land east of the reservoir and Shoshoni WY. Numerous opportunities for camping, fishing, and boating at Boysen Reservoir. Northwest of Riverton visit Ocean Wildlife Habitat Management Area for wildlife viewing, camping, fishing, and hiking. The BLM quadrant maps are scaled at 1:100,000, and cover an area of. Our average width on deer is 24 inches and the average score is aound 155 B&C. In 2020 season, we took 38 hunters throughout October and November. They harvested 37 bucks. Our 2019 mule deer season was exceptional! We took a total of 45 hunters in the months of October and November. These 45 hunters harvested 42 mule deer bucks Deer Hunting Q Creek Ranch offers a truly classic western hunt for Mule Deer. Located in Hunt Area 70, the Limited Quota draw provides the opportunity to peruse a true Wyoming legend on private land with little pressure. A successful mule deer hunt is performed by glassing coulees and arid hillsides until a trophy is located

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wyoming mule deer...$2000. wyoming whitetail....from $1200 for party hunts. combination mule deer/antelope..$2400. call or email for dates...limited dates. available . all hunts are conducted by 4x4 and foot . call 406-490-6075 and book now! call 406-490-6075 or email from contact pa Wyoming 30 - Unit Overview. Unit 30 for mule deer covers approximately 254,042 acres, Wyoming's Top Hunt Units. Area 7: Quite a bit of private land, with a good map a hunter can kill a really big bull. 400 inch bulls in the unit. Area 31: This is a really fun hunt. Roads make this small unit very accessible. This hunt is not what it was a few years ago Wyoming Unit 34 Mule Deer. Thread starter wykee5; Start date Oct 10, 2019; Forums. Hunting the West. Mule Deer. wykee5 New Member. Feb 6, 2014 5 3 South Dakota. Oct 10, 2019 #1 Wondering if anyone that has spent time in Unit 34 would care to share any info. We scouted a bit on a previous hunt, and it is one big unit..

Beaver Trap Outfitters is a premier Wyoming hunting guide offering trophy Elk hunts in units 37 and 38. Moose hunts in unit 1 and deer are hunted in Region Y. Antelope hunts in unit 17. Bear and Mountain Lion Hunts are also offered A first of its kind. The Statewide Wyoming Map set consists of over 1,100 maps. This includes 3 maps for every Deer Unit. A Topo map with boundaries, a Land Ownership Map from the BLM, and a first of its kind - a habitat map showing summer range, winter range, and migration routs Archery hunts are also conducted in Unit 37 and the draw odds are much better there - in 2017, 30% draw odds with zero points and 100% draw odds with one point. Includes guides, lodging, meals, transportation during the hunt, delivery of meats and mounts to taxidermist or processing plant, airport pick-up and drop-off (Sheridan airport) With a combination of national forest and wilderness lands, the Wenaha Unit has large tracts of grass-covered ridges and timber-filled canyons that support healthy elk herds. Find more information here. Wyoming. The Equality State has many incredible elk-hunting units, or areas, as the Wyoming Game and Fish Department refers to them We are professional guides with more than 40 years of combined experience and have been continuously operating as outfitters in the Wyoming wilderness since 1986. We've conducted more than 500 hunts over 20 seasons and guided more than 1,200 happy hunters and fishers. We're one of the most diversified outfitters in the industry, holding.

Still figuring out what we're gonna do for deer. Do I burn points for a desert tag or hold on a few years for region G or H? Any one know whether herd size or quota for Wyoming Unit 9 idoe/fawn tag s up or down? Unit 9 type 1 permits are 450 for 2020. This is a reduction of 200 tags. Unit 1 [0] 37% @ 0 pts 27.00% 100% @ 0 pts 100.00%. Fully Guided Rifle Hunts. Combination Hunt. Per Person. 4-Day Management Deer/Antelope Combo (Private Land, Mule Deer or Whitetail) $4,600.00. 4-Day Whitetail Deer/Antelope Combo Hunts (Private Land) Rut dates 11/1-11/30 Add $400. $5,700.00. 4-Day Mule Deer/Antelope Combo Hunts (Private Land) Hotel Hunt - Deduct $400. FULL through 2022 37 156 40 171 22 39 146 150 163 31 169 36 151 34 144 153 140 157 12 145 142 139 89 13 88 138 160 92 67 101 75 102 80 133 78 76 60 81 77 61 23 26 24 128 97 66 82 94 124 141 84 152 155 35 134 168 132 10 11 90 70 14 Wyoming Game and Fish Department NonResident Deer Hunt Areas 2021 NonResident Deer Hunt Areas Wilderness Area State BLM BIA. Wyoming Outfitters and Guides Association is proud to announce the release of Hunting Safely in Grizzly Country. You may make a donation to the efforts to save the Wyoming feedgrounds here. Private ranch hunts for elk, mule deer and antelope. We hunt the Horse Creek area northwest of Cheyenne

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department's 2019 hunting forecast offers a detailed look at the seasons for deer, pronghorn, elk, moose, mountain goats, bighorn sheep and birds in the Cody Region. Deer. Hunters should expect fair to good hunting in the southern Big Horn Basin. That includes the Southwest Bighorns herd (Hunt Areas 35, 37, 39, 40 and. Monster Muleys Community. Mule Deer, Elk, More Hunt Talk. Hunting Forums at Monster Muleys. Connect with other sportsmen who share your passion. Gather and share information, meet new hunting friends and share your opinions Colorado Unit 30 Deer Tags for Sale. Colorado Unit 33/34/35/36/45/361 Deer Tags. Colorado Unit 40 Deer Tags for Sale. Colorado Unit 44 Deer Tags. Colorado Unit 49,57,58,581 Deer Tags. Colorado Unit 50, 500, 501 Deer Tags. Colorado Unit 52, 411, 521 Deer Tags. Colorado Unit 61 Deer Tags. Colorado Unit 62 Deer Tags Wyoming's license draw for antelope and deer tags has been 100% for more than 5 years. Since 2009, with hard work and good weather conditions we have averaged 95%+ on our Archery Antelope. Our archery antelope hunts are run on our 11,000+-acre North Ranch, which we have limited to Archery hunting only since 2009 Wyoming Prong Horn Antelope Hunts. We hunt a 15,000 deeded acre ranch in northeastern Wyoming, which is literally overrun with trophy class antelope. We kill 15-16 bucks that is an everyday occurrence. We only hunt 12 antelope on this ranch per year. We consider this a very good hunt especially for those wanting to get started in hunting

This map shows the locations we hunt and the animals hunted in each location. Elk - Private, Colorado. Elk - Unit 52 Public. Elk - Unit 51 Public. Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep. Elk - Unit 7 Private. Elk - Unit 10 Private. Elk - Gila Nation Forest: All Units. Coues & Mule Deer, Desert Bighorn Sheep Founder, Co-owner. Steve grew up chasing the giant whitetails of Kansas and Missouri. After countless hours watching the hunt unfold from a treestand, he discovered a passion for calling elk and all other pursuits of the mountain west. A software engineer by trade, Steve is responsible for the long term product development and day-to-day. Contest Photos! 2021 Muley Scouting Photo Contest Share photos for a chance to WIN a nice daypack! Photos of the Year Photo Contest Let's see some of your Hunting Photos of the Year for 2020. Of all the pictures you took in 2020, which... Cheater Buck Photo Contest If you love seeing big bucks with kickers, you'll want to take a look at all the photos in this thread General Season deer units in Utah are more like general season deer units in Wyoming in that non-residents have to apply for them, but unlike Wyoming, Utah residents must also apply for them. There is a set number of permits for each unit, and in most units, those permits are divided up between the three weapon types Colorado Unit 2 Deer Tags for Sale. Colorado Unit 3/301 Deer Tags. Colorado Unit 4/5/14/214/441 Deer Tags. Colorado Unit 11/211 Deer Tags for Sale. Colorado Unit 20 Deer Tags. Colorado Unit 21 Deer Tags for Sale. Colorado Unit 22 Deer Tags for Sale. Colorado Unit 30 Deer Tags for Sale. Colorado Unit 33/34/35/36/45/361 Deer Tags

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Archery Drop Camp/ Guided Hunt. All prices are per person. August 30th - September 30th. 8 day hunts. Dates available throughout the season. 2 to 4 hunters per camp or arrangements can be made for larger groups. Elk, Deer, or Bear. $3,000.00. Combo Elk, Deer, or Bear. $4,000.00. Guided Elk, Deer, or Bear Guided Archery Elk Hunts Wyoming. Archery elk hunts take place September 1st thru the 30th from a wall tent camp on the Bighorn National Forest that you can drive to. Camp is located on the scenic Tongue River drainage at 7,000 ft. Meals are served in a 16x20 cook tent. You will stay in a 12x14 wall tent with a floor, custom wood stoves.

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Traffic will pick up in September when hunters begin scouting the area for deer and elk. Meantime, there's always the occasional out-of-town vehicle that'll stray from county road to private. These drivers often avoid stopping to visit with a local rancher who pulls over for a quick hello, and to maybe offer some advice

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Game Planner Custom Maps are double sided and printed on water and tear resistant paper. Maps include a USGS Topographic base map, unit boundary, roads, trails springs and seeps, water bodies, wilderness area boundaries and specially designated areas (where applicable and when available) 5 Day Archery Mule Deer / Antelope Combo - $6000 2×1 and $6850 1×1. 4 Day Rifle Hunts - $4250 2×1 guided or $4550 1×1 guided (mid-Nov.) 4 Day Muzzleloader Hunts - $3975 2×1 guided or $4275 1×1 guided (Dec. 1 -31) Can also be done as a mule deer / whitetail two-buck hunt for $8500. See Hunt #37-MDWD Demand Report - Resident Deer State of Wyoming Date: 6/19/2019 . Resident Draw Wyoming Game and Fish Time: 2:37:19 PM . Fiscal Division Page: 1 . Hunt Hunt Total First Choice Second Choice Third Choice. According to the Wyoming Game and Fish, deer Unit 81 opens on September 1st for archery hunting and rifle season is October 1st-October14th. Please see the Wyoming Game and Fish web-site at . January is 37 degrees, while the low is 10 degrees. The average high temperature in July is 82 degrees, while the low is 46 degrees. The charts to th

Our Wyoming Hunt Area Maps are the finest available and include spectacular 3D Hillshade topography, topographic lines, public land ownership boundaries, roads, creeks, streams, rivers, and key terrain features. The selected hunt unit or game management unit boundary is layered with both blm, forest service, tribal lands, federal lands. Mule Deer: With generous over-the-counter, any weapon opportunity and given it's proximity to Idaho's most populated area, Unit 39 is the state's most popular and productive unit for mule.

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The deadline to apply for deer draw licenses is . March 17, 2021. Up to four hunters may apply per application for a deer draw license. Successful applicants will be mailed a deer draw license/ tag, unless the E-Tag option is chosen. The license includes a hunt code and description of the unit, sporting-arm type, season dates and bag limit Wyoming | Game Managment Unit Hunting Maps. Mule Deer Hunt Area 37 - Region M - Copper Mountain. Details >> Mule Deer Hunt Area 39 - Region M - Bates Creek. Details >> Mule Deer Hunt Area 40 - Region M - Buffalo Creek. Details >> Mule Deer Hunt Area 41 - Region R - Lower Nowood

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Wyoming licenses are obtained by draw, so it's important to book your hunts early. We only book 20-24 Deer and Antelope hunts per season. This is done to maintain our mature animal size and provide personal, skilled attention to each hunter In 2006, Wyoming started a preference point system for non-residents for antelope, elk, and deer. The points have a cost which is specified below in the License fees section of this page. If you are planning on hunting any species in Wyoming it would be a good idea to get in on the point game now, because it was only started a few years ago Zone / Unit . 44A. 36B. 16A,18B. 20A, 20B, 21. 7E (minor), 7W, 9. 27,28. 27,28. 29, 30A & 30B. 5B,6B,7E,7W,11M & 8 (minor) 6A,6B,7E,11M. 7W &8. 30B,34A,34B,35A, 35B. Wyoming's Elk Area 7, south of Casper, is a large unit with lots of elk and is about half public land. Large chunks of the private land in Area 7 are enrolled in Wyoming's Access Yes program, which opens private land to public hunting, with some restrictions in certain areas. Mule Deer

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Little Lost Outfitters is a big game hunting outfitter permitted to operate in the Salmon-Challis National Forest in game Unit 51, located within the Lemhi zone in the central mountains of Idaho. We hunt Bull Elk, Mule Deer, Antelope, Black Bear, Shira's Moose, Mountain Goat and Bighorn Sheep 2 of us drew deer/antelope does, 1 drew deer. Throw some more preference points at it in 2 years I guess. Re: Wyoming deer/antelope results [ Re: Oregonmuley ] #16178077 06/17/2 Species. Elk. Mule Deer. This is the best opportunity of success for a DIY hunt in Colorado. DIY on private land hunts begin as low as $550 and go up to $ 950. Good DIY property is difficult to find, usually it means over crowed public land or the poorest private land hunting on the ranch. Well this outfitter is different

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40. Texas, Webb County--49 typical whitetail deer in B&C records 41. Washington, Lewis County--48 typical Columbia blacktail deer in B&C records 42. Wyoming, Lincoln County--48 typical mule deer in B&C records 43. Arizona, Gila County--47 black bear in B&C records 44. California, Humboldt County--47 Roosevelt's elk in B&C records 45 The big bucks on the North Slope unit and the eastern part of your unit winter in Wyoming and they don't hesitate to get there early due to the fact that Wyoming's deer hunt in units 132 and 133 are done by October 14th. The deer will head north and get an early start on their winter range if there is snow in Utah and when the pressure begins Mule Deer RUT Hunt Package - Rifle Only. Our Mule Deer Rut Hunt Package consists of a six-night, five-day all-inclusive package. There are very few Rut Mule Deer Hunts in the State of New Mexico. These are six of the best! Arrive the night before between 3:00 and 5:00 pm. Hunt five full days and depart after breakfast on the sixth morning 307-765-9931 info@tangleridgeoutfitters.com 670 US HWY 14 GREYBULL, WY 8242 New Mexico's Game Management Unit (GMU) 4 is highly regarded as a trophy elk and mule deer unit. In addition to large populations of resident elk and mule deer, the entirety of GMU 4 serves as a massive migration corridor and wintering range for elk migrating south from the San Juan Mountains in Colorado

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There are a few exceptions. The North Park units have an early season, late September hunt, and those are quality managed deer units. Unit 471 is the only other unit that isn't pure wilderness. There are a few roads, but more than half of that unit is a wilderness area. I've been wanting to do one, but I probably won't this year Colorado Landowner Deer Tags For Sale. 8 days ago . 37 people watched $1,100. Landowner Tags For Sale Elk Deer Antelope Archives. 5 days ago . 51 people watched. 936-635-0929. Price Range $1,100 - Ask for Availability to buy this tag.Landowner Tags for Sale Elk Deer Antelope. 2021 Colorado Unit 4 14 R Be the first to review!Colorado. call 936-635-0929.Show Map The Hawxhurst Ranch is located in the center of a region commonly referred to as the western slope of Colorado, just north of Collbran and 45 miles east of Grand Junction, Colorado. The property is situated in prime western ranch country, on the north side of scenic Grand Mesa. Grand Mesa has long been considered one of the most attractive. Late Season (November) Cow Elk Hunts: These three-day horseback hunts also take place in the Big Horn Mountain Range of Wyoming and are also fully guided. Room and board are included in the cost of the hunt and licensing is the same. Unlike the October cow elk hunts, this is a drive-in camp only, airport pickup is not provided Mule deer numbers in hunting districts 502, 510, 520 and 575 - mostly in Carbon and southern Stillwater counties - are at record lows. Seasons have been liberalized in some areas along the Wyoming border since 2017 in response to chronic wasting disease being discovered in deer for the first time in Montana

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The southern portion of the herd unit will offer eight days of antlered deer hunting in Hunt Area 134 and 6 days of antlered deer hunting in Hunt Area 135. Both areas have an antler point regulation that will allow hunters to take antlered mule deer with three points or more on either antler or any white-tailed deer Here's How My 2017 Self-Guided New Mexico Mule Deer Hunt Went. I just got back from a self-guided New Mexico mule deer hunt on public land where I tagged a nice 5×4 buck. Here's the story of how it all happened. Earlier this year I received some great news when I found out I drew a limited entry rifle season mule deer tag for a really good. the unit where we are hoping to hunt muleys in another year or two. We'd be hunting antelope while pre-scouting the unit for a deer unit in the future. Huge unit which a ton of tags - something in the neighborhood of 600 buck tags. See attached pics of a couple October bucks from last year's Unit 73 hunt We hunt map unit 62 which requires 2-3 points to draw an Elk tag, and 3-4 for a Mule Deer. You may draw a cow tag with no points. Fully Guided Archery / Base Camp Hunts. 2×1 Guide Ratio 7 Day Package Deer or Elk $3,200 2021 open / Last week 2022 full (Thanks Bill). 1×1 Guide Ratio 7 Day Package Deer or Elk $3,70 53 40 37 55 56 58 41 36 2 66 1 45 35 60 59 61 34 123 70 63 72 71 62 79 49 75 81 67 64 127 68 47 33 113 78 122 85 69 120 87 86 128 89 88 91 92 97 90 23 28 19 94 129 117 116 126 51 54 Wyoming Game and Fish Department Elk Hunt Areas 2021 Elk Hunt Area Wilderness Area State BLM BIA Forest Service Fish & Wildlife Service National Park Service.

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The quest to hunt big mule deer often begins on what state and area to go. While a big mule deer is in the eyes of the beholder. I am referring to deer scoring over 180 Boone and Crocket points as a benchmark. There are a lot of factors that play into where to hunt them. It is often prudent in the planning stage to put in for draws that may. The NM Mule Deer hunts are conducted from either our High 7 Ranch house, a high country cabin or tent camps depending on the unit we are hunting in. This hunt will require you to be able to hunt by foot in rough wilderness terrain. On a typical hunt, you will ride ATV's to where we will put on a daypack and hike several miles into muley country We are located in Hiland, Wyoming (50 miles west of Casper). Our location in central Wyoming gives us access to some of the best hunting areas in the state. We hunt Elk, Antelope, and Mule Deer from our main camp, along with another Antelope camp in southern Wyoming. On occasion we will make use of a spike camp consisting of tents or campers Landowner Tags For Sale Huntin' Fool. 3 days ago . 37 people watched $8,000.00. Guided Hunts for Sale Reduced Price Hunts Landowner Tags for Sale Statewide Permits Rocky Sheep Permits Desert Sheep Permits Reservation Hunts View All Hunts & Tags.Application Services; Unit 21 Mule Deer 3rd Rifle in Colorado.Hunt ID: LH086. Species: Deer - Mule Weapon: General/Rifle Archery Mule Deer Dates: September 1st - September 22nd, 2021. Muzzleloader Mule Deer Dates: September 24th - September 30th, 2021. Rifle Mule Deer Dates 2021: Unit 8 - October 11-15 Unit 46, 54 & 55 - October 18-22 & 25-29 Unit 55B - November 27-30. 2021 Season Dates May Change Slightl Game Management Units 36 and 37. Sargent Wildlife Management Area. Game Management Unit 4. New Mexico Bow Elk & Deer Info: The hunts in Carson National Forest in Units 51 and 52 and Lincoln National Forest Units 36 and 37 can all be combined with deer hunts

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