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When the export is complete, remove the SIM card from your Android phone and insert it into your iPhone. On the iPhone, tap the Settings app to open it. Tap Contacts (on some older versions of the iOS, this is Mail, Contacts, Calendars). Tap Import SIM Contacts Transfer Data from Android Phone to iPhone XS Simply click on Start Transfer to begin the transfer. Please keep the connection between the devices and the computer until the process is end. Finally, all the selected files will be transferred to the target phone (new iPhone) successfully take you just a few minutes Select the data you wish to transfer from Android to iOS. Click on the Start Transfer button to initiate the process and get the data to the iOS Device There are also ways to transfer your contacts from Android devices to iOS ones manually. You can make a VCF file, transfer it over to the iPhone and then open it to grab all your contact data. The..

You can also use this tool (https://bit.ly/34l9FrH ) to transfer all contacts from Android to iPhone fast and easy.Just bought a new iPhone? Want to transfer.. Launch the app on Android phone, choose the button of Continue and then keep following the prompts. On iPhone, press on Continue to go on when you get the page of Move from Android . Wait for a code on iDevice and enter your Android device appears the window of Enter Code with this code. Step 3: Transfer data from Android to iOS On your iOS device, tap Continue on the screen called Move from Android. Then wait for a ten-digit or six-digit code to appear. If your Android device shows an alert that you have a weak Internet connection, you can ignore the alert

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Step 2. Move contacts from iPhone to Android phone. Tick the checkbox of Contacts. If you do not want to interrupt contacts on iPhone, uncheck the box said Remove the chosen data on Target Device before copy. Click Start to copy contacts from iPhone to Android. People also read: How to Transfer Photos from Android to iPhone Just like iCloud, iTunes is a native free solution provided by Apple. You can first take a backup of your contacts on the local computer using iTunes. Later, you can restore the backup to your new iPhone XS/XR. To know how to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone XS without iCloud, you can follow these steps: 1 Enter the code on your Android phone and then the Transfer Data screen will show, where you can transfer contacts, mail accounts, message history, calendars, camera photos and videos, free apps and web bookmarks from Android to iPhone. Tick Contacts here and tap Next to start transferring contacts from Android to iPhone Step 1 Dowload Syncios Data Transfer and run it on your computer. Launch Syncios Data Transfer and navigate to Restore > iCloud Backup on the primary interface. Connect your iPhone XR to computer with its USB cable. Step 2 If this is the first time you use Syncios Data Transfer, you will then be required to sign in to your iCloud account

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Click Continue on both devices and tap Agree and Next on Android. Input the 10-digit/6-digit code on Android, which will turn up on your iPhone. The source phone will connect to the iPhone via WiFi. You'll access the Transfer Data screen. Choose the files you want to transfer on Android and click Next Solution 1: Sync Samsung Android Contacts to iPhone X via 'Move to iOS' app If you just get your iPhone X out of box, and turned it on. You can sync contacts to the new device with Move to iOS app, which announced by Apple to help Android users switch to iPhone on iOS 9's release Learn how to transfer contacts from your iPhone to an Android smart phone with this video tutorial. We'll show you the easiest and safest way to move your co.. Open the email on your Android phone and tap on the attached contact file. You should be able to import this contact into the Contacts app. Repeat for other contacts you want to send. 4. Use an App to Transfer Contacts From iPhone to Android. There's a free app called My Contacts Backup that lets you export contacts from your iPhone and.

Run the Android to iPhone Data Transfer Tool Run dr.fone - Switch, the best Android to iPhone data transfer tool on the computer, and you will see the window as follows. After then, connect your Android phone and your iPhone with the computer via USB cables respectively. Make sure that both devices can be successfully detected by your computer Can't Miss: 3 Ways to Transfer iCloud Contacts to Android. Way 2: How to Save Contacts from iPhone to CSV File or Excel via iTunes. Steps of Using iTunes to Sync iPhone Contacts to Windows File: > Install the latest version of the iTunes program to your computer. The reason for this is to prevent unnecessary and common iTunes errors 3. Tap the Import button on the top menu, select From vCard File and choose the required file in the pop-up window to save the contacts to your iPhone. Further reading: Full Guide to Import CSV Contacts to Android Phone. How to Copy Contacts from iPhone to SIM (4 Feasible Ways) Way 2. How to Import vCard to iPhone via iClou When reach Apps & Data screen, tap Move Data from Android. On Huawei, run the app and tap Continue. Then, tap Next on Find Your Code screen. On iPhone, tap Continue and you will be presented with a code. Enter the code on Huawei phone. Once the file transfer screen shows up on Huawei, select contacts Now you can transfer your contacts into your new phone using your old SIM. If you're transferring to a new Android phone, insert the old SIM and open Contacts, then Settings > Import/Export >..

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• Using MobileTrans - Phone Transfer, you can transfer data between Android and iOS, Android and iOS, or iOS and iOS. • It is compatible with 8000+ different devices and fully supports the cross-platform transfer of data (like Pixel to iPhone transfer or vice-versa). • You can easily transfer contacts/photos/messages from Pixel to iPhone Android: Open the Contact Transfer app on your Android device and tap Scan Contact Transfer QR Code. Then, using your Android's camera, scan the QR code seen in the Contact Transfer program on your PC. Full Android connection guide > Look through your list of iPhone contacts and tick the ones you want to transfer to your Android

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  1. This article teach you how to transfer contacts from to new iPhone 12/11/XS/XR/X/8 from Samsung,with Samsung to iPhone Contacts Transfer,you can move contacts from old Samsung phone to iPhone 12/11/XS/XR/X/8 directly. Easy ways to Transfer Samsung Galaxy Contacts to iPhone12/11/XS/XR/X/8 Step 1. Launch the Android to iPhone Data Transfer Step 2
  2. Method #2 - Transfer with iCloud. If you have iCloud enabled on your iPhone, this method to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android should take no time at all. On your iPhone, go to Settings.
  3. Though, iPhone XR has ditched the bargain phones with a premium iPhone. Well, now, that you are gearing up for the new purchase to own these beauties; it may come in handy to know how to transfer contacts from old iPhone to iPhone XS/XS Max/XR. Recommended: Transfer Contacts to New iPhone XS/XS Max/XR with Tenroshare iTransG

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iPhone XR gets stuck in black screen of death whenever I Restart my phone. I have to do the Hard Reset to turn it on again, and most times the reset doesn't even work and I have to try Hard Resetting for 30-60 minutes for it to turn on. Charging doesn't help either, tried with different chargers. Battery health is 92% Part 1. Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone via Move to iOS App. Moving your contacts from Android to iPhone is easier than ever with the Move to iOS app, the first Android app developed by Apple that can transfer much of your existing Android data except for apps, music, and settings from Android to iPhone Step 2: Touch Export Contacts to SIM card and select the contacts you want to transfer from Samsung Galaxy to iPhone 5. Step 3: Tap Export and then choose OK/Yes if prompted. Step 4: Remove the SIM card from Samsung and insert it to your iPhone 5. Step 5: Go to the Contacts app, tap the Menu button and choose Import/Export Step 4 Select contacts on your Android device, then wait for the transfer process to complete. After several seconds, your contacts would be transferred to your iPhone X. Solution 2: Transfer contacts from Samsung Android to your iPhone X with Google Account. As an Android user, I bet you own a Google account Find the contacts.vcf file we previously created on your Android phone.; Drag and drop the contacts file to your desktop, then disconnect the Android phone. Move contacts from Android to iPhone. This is where you will need a third-party app to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone - CopyTrans Contacts! The whole process will be performed in 3 simple steps - just watch us go

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Step 2: Sync outlook contacts with iPhone. If you want to transfer contacts from outlook to iPhone, please click the button Contacts in the left column and then select contacts that you want to transfer in the contacts window.Then click Import/Export and choose Import contacts from in the drop-down list.You will then face the choices in the pull-down menu; And select either. How to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone XS/11 using Google account. Alternatively, you can import contacts to iPhone XS/11 from Gmail from your Android mobile, as well. to do that, you need to get your Gmail and Android device contacts to get synced first. Here is the detailed guide to transferring contacts from an Android to an iOS device Method 3: How to Transfer Android Contacts to iPhone XS/XR/X/8/7 from SIM Card. Though this method is quiet a conventional one, yet proves very effective when you already saved the contacts in SIM card. However, the maximum storage on SIM card is 256K so the contacts might not be transferred completely if the number was large. Please keep in. How to Transfer Contacts From iPhone to iPhone With iCloud . The easiest methods to transfer contacts use features that come with the iPhone, such as iCloud. Since iCloud can keep data synchronized across all your devices, using it to sync contacts from iPhone to iPhone makes it an easy choice It is a professional phone/tablet data transferring program to help you directly transfer data like contacts, photos, and other media files between Android and Apple Apple iPhone XR in one click. Just follow the steps below to move your data from Android to Apple iPhone XR

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Download Move to iOS and install it on your old Huawei phone. Open it on Huawei and tap Continue > Agree > Next. Set up your new iPhone until you reach the Apps & Data screen. Tap Move Data from Android. Tap Continue and wait for a ten-digit or six-digit code to appear. Enter the code on your Huawei device. Choose the content (contacts, SMS. Part 2. Import All the Contacts from Android to A New iPhone with Move to iOS. Another popular way to import your Android contacts to iPhone XR/XS/8/7/6/5 is by using an app known as Move to iOS. This method is particularly useful at the beginning of the new iPhone setup. To transfer contacts to your new iPhone device, follow the following steps Simply mark the contacts that should be transferred to the iPhone. To mark different Google/Android contacts, press and hold the Ctrl key and click with the mouse on the desired contacts. Release the Ctrl key, if the contacts are selected and ready for transfer. A window WiFi connection with iManager App appears If you've switched from an Android to an iPhone, you might want to find out how to transfer Google contacts to your new iPhone.There are actually multiple ways to transfer contacts from your Google account to your iPhone and depending on what method you use, you'll get various data fields for your contacts If Messages doesn't work as expected after you've transferred your content, get help.; If you can't see apps from your Android device on your new iOS device, find and download them in the App Store on your new device.; You may find that only some content has been transferred and your iOS device ran out of space, or your iOS device may appear to be full even though the transfer wasn't finished

Transfer contacts to your Android phone When you have your contacts in Google organized exactly how you want them, it's time to put them on your phone. If you haven't powered up your new phone. There will be 4 options, select Move Data from Android. Now on your Android device, open Google Play and search/install Move to iOS app. After the app is installed, open the app. Select continue on both phones/tablets. Now, click Agree and Next on your Android. A 12 digit code will pop up on your iPhone

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  1. Bonus Tip. Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone. Currently, you can transfer contacts from Android to iPhone in three ways: by syncing a Google account, using a VCF file, using a SIM card. Here is how each way works. Use a Google Account. Step 1. On the iPhone, go to the Settings app. Step 2. Tap Password & Accounts > Tap Add Account.
  2. 2. Use Third-Party Apps to Move Contacts From iPhone to Android. If the above method doesn't work or you face any issue, you should use one of the following three apps to transfer contacts
  3. Step 1 Install and run FoneCopy on your PC.. Step 2 To sync contacts from iPhone to iPad, connect both iPhone and iPad to the computer via the USB cable. The software will recognize your iPad and iPhone and load info on the interface. Step 3 Make sure the iPad and iPhone on the right places. You can click Switch to change source and target device
  4. Step 1. Launch the Mobile Transfer program on computer and click on Phone to Phone Transfer. Connect Samsung phones and iPhone XR to the computer via two USB cables and the Mobile Transfer program will detect them automatically. The program will sync source smartphone data to the destination smartphone, Samsung phone is on the left as Source.
  5. The 5 Best Ways to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Computer. Last Updated : 11th June 2021 | Author: Wide Angle Software Dev Team Exporting Contacts from iPhone: It can be a pain to transfer data from phone to phone or between a phone and computer - but it doesn't have to be that way. This article presents 5 fool proof ways detailing how to export contacts from iPhone to computer

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Step 1. Open Control Center on your old iPhone and enable AirDrop. Do the same on your new iPhone as well. Step 2. Open the Contacts app on your old iPhone, select the contacts you want to transfer, and hit the Share option > Select your new iPhone's name and your contacts will begin to transfer to your new iPhone Part 2: How to AirDrop contacts between iPhones via Leawo iTransfer. If you want to AirDrop all contacts or selected contacts in an effective and simple from iPhone to iPhone, Leawo iTransfer will be a great help to complete the transfer task in higher efficiency than your expectation. As an outstanding and professional iOS devices transfer program, perfect solutions are provided by Leawo. If you lost contacts on iPhone, you can't reach out to these contacts unless you have their data stored somewhere else. iPhone contacts disappeared is a big issue for the users of iPhone 12/11/XS/XS Max/XR . Fortunately, though contacts gone from iPhone, there are some ways to get them back Tap Contacts. Tap Import SIM Contacts. Tap On My iPhone. Any contacts stored on your SIM card will be added to your iPhone's memory, which will then be synced to your computer. If iCloud appears in the menu instead of On My iPhone, your contacts are currently being synced through your iCloud account The remaining steps to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone with Google Account are as follow: Step 1: On your Android phone, go to your contacts page. Click Menu > import/export Step 2: Now click Export to USB storage > OK. By now, your contacts will get stored on your memory card. Now, open your SD card file in the computer and transfer.

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  1. Transfer Settings. After selecting files, you will see the pop-up dialog of transfer settings. Check Save to Folder and click Change to choose a folder in the SD card to save the transferred files. Then click Transfer Now at the right bottom to start transferring files from iPhone to SD card
  2. Note: The article will help you transfer contacts from any iPhone model to iPhone 7, 8, X, Xs, Xs max and iPhone Xr. To make the things simpler, I'll present all the 4 Methods to transfer contacts from iPhone to some other iPhone with their step-wise guides
  3. Apple 's own iCloud synchronization service can also come in handy for transferring contacts from an iPhone to an Android smartphone.To do this, go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and then select 'iCloud' from account options. Now select contacts to sync your contacts with the iCloud account
  4. First, your contacts must be stored in your Google account. Second, you must have access to a desktop computer that is connected to the internet.Essentially, we will transfer the contacts stored in your Google account to the iCloud account you have linked to your iPhone. To get started, first make sure on your Android device that you are syncing your contacts to your Google account
  5. NOTE: To transfer data between Android and iOS, you may also have to install iTunes on your computer. Step 3: Transfer Samsung Galaxy S6/S5/S4/S3 data to iPhone 6/6S/7 Plus/8 Plus/X. After completing all the steps above, just tick all the data you want in the middle, such as videos, music, photos, contacts, etc., and then click the Start Transfer button
  6. Method 1. Transfer Contacts from iPhone to iPhone with iMyFone iTransor. iMyFone iTransor, previously named D-Port Pro, is one of the top apps that has been smartly designed to offer you a plethora of different features.It is mainly used to back up your iOS devices and restore any backup files to your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch selectively without overwriting the other data
  7. Step #7: Now, go to the Contacts app and check if the contacts are imported successfully. As you have imported the contacts from SIM card to iPhone XR, if you not found the imported contacts in iPhone XR then restart the iPhone and check if contacts are visible on the iPhone.. Save All Contacts to Gmail Way 1. Find Import SIM Contacts option under the settings, Select your Gmail account.

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Click on the Phone to Phone Transfer option from the home screen. Connect your old iPhone as the source device and new iPhone as destination. You can click Flip to exchange their position. Choose Text messages you would like to transfer and click on Start Transfer to transfer texts/iMessages to your new iPhone XS/XS Max/XR Transfer photos from iPhone XS (MAX) / iPhone XR / X / 8/7 / 6S / 6 (Plus) to external hard drive. Dr.Fone - Transfer (iOS) is the best iPhone transfer tool we will be used to back up your iPhone photo to an external hard drive. It has a separate Windows and Mac versions. Below, we pay attention to the Windows version Free HuaWei Android Data Recovery, HuaWei Android Transfer software. Easily restore HuaWei phone from backup and transfer HuaWei files to computer, as well as transfer data between HuaWei and any other Android and iOS devices

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- Copy files from iOS to Android, Android to iOS, and Android to Android. - Support you to select data types before performing the transfer. - Compatible with iOS 15, and support most iOS and Android devices, including iPad Pro, iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPad, iPhone 12 Pro/12/11 Pro/11/XS/X/XR/8, Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra/S21/S20 Ultra/S20/S10/S9. If you have been using an Android device as your primary phone, you have likely stored all your phone contacts in your Google account. It is because most Android users prefer to keep their contacts synced with their Google account and this makes transferring contacts from one device to another easier and faster. If you have now got an iPhone, you will want to import your Gmail contacts to your. How to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone Normal glitches, problems can occur in any random point. One such is when you're trying to use the Face ID but the message of Face ID is not available, Try Setting up Face ID later comes up There are several methods can help you copy specified contacts or transfer all contacts from your old Samsung, Sony, HTC, Huawei, LG, or other Android device to iPhone XS/XS Max/XR/X, iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 6s/6, iPhone SE/5, like syncing contacts to Google Gmail and then exporting to iCloud for iPhone, or getting help from.

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Migrate Android Data to iPhone. Step 4. On your new iPhone, continue and you will get a code. Put the code on your Samsung to build connections between your devices. Step 5. On your Samsung Android phone, select the data, such as contacts, messages, photos or bookmarks, that you are going to transfer to your new iPhone Apple has created the Move to iOS app to help you transfer your phone data from Android to a new iPhone. The process will copy all your data, including contacts, calendars, photos, and email. With the 'Move to iOS' app, one can transfer messages, call logs, contacts from old Android devices to the new iPhone. First, you need to download the 'Move to iOS' app from the Play Store iPhone 7 and 7 Plus has been released for years and preceded with the latest models of iPhone such as iPhone 8, X, XR, XS, XS Max. Some people might decide to buy a new iPhone or have already bought one and they are especially curious about how to transfer contacts to iPhone If, however, you use exclusively Apple devices, you have a choice: use Apple's iCloud, or use Google Contacts. iCloud is designed to work seamlessly with iOS devices, and if you use iCloud or Apple's Mail app everywhere for your email, it's the obvious choice. but if you have an iPhone and/or iPad and use Gmail on the web for your email.

Phone Transfer is the all-in-one yet easy-to-use data transfer tool that can directly Transfer Music, Contacts, Photos, Videos, Messages, Calendars, Apps and other files from one mobile phone to another. So, you can one click to Transfer Pictures from Android to iPhone XR with this tool. If you have backed up your complete contact list to your PC then in order to transfer your contacts from PC to iPhone, there is simple step to follow. You can transfer your contacts from PC to iPhone through iTunes. So here is the step-by-step guide through which you can transfer your contacts from PC to iPhone with ease Returning to your iPhone, click Continue and a code should appear on the screen. Back on your Android, click Next and enter your code. Once your phones are ready to make the transfer, your Android should display a screen with the heading Transfer Data. The screen will list all of the information to be transferred Transfer contacts from Android to iPhone. Now the contacts on Android phone are saved as VCF files in your phone's internal storage. Run Shareit transfer app on Android, switch to the 'Files' tab, browse to your phone's internal storage to find and select the contacts file and send it to iPhone.On the iPhone, connect to the hotspot network from Android, run the wireless transfer app to.

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Transfer Contacts from Galaxy S9 to iPhone XS using Move to iOS app. Apple already thought about users who want to transfer from Android to iOS so it developed an app that's designed solely to. Step 3. Choose Contacts to Copy to iPhone. Click Contacts in the left list. You will see all your LG phone contacts. Choose the ones that you tend to transfer to iPhone and hit Export to device > iPhone's name. Then, the contacts will be transferred. Note: Keep both your LG phone and iPhone connected during the whole transfer process Android to iOS Transfer - Transfer music, photos, videos, contacts, SMS between two mobiles (both Android and iPhone are supported). Fully compatible with 3000+ Android devices (Android 2.2 - Android 8.0) from Samsung, LG, HTC, Huawei, Motorola, Sony etc

Let's take a look at how you can use each method to streamline the deletion of contacts from your iPhone XS/XR/X/8/7/6s/6. #1 Using Your Mac or Windows Computer This method involves using iCloud to delete unwanted contacts and can be used on either a Windows or Mac computer employing a slightly different procedure Switching from an Android phone to an iPhone is difficult because the two systems don't interact well and transferring data is therefore difficult. Every new iPhone owner is understandably concerned about their existing contacts, videos, photos, etc, all of which could get lost as they transfer to their new phone.Turns out that there are two primary ways you can migrate all of your data.

Tap Settings on the menu. Tap the Export option on the Settings screen. Tap Allow on the permission prompt. This will give the Contacts app access to the photos, media, and files on your Android device. Tap the Save button in the lower right. You can move the .vcf file to your new phone by copying it to a USB drive. Select your iPhone on the top toolbar. Click Info on the left sidebar. Tick Sync Contacts and click Apply. Click Sync at the bottom and wait for the sync to finish. Unplug your old iPhone and connect your new one to a computer. Click on your new iPhone at the top and go to the Info section

Transfer All Data to New iPhone XS (Max)/XR Safely & Easily. Whether you want to do the file transfer via iTunes, iCloud, or without iTunes/iCloud, or you're transferring data to new iPhone 8 from old iPhones, or Android, Windows phones, or you encounter any trouble during the data transfer, you can find a solution here Transfer Contacts: You can transfer contact from your android device or from iTunes backup. For that right side should be iPhone or iTunes backup and Check mark contacts. From middle bar you can also see how many contacts are present for transfer. And same for Videos, Music, Photos, Text Message. Great customer satisfaction and reviews made.

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Step 1: Start by connecting your original Smartphone containing WhatsApp to your PC. Step 2: Next, initiate the iTunes program. Open the 'Back Up' icon from the 'Devices' category in the 'File' menu. Step 3: Now switch on the new iPhone 8 / X device and join the phone on your PC. Step 4: Start the iTunes program. As soon as a notification appears to you, prompting you for a setup. So, if you want to transfer contacts, you need to turn off the contacts on iCloud and click on option 'Keep on iPhone' and Disable iMessage too. You will also need some extra hardware, a lighting cable that's comes with your iPhone, an USB adapter see image 1 for reference, or a lightning to type c cable see image 3 Next, press the tray of the new iPhone back in, securing both the tray and the SIM card. There should be a little click when it is back in place. Now, you can power on your new iPhone. The phone number of the previous one should work for the new one. You'll also notice that any other information you had stored on the card will be accessible. Supports all iPhone devices including iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR. Can transfer videos, photos, messages, contacts, calendar, events, call logs, and anything else you need. You can select exactly which types of files you want to transfer. It's a 1-click process. Can also be used to transfer either to or from Android devices

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Select Contacts. 7. Click on the gear icon in the lower left-hand corner. a. To export all contacts from iPhone, tap Select All. b. To export only certain contacts, hold Ctrl or Shift to choose individual contacts. 8. Once you choose your contacts, click on the gear icon once more and tap Export vCard iOS WhatsApp Transfer, Backup & Restore - iOS Toolkit offers a good solution for iPhone users to easily transfer WhatsApp messages from old iPhone to iPhone 11/XS/XR/X/8/7/SE/6S directly on computer. All your WhatsApp chat history will be transferred and merged perfectly on your new iPhone How to Transfer WhatsApp Data from Android to iPhone 2021. Tenorshare posted a video to playlist iCareFone - WhatsApp Transfer. July 15 at 7:00 AM ·. It is an annoying problem to transfer WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone. Fortunately, we figure out a good method to implement the transfer. Juniors Tech will show you how to deal with the. Step 2: Tick off Contacts and click Start to copy button to transfer contacts from your Alcatel OneTouch Pixi 4 (3.5) to iPhone. Please do not disconnect any of the devices during the process of file transfer. Just wait for a while, the selected contacts on your Alcatel OneTouch Pixi 4 (3.5) will be transferred to your iPhone quickly Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Xiaomi Mi Note 10 with 1 Click: Step 1: Download and install the PanFone Mobile Data Transfer on the computer.. Step 2: Launch PanFone Mobile Data Transfer on your computer and go to the Transfer mode.. After running this mobile data transfer program on the computer, three modules on the program homepage will pop up automatically

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Part 1 - Backup & Transfer Data from iPhone to Mac/Windows. Before you go to update to iPhone XS/XS Max/XR or Galaxy S9, you're strongly suggested to make an iPhone backup to computer, cuz computer has enough space to store your music, 4K photos, high resolution video, ringtones, eBooks, podcast, etc It also supports transferring data from Android to PC, iPhone and iPad to PC. You can easily backup and restore phone data with 1-click. Transfer 14+ types of files from iPhone to computer, and vice versa, with a few simple clicks. Support to transfer Video, Photo, Song, eBook, Contacts, Text Messages, Notes, Safari Bookmarks, Voice Memo, etc PanFone Mobile Data Transfer. PanFone Data Transfer is a one-click solution for you to sync data between iOS & Android, restore iTunes and iCloud data to the device conveniently, as well as back up your phone data and restore later.. Transfer files between Android and iOS, including contacts, photos, music, SMS, and more. Backup phone data and restore in lossless quality Here's how to transfer data from Samsung to iPhone SE with the help of Move to iOS application: Step 1 : On your iPhone, look for the Apps & Data screen and select the Move Data from Android option from the sub-menu.. Step 2 : Open the Move to iOS app on your Samsung device and hit the Continue button.Then tap Agree and then Next on the Android phone Method 1: Transfer from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in just a click. For a beginner who is not familiar with the process of transfer from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Method 1 will be the easiest.We have dr.fone - Phone Transfer for you which will assist you in this regard. This is one-stop phone clone tool that will help you to transfer data, photos, music, apps, contacts, etc. from.