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Dodge Master. 1,811 Answers. Re: knocking noise from glove compartment upon starting. You jus have a loose body part on the firewall that needs re-attached to something so it doesn't move any more. Or the leprechaun in the glove box doesn't like it when you start the engine and wants out. But finally gives up The clicking seems to be coming from the center dash area, from the drivers seat it sounds like it is coming from behind the A/C/Heater control panel, towards the pasg. side of the car. Anyone have any ideas? A relay going bad? Not sure what to think...going to have to schedule an appointment at the dealer I guess We started to get a random yet increasingly frequent clicking sound under the dash on our 2013 Dodge Grand Caravan.At first we would notice it when we used t.. What i9s this new stupid clicking noise from the dash? I don't know if it's related to the AC, but I had it set on auto and about 3 minutes after the car was running I got a loud clicking noise in the dash pretty much back a in the dash and about in line with the cluster It is a fairly common problem and if your car is still under warranty, let the dealership deal with it. Dodge Social Care Specialist I am also having the clicking noise behind the dash except it only does it about 15 minutes or so after you crank the car and then stopes and while it is clicking the driver side will run hot air and the.

Funny you should mention this, I was sort of doing a similar thing under the hood moving shrouding around to see if I could get the clicking noise to replicate. I believe it is the upper shroud closest to the windshield. It has a tab that inserts into the side (farthest to the drivers side) and it clicks when I move it around 8,279 satisfied customers. Dodge Dodger: I have a 2010 Dodge Charger with about 34,000. I have a 2010 Dodge Charger with about 34,000 miles on it. When the car is warm, I'll start it up and notice a clicking noise in upper part of the engine. The clicking noise is not loud but noticieabl read more. Dodge expert 1 Answer. I have a 2009 Dodge Ram that has a loud knocking noise that comes from the blower (under dash passenger side). It starts 6 seconds after I turn the key and lasts for 9 seconds. If I put my hand on the blower I can feel the knocking near the top of it. I unplugged the blower and started the truck and the knocking was still there If the noise is an obviously loud clicking, its likely a blend door actuator that has failed. I had the rear a/c blend door actuator on a Chrysler Aspen I used to own go out and it make loud clicking noises at random times when the rear air was on. The replacement part number was the same for the two in the dash and the rear. Dec 30, 201 Turn the air on and off and see if it makes the sound, if not change vent direction, etc. Keep going with the ac/heat dials until you can reproduce the sound. Now you can go under the dash and touch each actuator motor and you will feel the one making the noise. A new one from Ford was $30

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hello all, first time poster. I have a 2012 V6 Charger, and recently, about a minute after starting, there is s loud noise behind the dash, sounds like a clicking noise or as if the climate fan is hitting something. But I adjusted the fan speed, and the noise stayed the same, after about 20.. How to Replace Blend Door Actuator Dodge Avenger. Clicking Tapping Noise in Dash Fix. Actuator locations. Dodge Chevy Ford Blend Door Actuator Replacement.. 1 Answer. Re: Rapid clicking noise from driverside dash even after... My 2008 dodge grand caravan does the same thing. I can unlock my doors and the clicking from the dashboard will start. I turn van on . (Engine is running) and nose gets louder and faster. It's almost like the shift lock is spazzing.out My 2010 SRT (so cal/south bay-late afternoon outside temp 61 degrees) while after finishing hwy speeds there is a clicking noise or rattle under the driver side dash which sounds like it is right around the speaker. Radio is off, Heater/defroster is off. Drove it straight to the dealer, but all the mechanics had gone home, so i took the service. clicking sound from dashboard You are right about what you said but what what ticked me off was the fact that they could have fixed under warranty and chose not too. Ive had things like this happen a couple times over the years and the dealer I delt with took care of the problem, and I still did my own servicing

On a trip down the country last year my car developed a clicking noise behind the dashboard. 50 miles later I was pulling the dashboard out with my bare hands. It's not unusual to have a fuse box under the hood and under the dash and another in the trunk. Some vehicles run 2 fuse box's behind the dash all bristling with relays jerm1978 said: Been having a recent and very noticeable clicking noise coming from inside the dash seemingly from just in front of the steering wheel. Its a loud click that clicks 6-8 times each time

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  1. ute or so, slow speeds stopping and starting, or if there is an elevation change that.
  2. The last thing it could be is the pads themselves causing a clicking noise when the caliper presses against them..the noise could be the pads creating a noise when moving on the caliper pins
  3. utes after turning the vehicle OFF, exiting and locking the car. a quick way to check it would be to reach under the dash and place your hand on it while its knocking and if its bad you should be able to feel it. If its the source of the.
  4. MEMBER. 2005 DODGE DAKOTA. V8. 4WD. AUTOMATIC. 70,000 MILES. 2005 dodge dakota 4 door clicking noise in dash board behind radio. Does it for 10= 15 seconds then stops. Just started and did it 3 times

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All my 4 Dodge Avengers have this annoying noise coming from inside the dash. It needs to be fixed. All my Dodges have this. It is a faulty butterfly valve or something inside the a/c unit Loud ticking noise under dash. Shop quoted me an expensive dash teardown. Am I getting screwed? 2010 Dodge Journey Clicking noise under drivers side dash. Jump to Latest Follow Joined Mar 4, 2004 · 350 Posts . Discussion Starter · #1 · Sep 8, 2004. A week ago or so i started to hear a click noise coming from under my dash or in the engine compartment on the drivers side. It only started doing it when starting out in first gear it would click once. Hi guys could you please help me finding the problem and cause of this problem in regards to ticking noise coming from the Bonet. I have Dodge Journey RT2014 model car and I bought it brand new.it has been giving ticking noise from the under hood somewhere don't know where from exactly . Is that worrying thing and can cause major problem if left in attended please help me .If to fix what. To confirm, as soon as you start the van and the clicking starts, immediately press the re-circulation air button and if it stops then it is the re-circ door actuator. I'm having a clicking noise coming from behind the passenger side dashboard in my 2009 Dodge Grand Caravan. The noise comes on virtually every time I start the car and clicks for.

Discussion Starter · #1 · Jun 20, 2011. I have a 2006 that has started making a clicking electrical sounding noise under and to the right of the steering wheel in the dash area. The sound continues even when I turn off the air. One time it continued after I had turned the van off Dodge journey has heat on drivers side and cold on passenger and rear. clicking noise from dash on paasenger side I have taken my 2010 Dodge journey in 3 times. Actuator replace system flushed out and still no one knows the answer NHRam. Well I have been noticing this noise over the past few weeks, and it has yet to go away, so here is my problem. When I am drivng around at VERY SLOW speeds (like 10mph max), there is this clicking noise that sounds similar to taking a piece of plastic and running it through a bicycle wheel. The sound is consistent when the wheels rotate Hey All, I have a 2008 Dodge Ram 1500 quad cab 4x4 with the 5.7 hemi and automatic transmission. I bought it used 4 years ago from a dealer. Since a few months after I bought it (in 2016) it has been making an ever more prominent clicking noise when I'm driving. I have spent the past four.. 2009 Dodge Ram 1500. Asked by Grandpa Truck in Gurnee, IL on July 12, 2010. When you start motor, fan door is stuck so it knocks for 3-5 minutes. Noise is under dash. Air seems to be affected during knocking. Dealer said parts for repair might be available late August. Not except-able

Ticking/Knocking noise coming from under driver's side dash when upper A/C vents on. Thread starter brasskey; Start date Sep 9, 2016; Sep 9, 2016 #1 B. brasskey TYF Newbie. Joined Dec 12, 2009 Posts 23 Reaction score 1. My A/C recently started making a noise under my dash. It only happens when the top vents are open. If you look at the video. on April 29, 2016. This started happening about 2 weeks ago. When I start up my car or whenever I turn the AC on I hear 3 or 4 loud clicks coming from what seems to be under the dashboard. The noise resembles a click with a thump followed by a trickling, shutter or flapping noise like a flap or valve is bouncing around after each click Clicking noise in your car's fuse box is caused by a relay that is turning on and off rapidly.This can be caused by a computer failure, resistance in the ground wire for the control side of the relay or high resistance in the power supply to the control side of the relay. To find out the source of the problem, you'll need to run some quick tests using a multimeter

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I have a 2010 Dodge Avenger R/T, and when I got into my car yesterday to go home from work I heard a weird noise coming from what sounded like the dashboard. I unlocked and opened my car door, then I heard a series of clicking noises like something was trying to adjust perhaps? I had not yet even set foot into the car so the engine was off Hi all, I am new to this forum and have an interesting question. I am getting a very heavy clicking noise from behind the inst panel, of my 06 HEMI R/T, upon startup and short roll. It quits in about 15-20 secs. I am out of warranty, 33,000 so the repair is on me. I have read a couple other.. 11/14/2003. 01:36:09. RE: ticking sound from dash. IP: Logged. Message: The ticking sound most of you are hearing is actually the purge solenoid. On '97 to '99 Dakotas and Durangos this soleniod is mounted on the fuel rail on the drivers side. However, on the newer models, Dodge decided to mount the solenoid on to the firewall, which in turn.

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Jerigorn. On my 2009 I have the infamous clicking behind the glove box. Many sources online have pointed to the actuator behind the center console, which is easy enough to fix. However, I dropped my blower and looked up in the hole under dash. What I noticed is when the door changes positions, that is the source of the loud clicking So it's difficult to determine which one is bad based on noise location. You will need to observe the movement of the doors under the dash or plug a OBD2/CAN scanner into the car's OBD2 port (located under the dash next to the the parking brake pedal), and see if there are any DTCs (diagnostic trouble codes) logged The 2009 Dodge Journey has 8 problems reported for ticking sound from engine. Average repair cost is $5,200 at 35,350 miles Discussion Starter · #1 · May 24, 2014. May be coincidence but....installed new front rotors and pads and now have a clicking noise under the gear shift indicator. It only does it if the car is running, in park, and step on the brake. With the car off, and holding the shift lock override there is no noise. Start the car holding the brake no. 2016 Ram 1500 Hemi 59000 miles, I got a ticking at start up for about 20-30 seconds on the passenger side of the motor, I think it's in the front, then it goes away. I'm thinking warped exhaust manifold or maybe a lifter. Any ideas? One last thing is it just started about 4 days ago

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Driver Complaints: Engine Knocking, Ticking Noises. The following is a sample of complaints posted online by Dodge, Jeep and Chrysler drivers who experienced ticking and knocking noises with their vehicles [sic throughout, emphasis ours}: If my 200 is at idle,roughly at 750 RPM, I can hear a faint knocking sound 155 Posts. Discussion Starter · #1 · Oct 6, 2013. Anyone ever have a loud clicking noise that comes from around the dash or steering column area. I approach the car open the door and the noise starts after 30 seconds or so and lasts less than 5 seconds. It only does it once initially and you don't here it again while car is running

A few months later the same repair shop noted a clicking noise, so the plaintiff took the van to a different repair shop where technicians allegedly said it was the Pentastar tick Discussion Starter · #1 · Jul 1, 2013. Hi, today mentioned strange thing, when i push on the brake pedal while the car is in park position and engine running, starting to hear a fairly loud clicking noise coming from the gear selector area (automatic trans). No noise when engine off or in Drive position or any other positions, only when in P. Yeah, it scared the heck out of me, but driving today with the air on, there was a knocking in the dashboard on the passenger side of the car. It sounded like a woodpecker, I'm not kidding. It lasted about 10 seconds. Then silent for a while then it started again for about another 10 second.. Similar sounds on my 15 SXT; had it since day 1. Sounds have gotten more muffled and quieter over time. It sounds like it's right under the steering column above the driver knee area. Usually hear it when the gas tank is between 1/4 and 3/4 full, just pulled out from a stop, and are traveling between ~38 and ~42 mph The elusive ticking clicking noise, mine sounded like it was coming from the front passenger side wheel, took it off checked it thoroughly, even slightly bent the rear rotor dust plate cover back a little to give more clearance, checked the wheel bearing for looseness, and it still made the noise

The 2009 Dodge Ram 1500 has 9 problems reported for knocking noise behind dash & air blowing out lower vent. Average repair cost is $290 at 52,250 miles I have a 2008 dodge 6.7 turbo diesel and it to has a hissing noise. Please help me with some pics and help me fix this problum. I did buy a new booster but I do not think that is the problem. Thanks Frank 2014 Dodge Journey won't start and all there is is a click sound, No sure where it's coming from but this is the first - Answered by a verified Dodge Mechanic also hearing clicking sound under the hood 2010 dodge journey. Engine light is on the dash so I was trying to clear it by disconnecting the negative terminal drivers side of the. Ok so a question has been asked about gurgling sounds fromt he dash. This normally means that there is air in the coolant system. But have no fear here is a simple DIY to help ya burp and top off the system. Step 2: If the tank is low add some more coolant to it. Step 3: With the truck cold open the Radiator cap and check the fluid level There is a clicking noise for about 10 seconds in the passenger side dash for the first 10 seconds, when starting the car. My best guess is heater core or actuator issues. I know that there have been numerous complaints on these cars, please recall the 2012 Dodge Avenger sxt plus, to fix the issues at hand. Thank you

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My 1998 Dodge Durango is making a clicking noise in the dash. The noise doesn't change with a change in engine speed. It is electrical because it affects my radio signal. I thought it was a bad spark plug wire but it doesn't speed up with acceleration. The clicking will go away after a while, but the affect on some (not all) of my radio. Your fuse block should be under the dash or behind a kick panel. You will see some oblong or square relays. Feel them and unplug the ones that are ticking. Keep track of their position. Under the hood are some black power boxes filled with relays and fuses. Do the same Feel test on them. When you unplug the problem relay the ticking noise. Dodge Journey problems: As of July 2021, there is a large number of complaints about electrical systems for the 2009 (795 complaints) and 2010 (620 complaints) Dodge Journey on the NHTSA website. The situation is much better for the 2011 and newer models. It can also cause a clicking noise under the dash. Advertisement. We found several. Ten problems related to engine clicking and tapping noises have been reported for the 2010 Dodge Journey. The most recently reported issues are listed below. Please also check out the statistics and reliability analysis of the 2010 Dodge Journey based on all problems reported for the 2010 Journey

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7 Posts. Discussion Starter · #1 · Oct 28, 2015. Ive searched the internet high n low but cannot find a final answer. I have 2011 Durango Crew AWD 3.6. 138K with s ticking noise from left side of engine. Started a week ago. Ticking inline with engine rpm. Always used synthetic oil at 5K interval Cagey. My 2008 Limited (28K miles) has developed a tapping noise in the rear quarter panel. If you took a finger and tapped the dash repeatedly would be a similar sound. The sound appears at random whether the ignition is on or not and can be heard inside and outside the vehicle. Sound lasts from 5-10 seconds I am new to the forum and new to the Dodge Avenger. I have had this car since March it's a 2013 Avenger with 51,000 miles. About a month ago it started making a clicking noise which seems to be coming from the dashboard and it starts when I use the keyless entry. It only lasts for about 20 seconds, but it is really annoying 2011 392 w/16k miles, Started last week while car is on either idle or moving, I hear a clicking noise kinda like a light switch clicking back and forth. Coming from left side of steering bottom part of dash. I dont see anything loose and the lower dash cover is pretty secure. It def happens.. The 2013 Dodge Journey has 60 NHTSA complaints for the electrical system at 51,902 miles average. (Page 1 of 3

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The noise you describe does sound like the shift interlock since it's a one time thing. Once the shifter is out of park, the interlock doesn't function anymore. If you can reproduce the noise in Park by pressing the brake pedal a few times, but it doesn't do it out of park, then you've isolated that it's the brake/shift interlock Next, the plastic gear set will become brittle and break which will sometimes allow the unit to work while making a ticking or clicking noise and then stop. This is a common problem in most car's heater and air conditioner systems. Using a small socket and ratchet remove the mounting bolts that hold the under dash plastic cover on the. 2000 dodge Ram 1500: removing..heater core..clicking noise..turn key 2000 dodge Ram 1500, after removing dash to remove heater core truck will not start on its own (bought new battery last night). Key in ignition turn to on and attempt start makes clicking noise, and l Clicking noise when operating the heat or ac is typically a bad blend door motor or blend door. This will require some disassembly and diagnosis.Us... What is causing clicking noise in 2010 dodge caliber 2010 - 2010 Dodge Calibe clicking sound right after startup behind glove box area. It started yesterday when I started the car there was a clicking sound (for about 5-8 seconds) from what sounded like behind the glove box area. click click click click click click click Its loud enough to tell there is something there clicking. my first thought was the venting system.

995 Posts. #4 · May 17, 2005. It never should go over the half way point. If it ever does, then you know your thermostat has a problem. Ideally, you should change out the thermostat from the stock 195 t-stat to a 180. Additionally, try flushing your coolant and making sure that the mixture you put in is correct My 2014 ram 1500 has a creaking noise from the dash near the windshield on the drivers side. I have 2500 miles on it. It sounds like the noise everyone is explaining. The noise happens consistently over bumps and when the body flexes. I am dropping it off at the dealer on Friday . I will update when they figure it out 1999 Dodge Ram 5.9 V8. There's a bunch of noises coming from what sounds like right behind the dash. Like a ticking noise and a weird stuttery / crunchy noise like something is stuck. I had not thought of that but it doesn't sound like it coming from under the hood. Its sounds like a magnetic tic in the dash. Its not present all the.

I have an 08 Impala and now there is a clicking noise coming from what sounds like under my dash, passenger side towards the floor. I first noticed it when I would switch from recirculating air to normal. Now I hear it when I turn my car off and when I unlock and open the door :help I was crusing the highway at 70mph when out of no where a constant HISSING noise started under the dash. Pressing the brake and turning the wheel make it go away for a moment. I assume it has somthing to do with the brake booster but I want to be sure. Thanks :hel Joined Feb 3, 2009. ·. 397 Posts. #3 · Apr 25, 2011. My truck also developed a rattle. It seems to come from around the climate control knobs. I put pressure on the bezel itself and it goes away. I have taken the dash trim off 3 times now to wedge foam strips where plastics make contact. But the rattling keeps coming back The noise you are hearing is most likely the blend door actuator attempting to move to its default position but is not able to do so. This repair usually requires the blend door actuator to be replaced. This is often times a very costly repair as the dash sometimes needs to be removed from the vehicle in order to access the blend door actuator

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Dodge 2015 grand caravan ticking noise? Now fixed. The van has 116,446 miles, and been a fantastic van so far! Thanks to Sandman Brothers, Shelbyville Indiana. Sounds new, no issues, I just picked it up. This is what they found and installed Our 2009 Dodge Journey SE started to make a clicking sound when switching in/out of park when the car is running. It sounds like a relay switching and you can feel the vibration when putting your finger onto the dashboard around where the ignition switch is located. So far the car is behaving fine

Dodge Journey. Annoying rattling noise in dashboard! Jump to Latest Follow If you can push in on various areas where the noise is coming from, listen for a change in the noise. I have had rattles on the firewall and cowl area under the hood that would sound like a dash rattle. Look for loose items that may vibrate against the sheetmetal I have a clocking noise from the dash when I unlock or open the door seems to come from around the hvac actuators, Dodge / Nitro / 2011 / Clicking noise from dash; Clicking noise from dash. 2011 Dodge Nitro. Asked by Fuelnrnd in Little Elm, TX on . July 07, 2016

Clicking Noise from Under Driver Side Dashboard. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 4 of 4 Posts. R 8 Posts . Discussion Starter · #1 · Aug 12, 2015. I have a 2013 Dodge Charger R/T. It just started making a motorized clicking sound directly under the driver side dashboard. I can feel the clicking physically with my hand. It does it when the car. Journey / 2010 / I have a clicking noise in... I have a clicking noise in the glove box area when I start my car. 2010 Dodge Journey. Asked by diana18 in Pueblo, CO on . March 18, 2014. My dodge journey check engine light is on and my temp..gauge is going to hot then cold 400.1 is a data bus code, not the normal powertrain codes. It means the data bus was improperly shutdown. Common with a weak battery. There are several methods to check for powertrain codes. Some work some don't. Your best bet is to buy a code reader as cheap as $20 at Amazon. That or head to AutoZone