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  1. In a historical sense, horse drawn passenger carriages had a compartment, usually at the back, in which luggage (such as a trunk) could be placed. This was called a boot. In most native forms of English outside of north America this compartment is still called a boot, irrespective of its location
  2. A truck or lorry is a motor vehicle designed to transport cargo, carry specialized payloads, or perform other utilitarian work.Trucks vary greatly in size, power, and configuration, but the vast majority feature body-on-frame construction, with a cab that is independent of the payload portion of the vehicle. Smaller varieties may be mechanically similar to some automobiles
  3. A semi-tractor-trailer truck, also known as simply a semi-trailer truck, semi-tractor truck or tractor-trailer truck, is the combination of a tractor unit and one semi-trailer or more to carry freight. A semi-trailer attaches to the tractor with a type of hitch called a fifth-wheel.. It is variously known as a transport truck, semi-truck, trailer truck, tractor truck, transfer truck.
  4. Sky Wheelie - A truck standing straight up with tires in air at a 90-degree angle Slap Wheelie - Front of the truck comes down from a wheelie and then goes back up Teeter - Front tires are in the..
  5. A front loader is an earth moving equipment, that is also known as scoop loader, bucket loader, front-end loader, or front loader. Front loaders are similar to a bulldozer, only further away from the ground. They have huge wheels that make them suitable to be used in extremely rough terrains
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Roadway Express : a company with large, slow moving trucks. usually pulling doubles (two pups). the slowest trucks on the road. 62mph. see also RoadBlock, see also speed bump; rocking chair: a truck in between the front and back door trucks. (High rates of speed and drafting, this position gets a rocking effect from the wind Consider a truck pulling a trailer that only has an axle (or axles) at the back of the trailer. The front of such a trailer rests on a horizontal mount-plate located above the back-axle (s) of the truck. This arrangement is also sometimes found on bigger model pickup-trucks to enable them to pull such trailers In the U.K. they are known as lorries. Usually heavy trucks have three axles: one at front and two at rear, and the rear axles have coupled wheels to enable heavy loads. Often heavy trucks pull trailers

In trucking, the cab or cabin is the driver compartment of the truck or tractor. The cab is the area of the vehicle where the driver sits. It comes from the word cabriolet Yes, front, as in, the front of your truck. Before you scoff, read on. A front mounted hitch can double your pleasure, providing a location to mount a bike carrier, winch, plow, or step plate. It could also allow you to (temporarily) maneuver a trailer into place with better visibility The backrest is connected to the mast and keeps the load from shifting off the truck, to the side or toward the operator. The forks, also called tines, are the carrying apparatus for loads, drums, pallets and other load types. Forks come in a large variety of shapes and sizes. Depending on the model, fork types may be interchangeable

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Bow wave: The air (or water) being pushed in front of a truck's and or trailer's front-facing surface. This can be significant for large vehicles and can cause sway and decrease fuel economy Hitch definition: A trailer hitch is the primary connector between a tow vehicle and trailer. It is the structural component that bolts onto the vehicle and provides a coupling point to hook up a trailer. When you think trailer hitch, you might picture what is actually referred to as a ball mount The largest cab, for an F150 is called the SuperCrew. Yes, SuperCrew, SuperCab, they sound similar and it can be easy to get them mixed up. Interestingly enough, the F-250 and F-350 versions of this large cab are just called Crew Cab. In either case it features four full-sized doors, and a more spacious six seating interior Bumper Line - The truck's front bumper houses a small hose that can be used for garbage and car fires. Blitz line - Found in the back of the truck, the blitz line is used outside a building and requires two to three operators. Skid load - The skid load is smaller and can be used inside a building. Pump panel

A dump truck, also known as a dumper truck or tipper truck, is used for taking dumps such as sand, gravel, or demolition waste for construction. A typical dump truck is equipped with an open-box bed, which is hinged at the rear and equipped with hydraulic rams to lift the front, allowing the material in the bed to be deposited (dumped) on. I believe it is called the front or the nose. There is a large garbage truck parked in front of your house. I was just wondering why that huge pink flamingo is there, in front of your house The front part of a semi-truck (technically, semi-trailer) is called the tractor. The combination is often referred to as a tractor-trailer. Tractors come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from conventional, with a hood covering the engine, to c.. - If you'd like to speak with the driver, head to the front of the truck and ask her to roll down the window of the cab. Sleeper truck cabs: The most popular addition to the standard truck cab is a sleeper cab attachment, often featuring sleeping bunk options, dining areas, a restroom, a roof-mounted air conditioning unit and beyond

The problem with truck doors is how many layouts they can have. Your truck might have two, four, or in some cases, three doors. They might hinge from the front or the back, and they may be all kinds of different sizes. The problem with truck doors really starts with truck cabs (short for cabins). In the beginning, trucks were work vehicles The front section where the driver sits is called the cab or the tractor (because it pulls a load). Cargo is loaded into the metal box (container), which is loaded onto the wheel base called a chassis or a trailer. These big trucks are often also called 18-wheelers This part of a rig is the tractor and this part is the semitrailer. Is that what you meant Here are some of the fundamental features that make up the anatomy of a forklift truck. MAST. The forklift mast is the raised vertical support that allows loads to be raised and lowered. For most forklifts, the mast is designed toward the front of a forklift and directly in the forklift operator's line of vision

The reason it is called an 18-wheeler is because a semi truck or tractor trailer has 18 wheels, there are 18 rims/tires total. The truck/tractor has one wheel on each side of the front of the truck/tractor (steer axles), then the semi truck/tractor has eight wheels on the rear of the semi truck/tractor Type of truck bed: long, short, flare-side, step-side, dually and flat beds for trucks, and dump beds and tanks for SUVs. Beltline The horizontal line defined by the lower edges of a vehicles. These trucks feature a form mechanism that raises and lowers in front of the truck's cab. These forks are designed to fit into corresponding holes on the dumpster and raise it over the trick, actually dumping it into the top of the hopper. The forks on a front loader are usually controlled by a joystick located inside the cab PICKUP TRUCK CAB STYLES Regular Cab • 2 doors • No rear seat(s) Extended Cab • You have to open the front door to open the back door • The front doors open the opposite direction of the back doors (commonly referred to as suicide doors) • 1999-2007 Classic: The back door opens partially as pictured above (it does NOT swin

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A set of flashcards for drivers to look at for knowledge of their trucks. Also good for people interested in driving truck. Scheduled maintenance: Saturday, October 10 from 4-5 PM P There are three types of Single trucks with a trailer that has a total load of 42.5 tonnes. Then there are the B-Doubles with a small trailer and a large trailer, which has a full loading capacity of 68 tonnes. These two types of truck are also called long vehicles. The last type of truck in Australia is the Road train Skateboarding Glossary Anatomy of a Skateboard. deck: the flat standing surface of a skateboard, usually laminated maple.. grip tape: sandpaper affixed to the top of the deck with adhesive, used to increase the friction between the deck and the skater's feet. nose: the front of the skateboard, from the front truck bolts to the end The 1981-87 trucks got the brick front end with stacked headlights, with minor updates throughout the years. And yes, squarebody variants such as crew cabs, duallies, and Blazers were made through the 1991 model year Meant to imitate prerunners and baja 1000 style race trucks. GMFS crew established Cali Lean as being MAXIMUM 2 rearward rake. GMFS is lord of truck stance and this isn't negotiable. These decisions were made nearly a decade ago and can't be revisited. Skwat is 2 lowering shackles with a 6 minimum front lift

3 car seats across in a truck. Trucks are many things: essential to work, fun for your city mouse cousins, a great way to go on vacation. As with all of child passenger safety, by paying attention to the details of both the vehicle's own safety equipment and your car seat's manual you can safely transport Littles of all sizes in trucks Also known as flashers, they are located in the front and back of the vehicle. When turned on they admit a flashing signal to warn other drivers that you're experiencing a problem, are in distress, or warning of an immediate danger (rocks in the road, slow funeral procession). They should only be used as warnings of distress or traffic. Maximum Overdrive: Directed by Stephen King. With Emilio Estevez, Pat Hingle, Laura Harrington, Yeardley Smith. A group of people try to survive when machines start to come alive and become homicidal A list of common semi-trailer terms and definitions commonly used in the freight, transportation, and trucking industries in the United States. Air Control System, Suspension: An arrangement of valves and tubing connected to the trailer air system, which is designed to regulate the ride height (or mounting height) of an air suspension. Air Leveling Valve: Continue reading Glossary of Semi.

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getting knee pain on front of knee around the middle of the kneecap. I also get a sharp pain when coming up out of a squat position. the pain seems to be around the kneecap but varies from left to right of the middle. i get pain in the middle of the kneecap if i am seated at a desk with my foot off the ground and i bring my heel back towards the desk chair legs. does this sound like jumpers. The 'front end assembly' is the vital framework that connects the steering and suspension to the front of the chassis. Worn components or loose front-end assembly parts can cause a host of dangerous problems. Safe driving, responsive steering and fast stopping are all put in jeopardy if problems creep in and suspension and steering parts. Mounts to the roof of your truck cap. 12 inches. Item ID: 4125. Price: $21.95 each. Truk Boot - Truck Topper Boot. Description: This inflatable truck boot fits between the sliding window of your truck cab and the sliding window of your truck cap so that both windows can be open and there is virtually no air flow from outside. Clear plastic Has your car or truck's front Air Deflector seen better days? Then shop at 1A Auto for a new, high quality Wind Deflector replacement for your car, truck, SUV or van, at a great price. 1A Auto has a large selection of Front Air Dams for many makes and models, and ground shipping is always free! Visit us online or call 888-844-3393 and order your Valance Panel today The simplest explanation is that the more axles a truck has, the more weight it can carry. But the more axles a truck uses, the less maneuverable it is. More axles also make a vehicle less.

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New Way has developed a type of truck, called the Roto-Pak, that has gotten rid of the traditional hydraulic compacting blades and replaced them with a large auger that grinds the trash in the truck At CarParts.com, we're confident that you'll be able to find the right part or accessory for your car, truck or SUV. But if for some reason you aren't completely satisfied with your order, we accept returns within 90 days of purchase—and we'll give you your money back! As a leading retailer of aftermarket car parts, our goal is to give our customers the peace of mind to buy parts online

Compact utility tractor with a front loader showing two different measurement points for loader capacities. Popular additions to compact utility tractors and farm tractors are Front End Loaders, also referred to as a FEL.Compact utility tractors, also called CUTs are small tractors, typically with 18 to 50 horsepower (37 kW) and used primarily for grounds maintenance and landscape chores This may be one of the areas that dump trucks vary the most in. Typically, trucks will have one front axle and two rear axles. The front axle will always have one tire per side while the rear axles will normally have two tires per side. There are trucks available with three rear axles for heavy duty situations Longer vehicles will offtrack more. The rear wheels of the powered unit (truck or tractor) will offtrack some, and the rear wheels of the trailer will offtrack even more. Steer the front end wide enough around a corner so the rear end does not run over the curb, pedestrians, other vehicles, etc Go to front of vehicle and check that low beams are on and both of the four-way flashers are working. Push dimmer switch and check that high beams work. Turn off headlights and four-way hazard warning flashers. Turn on parking, clearance, side-marker and identification lights. Turn on right turn signal, and start walk-around inspection

Definition of a semitrailer, semi-trailer or truck trailer: A semi-trailer is a trailer without a front axle. A large proportion of its weight is supported either by a road tractor or by a detachable front axle assembly called a dolly. A semi-trailer is equipped with legs that can be lowered to support it when it is unhooked from the tractor The 1938 Chevrolet Half-Ton truck represented the first truck in Chevy's history designed by the new Art and Color department. Featuring a new redesigned vertical grille and front bumper along with swept fenders, the fresh styling of this truck was an important aspect in the evolution of old Chevy pickup trucks because it emphasized the. How many universal joints are on the front components of a 2000 Chevy Z71 truck? 2 Answers. My truck makes a thumping sound when it is in motion. I think the universal joints need to be replaced. I'm wondering if I should just replace all the universal joints for the front components of my.. What is the front part of a trailer called? The answer is a trailer coupler. It is designed to latch onto a trailer ball and articulate around it for smooth towing. Trailer couplers come in standard sizes, and many can be adjusted for a more secure connection. truck, van, crossover, SUV, RV or other automotive vehicle -- even an ATV -- used.

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Skateboard decks come in a variety of styles, lengths and foot placement styles. The platform the wheels and trucks mount to is called the deck. Decks are either bidirectional or front and back based. Most decks that are front and back based are long board style. This is a style of skateboard that uses a longer,. Large trucks need additional space between vehicles to allow for safe braking and unexpected actions. In crashes, large trucks most often hit the vehicle in front of them. 16. Did You Know? If you are driving below 40 mph, you should leave at least one second for every 10 feet of vehicle length 1958: Significant redesign of front end. All light-duty trucks are now called Apache, medium-duty trucks called Viking, and heavy-duty trucks called Spartan. Truck has four headlights instead of the previous two and features a shorter, wider grille running the width of the front end. Parking lights are now in the grille instead of being.

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The orange light are called indicators and are used when the car is turning left or right. The white part is called the reverse light and lights up when the car is reversing backwards. The red part is used when the head lights are being used so other drivers can see the car in front of them at night time or poor driving conditions Side Loader Refuse Trucks. These types of trucks can be loaded either manually or automatically from the side. An Automated Side Loader or ASL is a garbage truck that has a mechanical arm with an automated lift that reaches out to the side of the truck and grabs a residential garbage container.. It lifts the garbage container and dumps the trash into the top front of the garbage truck A Guide to Truck Trailers Notes: Truck trailers can vary significantly depending on the Front 108 Rear 110 98 110 3,914 cu ft 14,400 lbs . Reefer (Refrigerated) Truck Trailer Reefers are refrigerated by a unit commonly at the front of the traile

The main leaf is the longer one having bent ends, called the spring eyes. The spring eye is connected to the frame by a shackle. The centre portion of the spring is connected to the front axle by U-bolt. Types of Leaf springs. Following are the different types of leaf springs. Semi-elliptical spring; Quarter-elliptical spring; Three-quarter. Ford pickup trucks were fitted with a new cab, front-end sheetmetal, and bed for 1938, while 1-1/2 ton versions got a new chassis. (1938 1-1/2 Ton Ford Truck) A further attraction was the debut of a truck that slotted between the light-duty car-based pickup and the heavy-duty 1-1/2 ton models Caballerial: Also called a cab or a full cab, a caballerial is a fakie ollie where the skater rotates 360 degrees. Named after its creator, Steve Caballero, it's a portmanteau for Caballero and aerial.. Carve: The act of making big, fast turns in the corners of transitions. Coping: A protruding edge, typically made of metal or. 4. Wheel-Lift Tow Truck. Wheel-lift tow trucks have a mechanism similar to the hook and chain tow trucks. However, they use a metal yoke instead of chains and cause less damage to the towed vehicle. The metal yoke is hooked under the rear or front wheels

A semi-trailer is a trailer that only has one axel. Semi is actually short for semi-trailer truck. A semi is a trailer box with a rear axle but without a front axle. The truck pulling it is called the tractor. NoodleBoosters! This comes under general knowledge. A semi is correctly a semi-trailer Finally, there is the independent front suspension (IFS). This design allows for great road manners while still letting you get off-road with four-wheel traction. However, lifting an IFS truck will require moving the front differential down with the wheels as the drive angle of the axles must stay as level as possible or you may face premature.

It's a splitter/diffuser/front spoiler, they're all correct terms. Has two uses - the air hitting the leading face pushes the front of the car down, creating front-end downforce (front end lift on a rear wheel drive car such as that Mustang is baaaaad), and the angle of the splitter pushes the air to the side of the car, cutting a cleaner line through the air - reducing drag Often called bras, these protective products are custom fitted and offer an inexpensive, effective and attractive way to keep the front of your vehicle looking new. Why are Colgan Bras the Best Custom Front End Covers? Being the original car bra has some advantages in leading the front-end mask industry About Truck Caps. You may call them truck caps, camper shells, pickup toppers, or truck tops. Regardless of the name, we offer America's Best Selling selection and have thousands of dealers to help you find the best truck cap for your lifestyle. Whether you need it for recreation, work, or commercial use, we offer them all There is a one front and rear steering axle present. So this enables the truck to hold more weight irrespective of its power. Its wheelbase is very small and the overall body of the truck is small and that enables the drivers to operate and manipulate in a flexible and easily manner

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Step 8. Slide your jack stand (s) into place near the jack, beneath a secure area of the vehicle's frame. If you are raising both front or both rear wheels, place your jack stands to either side of the jack, near the wheels. The purpose of the jack is to raise the vehicle, but the jack stand holds the vehicle in place The 40/20/40 split is only used for the front seats of Ford trucks. Do You Have 60/40 Split Seats? Photo Credit: Susan C. The 60/40 split fits three people and is divided into two sections. One section, the 60 portion, being larger. The 60/40 layout is used for both front and back seats. However, it is more commonly used for back seats

35,519 truck side view stock photos, vectors, and illustrations are available royalty-free. See truck side view stock video clips. of 356. truck side view isolated truck side on side truck white truck isolated truck side truck isolated realistic delivery truck side realistic vehicles delivery truck side view lorry template. Try these curated. The GMC lineup of light-duty pickup trucks delivers exceptional power and efficiency, elevated attention to detail and purposeful innovation. The GMC Sierra 1500 light duty pickup offers the World's First Six-Function MultiPro Tailgate, ProGrade™ Trailering technology and available class-leading up to 15 Camera Views †, plus intelligent power and performance Whether you own a Dodge Ram 4x4 or a compact Toyota Tacoma, suspension is an important part of your pickup truck's overall performance.Comprised of a series of springs and shock absorbers, a suspension system is designed to cushion both the driver and the vehicle from potentially uncomfortable and/or hazardous road conditions A word to the wise, don't forget to connect and disconnect your pigtail before and after your travels. This might be another item to place on both your departure and arrival checklists. 8. Taking Turns Too Fast. Without a doubt one of the top 10 truck camper mistakes and pitfalls Over 95% of all front bumper replacements bolt directly to the frame of your truck without any modifications necessary. At Bumper Superstore you get the widest selection of Iron Cross, Fab Fours, Ranch Hand, Smittybilt and ARB bumpers for sale, so you can make the right choice when it comes to outfitting your truck or Jeep

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Shortly after, the redesigned heavy-duty F-Series truck became available in 1998 as 1999 truck models. Now called Super Duty trucks, the F-250 Heavy Duty and F-350 had both crew cab and SuperCab options as well as several different engines to choose from, including a 7.3L V8 turbodiesel with 235 horsepower and 500 lb.-ft. of torque or a 6.8L. First seen at the 1964 World's Fair alongside a fun new car called the Mustang, Ford's Big Red was the automaker's experimental gas turbine semi-truck, a moonshot experiment built to lift. A custom front bumper valence was also installed, painted black to match. 1981 GM. The 1981 GMC Indy pace truck replicated the silver/red theme of Buick's Regal Indy Pace Car. Graphics were far more subtle over the previous year's pace truck, and items you would expect to be chrome—bumpers, mirrors—were indeed left unpainted. 1983 G Short-Log Truck & Trailer . Semi-truck 12-wheel log hauler, pulling a hay rack short-log trailer; semi-truck hauls 30'-short logs; hay-rack trailer hauls 30'-short logs from forest to mill. Trailers come in different configurations, depending on log lengths & weights. Truck equipped with on-board electronic scales

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Far and away one of the coolest pickup trucks ever made, Jeep's FC-series hits the market in 1957. Engine choices include a 72-hp (SAE gross) L-head four-cylinder in the 3/4-ton FC-150 or a 115-hp. In contrast to hitches that mount at the front or rear of the truck, the fifth wheel hitch mounts in the middle of the truck bed, directly over or right in front of the rear axle. Intended to handle huge RV trailers, these hitches' weight limits can max out between 16,000 and 24,000 pounds View. $99.99. VULCAN Lashing Winch and Winch Strap Kit - 2 Inch - High-Viz - 3,300 Pound Safe Working Load. View. $254.99 As low as $242.24. VULCAN Chain and Binder Kit - Grade 70 - 3/8 Inch x 20 Foot - 6,600 Pound Safe Working Load. View. $149.99. VULCAN Complete Heavy Duty Flags and Magnets Kit - Includes 12 Magnets, 6 Orange Flags, 6 Red. The cabin or cab of a truck is the inside space in a truck where the driver is seated. Modern long-haul (long distance) trucks cabs usually feature air conditioning, a good sound system, and ergonomic seats (often air-suspended). Pickup truck cabs have options that can make them as comfortable to drive as a car.. Pickup trucks. There are usually three types of cabs in pickup trucks 1947-87 Chevy & GMC Truck Domed Bumper Bolt, Black. Part#: 21177. Black bolts for your black bumper or easily paint to match your color scheme! Used for front and/or rear bumpers and have a dome style head

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The wings have additional hinged, rear sections near the body that are called flaps. Flaps are deployed downward on takeoff and landing to increase the amount of force produced by the wing. On some aircraft, the front part of the wing will also deflect. Slats are used at takeoff and landing to produce additional force Trim Also called moulding and casing, this is the woodwork or finishing applied around the frame of the door. Width is largely a matter of preference but is typically between 2.5- to 3.5-inches wide. It's both functional and decorative, finishing the appearance of the door but also covering gaps between the drywall and the inset frame.. The 25-year-old victim collided with a second truck just moments after an out-of-control taxi slammed into a concrete barrier in front of them Ford has long credited the Twin I-Beam front suspension as the motivator behind the company's long success in selling light F-Series pickup trucks.In its 1965 introduction, Ford touted the many benefits of the new front suspension system: rugged construction, improved wheel alignment, reduced tire wear and front-end maintenance, smoother ride and better control Chevy & GMC 4x4 Front Axles and Front End Parts. 4x4 Front Axle shafts for your Chevrolet or GMC four wheel drive. We have them listed for the 8.5 inch 10 bolt corporate front end as well as the Dana 44 and Dana 60. K5 Blazer, K10 1/2 ton, K20 3/4 ton and K30 1 ton four wheel drive front axles available. Our DANA SPICER replacement axle shafts.

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Shop from thousands of parts and accessories to help you restore, maintain, and customize your Chevrolet, GMC, Dodge or Ford truck or SUV. Keep 'em on the road with the right part, right price, right now This corporate greed absolutely infuriates me. Sapp bros, Council Bluffs, IA. Every single spot in the yellow boxes had a green cone in front of it. When I called to ask why, they said they're now VIP spots, at $15/day. There goes one of my favorite spots. Over 70 parking spaces just gon Great product and made my plow truck sit up great in front end. Read the Review. Helper Springs - Hellwig 988 Rating: 5 Stars I Would Buy Again! Springs fit great, work great. Only issue we had was the instructions said to reuse original Ubolts, but they were 1/2 to 3/4 inch too short. Had to scramble to find replacements for next day Fifth Generation: 1984-1988 Toyota Truck. See all 125 photos. The next generation in the Toyota Truck lineup saw more changes, including the addition of the Xtracab, a two-row extended cab option.

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The truck won't move if you put it in 4 H because the full time 4wd transfer case will route the power to the path of least resistance which is the front since it's disconnected. Just an aside. Some owners have proposed that if you could put your Hummer in 2wd it will improve the on road drivability, improve fuel economy and reduce wear

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