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The red flag is a signal of defiance and battle, according to Chambers Cyclopedia (1727-41). The red cap was a symbol of popular revolt in France going back to the Jacquerie of 1358 A red flag warning is a signal of high wildfire danger and a red flag on the beach warns of dangerous water conditions (double red flags indicate beach closure). Red flags of various designs indicate dangerous wind and wave conditions for mariners. In auto racing, a red flag indicates that a race has been stopped

The rising sun flag refers to the flag of Imperial Japan's military, particularly the Imperial Japanese Navy, during and before World War II. It has a red circle on a white background with sixteen red rays extending from the circle. It was adopted as the naval ensign in 1870. Skip to main conten red flag definition: 1. a flag used as a sign of danger: 2. a flag used as a symbol of revolution 3. a flag used as a. Learn more a sign or warning of any impending danger, disaster or doom. It's an acronym standing for Can't Remember A Fucking Thing. It's usually used to describe embarrassment at being unable to remember someone (CRAFT moment); going onstage as the lead in the latest theatrical performance and your mind goes completely blank (CRAFT situation); the next morning after a night when you got pissed as.

We all know that Imam Hussain (AS) was unjustly martyred in Muharram and the red flag still being there means we, Shia Muslims, know that the battle has not finished yet and we are waiting for our Imam Mahdi (aj) to come and resume the war against all those who have oppressed ahlulBayt (AS) A French flag book from 1721, containing colored engravings of both black and red pirate flags, labeled the red flag as flag called no quarter.. Captain Richard Hawkins confirmed this meaning in 1724. His pirate ship flew the black Jolly Roger when he was willing to give quarter and the red banner when he wasn't The British Red Ensign Flag was a red flag with the British Union in the canton. The Union was a cross between the flags of Scotland and England before the two were united into one nation in 1707. The British Union was was a royal emblem and could only be flown legally by military ships. It was illegal for anyone else to use it Each one has fifty stars in its canton, and thirteen red and white stripes, but there are several important differences. Although most Americans think of the Stars and Stripes (above left) as their only flag, it is actually for military affairs only. The other one, meant by its maker for wider use, (peacetime), has vertical stripes with blue. The blood-red standard, flying from one of the mosque's minarets, is a symbol for spilled blood and a call for revenge in Shia Islam, according to The Sun, a U.K. tabloid. Where the banner was raised is just as important as its inherent meaning

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The British Red Ensign Flag puts the Union Jack in the canton with the fly being a red field. It is also sometimes called a Queen Anne's Flag, a Colonial Red Ensign or a Meteor Flag. British Red Ensign Flag. From 1707 then, until the Revolutionary War era, the British Red Ensign Flag was the official British flag The raising of the red flag gives a precise signal - it indicates that a major war is to come or is even now underway A red ball with 16 red rays, it is sometimes used by companies in advertisements, yet it is technically a military flag: from 1870 until the end of the second world war, it was imperial Japan's. In auto racing, a black flag means a specific driver must report to the pits as a punishment for an offense on the track; or when paired with a red flag means the end of a practice race (a replacement for the checkered flag). In shipping, it can mean the desire to parley. For example, a ship at war with another country can raise a blac I have several WW2 Son in Service flags - most with blue stars, some with gold stars, one with a red star, and one with a silver star. I thought the red star signified wounded but now surfing the Internet, it looks like a silver star also signifies wounded

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  1. something that provokes an angry or hostile reaction: The talk about raising taxes was a red flag to many voters. Also calleda red burgee, designating in the International Code of Signals the letter B, flown by itself to show that a vessel is carrying, loading, or discharging explosives or highly inflammable material
  2. Today's flag of Vietnam is familiar to veterans of the Vietnam War because it is the same banner that flew over North Vietnamese troops and holdings during that conflict. It features a solid red field with a single gold star, five-pointed, in the center. This flag symbolizes the history of.
  3. The Confederate battle flag, initially authorized for units of the Confederate armed forces during the American Civil War (1861-1865), has become one of the most recognized, misunderstood, and controversial symbols in American history. Originally designed as a Confederate national flag by William Porcher Miles of South Carolina, it was rejected by the Confederate Congress but subsequently.

The third problem is that there is a wealth of pictorial evidence which proves that the red ensign was the flag which both the public and members of the Armed Services overwhelmingly related to and adopted as Australia′s de-facto national flag prior to 1954. This period of course includes both World War I and World War II The Japanese flag is composed of a white banner with a crimson-red disk at the center which represents the sun. Officially, the Japanese Flag is known as Nisshōki, meaning the sun-mark flag, but it's also called Hinomaru, which means the circle of the sun. Ok, so this is the basic information about the flag, but now let's dive. Iran unveils red flag at Mosque warning of severe battle to come (Image: Getty) Historically, the raising of the red flag over a mosque also takes place during the Islamic month of Muharram, which. Driver was able to fly the flag over the Tennessee Statehouse once the war ended. The flag is a primary artifact at the National Museum of American History and was last displayed in Tennessee by.

That flag was also briefly used by the German Confederation of 1848-52. When Germany was unified at the end of the 19th century, the national flag had stripes of black-white-red. After the defeat of the Second Reich in World War I, that flag was replaced by the black-red-yellow under the Weimar Republic. Many Germans, however, rallied around. The white flag later became well established in Western warfare, but evidence shows it also arose independently in China during the Eastern Han dynasty in the first three centuries A.D. The color. The flag means Pawnee Indians, in peace and war, are always courageous and loyal to America. The flag staff is an old time Pawnee lance with a genuine flint spearhead. The staff has bead work mounted on buckskin opposite the blue field Background. Ensign is a generic term for a flag commonly used to indicate the nationality of a ship. It is often a derivative of a national flag and thus subordinate to it. The Canadian Red Ensign was a derivative of the Red Ensign flown by the British merchant marine.In the words of one historian, it was therefore arguably a derivative of a derivative Nmah The Flag In Wwii. Nmah The Flag In Wwii. 48 Star Flag 1912 1959 U S. The False Hope Of Iwo Jima Flag Raising Photo Time. Bonhams An Important World War Ii 48 Star American Flag 30 X In The Original Size. Rare Flags Antique American Historic

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Red-flag definition is - to identify or draw attention to (a problem or issue to be dealt with). How to use red-flag in a sentence Most Popular Flag Colors and What They Symbolize 1. Red Flag of the United States. Red is the most used color on flags throughout the world. A strong, bold color, it most often symbolizes bloodshed as in war and revolution, or in a struggle of some sort such as for independence. It also represents power, courage, strength, and valor 7/10/2018. 9 Comments. by Kelly Suen. The rising sun flag refers to the flag of Imperial Japan's military, particularly the Imperial Japanese Navy, during and before World War II. It has a red circle on a white background with sixteen red rays extending from the circle. It was adopted as the naval ensign in 1870 What does the Red POW MIA flag mean? These Red flags feature a black background and a red logo instead of the well-known white logo on POW MIA flags. Honor the service of the brave men and women in the Armed forces with a red POW MIA flag. Fly a POW MIA flag in honor of soldiers taken prisoner and missing in action

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Blue cloth with a circle of eight stars, two wide red stripes and one wide white stripe. The Confederate States of America's first national flag was known as the Stars & Bars.. This flag flew from 1861 to 1863. Each of the eight stars represented a Confederate state in March 1861 when the flag was adopted So if two Arab tribes were in a battle, at the beginning of these months they would have suspended the war and raise a red flag on the dome of the commander's marquee to show that: Although they're not in a war right now but they will resume the war after the Haram month

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The Service Flag was first (unofficially) used during World War I. The flag is white with a red border and one or more blue stars in the center: one star for each family member serving in the military during times of war or hostility. If a service member dies, the blue star is covered by a gold star. At one time, states had laws on the books. Red Color Meanings and Symbolism: The color of red symbolised violence, war, blood, wounds, strength, energy, power and success in war paint but might also symbolise happiness and beauty in face paint. The meaning of the Lightning symbol represented lightning which was believed to add power and speed to the warrior A solid black flag may mean war, revolution, anarchy, or that the side will not take prisoners (ie, the opposite of the white surrender flag) Less Common Colours Orange is much less common, but may have symbolism similar to both red and yellow: the sun, grain/wheat, fertility As I wrote in my book, others promoted the Southern Cross for religious reasons and the flag took on religious meaning to many southerners even before the end of the war, but its original.

The flag strongly represented the Union flag, and was one the reasons the flag was changed. Three rows: up and down: red, white, then red again. In the upper left corner was a blue square, in it was a circle if seven stars, which represented the following states: South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas The Red Over Red Flag. Meaning: Water is closed to public use. The Purple Flag. Meaning: Marine pests present. Jellyfish, stingrays, sea snakes, or other marine life are present in the water and can cause minor injuries. This flag is not intended to indicate the presence of sharks. In this latter case, the red flag or double red flag may be. A jack is a flag corresponding in appearance to the union or canton of the national ensign. In the United States Navy, it is a blue flag containing a star for each state. For countries whose colors have no canton, the jack is simply a small national ensign. On a sailing vessel, the jack is hoisted at the jack-staff shipped at the bowsprit cap when at anchor or in port. The United States Navy. Following the end of the Civil War, Confederate veteran groups used the battle flag in memorials to fallen soldiers. In 1894, the state of Mississippi adopted a flag using the Confederate battle flag as its canton, with blue, white, and red horizontal stripes. The Confederate flag began to be used mor

The flag as we know it was born not as a symbol, but as a very practical banner. The commanders of the Confederate army in Virginia (then known at the Army of the Potomac) sought a distinctive emblem as an alternative to the Confederacy's first national flag—the Stars and Bars—to serve as a battle flag The colors were again used by another group in 1914 called the Society of Young Arabs, whose goal was to fight for Arab independence from the Ottomans during World War I.This flag was slightly different, however, because it was green, white, and black, lacking the color red The Confederate Flag: de Facto Symbol of the Confederacy. The most recognizable graphic symbol to emerge from the American Civil War was a flag bearing a star-studded blue diagonal cross on a field of red. Show that symbol to most Americans (and even to many non-Americans) and they will identify it as the Confederate flag, the. Known as the Maple Leaf Flag, the Canadian flag has two colors — red, derived from St. George's cross, and white, derived from the French royal emblem. An 11-point maple leaf is placed at.

Known as the Stars and Bars, the flag featured a white star for each Confederate state on a blue background, and three stripes, two red and one white. It was distinct from the Union's flag RED OVER YELLOW FLAG. A red over yellow lifeguard flag. Unlike the other flags, the red over yellow flag does not mean something is inherently dangerous. In fact, this flag represents something to enhance your safety at the beach. A red over yellow flag signifies a recommended swimming area that has lifeguard supervision The flag excels as a state banner because it commemorates the vision of the founders while it reminds us of the struggle to preserve the Union. It is a unique symbol of challenges met and loyalties restored, a flag of unity and reconciliation for all the state's citizens. 1 :Design - The Calvert colors are described as gold and black, and the. Iran and US tensions are at an all-time high following the killing of Iranian general Qassem Soleimani by the US in an airstrike. For the first time in the history of Iran, a red flag, that signals war, was raised over the Holy Dome of Jamkaran Mosque While the Flag of the Commonwealth was adopted in 1861, some minor changes were made in the first half of the 20th-century. In 1930 the white fringe was added, and in 1931 the ornamental border of the seal was more precisely defined as a wreath of red and green Virginia creeper

The American flag—the Union flag—was the victor in the Civil War. Except for adding stars each time a state enters the Union, our flag has not changed since the Betsy Ross flag. The flag's. Description. This poster, promoting the Red Cross Service Flag, shows a young boy affixing a flag to his window. Only members of the Red Cross could display the flags, and additional smaller stars were added for other dues paying household members Iran vows to hit 35 US targets and unfurls red flag of WAR as America says it expects retaliation 'within weeks'. IRAN today pinpointed 35 key US targets for revenge after its top general.

The national flag of Germany consists of three bands of equal width, which have one national color apiece. The design and color scheme for the national flag first emerged during the early 1900s, changed to red, white and black between World War I and World War II, then returned to the original three colors following the end of World War II The star at the top of the flag stands for Arkansas role in the Confederacy during the Civil War. Arkansas's red, white, and blue flag is filled with the history of the state. For example, the 25 white stars within the blue diamond account for Arkansas being the 25th state to be admitted into the union. CALIFORNIA STATE FLAG The Pinetree Flag represents a vital part of America's history and an important step on the journey to reaching a national flag during the early days of the War for Independence. Furthermore, the Pinetree Flag was far from being the only national symbol recognizing America's reliance on the protection and Providence of God Well, it does! In a peace state, the flag looks like this: It has Three Stars and a Sun (actually this is the name of the flag) and a horizontal flag bicolor with equal bands of blue and red, with blue being on top. This is the flag that's in use during peacetime. But, When the country is in war though, the flag is flown upside down in order. Iran's 'red flag of war' hints impending revenge after US execute General Soleimani. Iran raised a red flag over the Holy Dome of Jamkarān Mosque believed to be a warning of a battle to come

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The flag's message is spread through its visibility. The POW/MIA flag has flown over the White House on National POW/MIA Recognition Day since 1982. With the exception of the American flag, the POW/MIA flag is the only flag to fly over the White House and fly continually over the Capitol's rotunda. Occasions for Displaying the POW/MIA flag Red flag unfurled above mosque following killing of top general Qassem Soleimani. Red flags in Shiite tradition symbolize both blood spilled unjustly and serve as a call to avenge a person who is.

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A blood-red flag symbolizing vengeance unfurled Saturday above the dome of Jamarkaran Mosque in Qom, Iran, a day after the United States killed Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani and Iraqi militia. THE black American flag has adopted a different meaning since it first appeared as a symbol of defense during the Civil War. In present day, the flag is often waved by President Donald Trump's.

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A Flag to show we are united in our fight for freedom. To blow as freely in the windas we wish to be. For the men, who have died and those who will die in the fight to be Free, no matter the ultimate cost. The colors and there meaning have been described many times. But in the hearts of Real Americanthe red is the blood shed in freedom. British Red Ensign, also called the Colonial Red Ensign and the Meteor Flag, was adopted by Queen Anne as the new flag for England and her colonies in 1707. This was the best known of the British Maritime flags, or Ensigns, which were formed by placing the Union flag in the canton of another flag having a field of white, blue or red There are also some other Flags used by the Navy. They indicate a higher rank, some departments and particular persons. Flag Meaning; Command Flag of an Admiral: Command Flag of a Vice Admiral: Command Flag of a Rear Admiral: Command Flag of a Commodore: Union Jack Used only on the bow staff (jack staff) while moored pierside or at anchor

Flags have been used as common symbols in history for over 5,000 years, dating as far back as 3000 BC with a metal Iranian flag and flag representation in Egyptian tomb carvings. Vexillology, or the study of flags , takes its literal meaning from the Latin word for guide, a meaning which continues to carry weight in the use of flags today The flag has come to represent the independence and freedom that the people of Syria will get from the oppression. In terms of design, the flag features the same four colors as before namely red, white, green, and black. The flag has three bands with the topmost band being green while the bottom one is black As you drive around town, you may see a small white flag, bordered in red, with either a blue or gold star in the middle and gold fringe on the bottom. They are usually hung from the window since they are smaller than normal flags. These are known as the Blue Star, War Mother's, or Service Flag

Several states implemented red flag laws after the shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida, last year, and there is also a bipartisan proposal in the Senate for a federal red flag bil The final flag of the Confederacy was adopted on March 4th, 1865, just before the Confederacy broke apart. This version now featured a wide red bar. Confederate Battle Flag Perhaps the most recognizable flag from the Civil War period was the Confederate Battle Flag (shown above). It was carried by Confederate troops throughout the war

A red flag is a warning or indicator, suggesting that there is a potential problem or threat with a company's stock, financial statements, or news reports. Red flags may be any undesirable. The Blackbeard flag, shown below, is almost as famous as Blackbeard himself is. Captain Edward Teach, Blackbeard Flag, 1716 - 1718 Buy On Amazon Prime for $24.50 The Blackbeard Flag Meaning. Depicting a skeleton raising a toast while spearing a heart, the Blackbeard flag is almost certainly meant to intimidate one's enemies The chrysanthemum of the Imperial Flag was replaced by the famous red sun symbol on the national flag and the red field turned to white. The Japanese national colors are red and white. It is said that at the time of the Mongol Invasions of Japan (1274 and 1281) the priest Nichiren presented a similar sun flag to the shogun

Iran has unfurled a red flag on top of the iconic The Holy Dome of Jamkaran Mosque in Qom, which is an old Shi'ite tradition symbolising bloody revenge. The Red Flag bring hoisted on The Holy Dome Of Jamkarān Mosque, Qom, #Iran. As stated in a previous tweet, according to old #Iranian tradition this is a symbol of battle/war to come Now the flag is in the Australian news with reports SAS military in Afghanistan in 2012 used the bold red, blue and white flag to guide in a US helicopter. they remade the meaning of the war Hughes presented Watson with an Australian red ensign which he carried with him throughout the war. Watson claimed that it was the first Australian flag to be flown in France during the war, and on his safe return to Australia presented it to the Australian War Museum (later War Memorial) for display A red flag was raised above the main cupula of the Jamkaran mosque in Qom, an Iranian city 120 kilometers south of Tehran. The video was created by the mosque's press office. This was confirmed to AFP by the hojatoleslam Yassine Hossein Abadi, one of the mosque's administrators in charge of cultural affairs To protest its removal, a small group of Montanans rallied at the fountain, waving signs and flags: Confederate flags, but also the bright-yellow, unmistakable Gadsden flag, the Revolutionary War.

Korean War 50th Anniversary Commemorative flag. image by Pete Loeser, 11 May 2019. This is from the official KW50 site, hosted by the DoD: The 50th Anniversary of the Korean War Commemoration Flag is symbolic of the unified effort of the United States, the Republic of Korea and our allies to stop Communist aggression on the Korean Peninsula 50 years ago The flag has become an icon of American culture, a representation of the nation's concern for military service personnel missing and unaccounted for in overseas wars. From the Revolution to the Korean War, thousands of U.S. soldiers, Marines, airmen and sailors have been taken prisoner or gone missing The Confederate flag was flown by the breakaway southern states, which defended slavery, in the 1861-65 American Civil War. Controversy over the modern use of the flag has intensified since. However, it is the red flag provision that stands out on this list. Biden is giving the Justice Department sixty-day period to develop model red flag legislation that would allow friends and family members to identify an individual as a potential danger, thereby temporarily preventing the person from accessing a firearm What is the meaning behind the colours of the Vietnam Flag? Colour. According to a poem written by Nguyễn Hữu Tiến, the yellow color was for the Vietnamese race, the red background for blood, and the five-pointed star represented the workers, peasants, intellectuals, soldiers, and traders. Shape. The shape of the Vietnamese flag is.

My war came much later: In 2005 and 2007, I deployed with the United States Marine Corps to Al Anbar Province in Iraq. With them, the flag has far more meaning than a simple reminder of the. Find 32 ways to say WAVE A RED FLAG, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus In short, Thailand's flag stands for nation-religion-king, a kind of unofficial motto that Thai people live by. The red stripes represent Thailand's blood spilt in its bid to maintain independence; the white stands for purity and Buddhism (the country's primary religion), and blue symbolises the Thai monarchy. The blue stripe also has a double meaning as it stands in solidarity and.

Pleasure craft, however, may fly either the Red Ensign or the National Flag. The history of the Red Ensign is intertwined with the history of the Australian National flag. From 1901 to 1954 the Red Ensign was in practice, used as Australia′s Civil Flag, i.e. the flag to be flown by private citizens on land 1. Turkish Flag Today. As part of the Ottoman Empire, the flag underwent many changes until the 2nd half of the 18th century. For one, it wasn't always red; in the 14th century, it was white. In the 15th century, it was red, but it didn't stay this way. At one point, it was three white crescents on a green background The flag of the Second Spanish Republic consisted of a tricolor red, yellow, and violet. The flag symbolized that every Spaniard would be represented in the government. For most of the 1930s, Spain experienced internal conflict. The country was torn by civil war between the Soviet-backed communist and the fascist group on the other side

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The POW/MIA flag is an American flag designed as a symbol of citizen concern about US military personnel taken as prisoners of war (POWs) or listed as missing in action (MIA).. The POW/MIA flag was created by the National League of Families and officially recognized by the Congress in conjunction with the Vietnam War POW/MIA issue, as the symbol of our Nation's concern and commitment to. In 1955, the flag was made official after a few minor changes on the hammer's handle and the sickle's shape. In 1980, a final was made, in which the red color was changed into a lighter shade. This flag remained the official national flag till the breakup of the Soviet Union on December 25, 1991, where it was changed to the present day. The third Confederate national flag was adopted on March 4, 1865, and was called the Blood Stained Banner. A red bar was added so that the flag would not be mistaken for a flag of truce, as was the flag of 1863. After the war the Confederate Battle Flag would persist as the most-recognizable symbol of the Confederate States of America Many in the rabid mob who stormed the US Capitol yesterday came armed with a portable and potent weapon: a flag. There were large election banners, battle colors from the American Civil War, neo. History and Meaning . The first flag of Mexico, which was initially adopted by the father of Mexican Independence, Miguel Hidalgo, was a standard with an image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, who is the country's patroness still today.The nation's first president, Guadalupe Victoria (originally named José Miguel Ramón Adaucto Fernández y Félix but changed his name to represent the victory over. Military service star flags are a great way to show your love and pride for a family member serving in the armed forces. Browse our selection of service star flags and products, including service star banners, garden flags, lapel pins, and more, all affordably priced and made in the USA