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Another color that goes nicely with brown furniture is a darker red. As shown in the design example above, this color idea works better when the brown furniture is also in a darker shade. Although so, it does not mean that darker red shade looks terrible on a lighter shade of brown These dark hardwood floors have a rich red tone that pulls a rich wine color out of the thick fringed curtains on either side of each window. The dark wood is continued throughout the furniture. While many dark wood floors tend to have little variation in color, these have an almost gray and featherlike woodgrain Light Wood Floors. Light hardwood floors look amazing especially when staged with dark furniture and can give you space a traditional feel. Light color wood also has a couple distinct advantages over dark wood floors. First, light wood floors tends to show less dirt, and second it is less likely to show scratches than its dark wood counterpart Note to self: Colour scheme for the bathroom? dark brown for the bathroom furniture, beige for the tiles, a bright woody colour on the floor (bamboo!) and perhaps something yellow on our accent wall. Colour Pallette Color Palate Colour Schemes Color Combos Gold Color Scheme Gold Palette Design Seeds Ok Design Honey Colou The entire first floor has light bamboo hardwood flooring, which is beautiful but I am struggling to figure out furniture choices do I need to worry about things matching the color of the wood floor, (barstool legs, sofa feet, coffee table frames, chairs and whatnot)


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Example of a large trendy light wood floor and brown floor living room design in Omaha with beige walls and a standard fireplace marble or ceramic tile alternative to shiplap for middle portion of wall and then shiplap on sides - webuser_94864121 Light furniture. Light wood furniture on a dark wood floor offers a striking look. The best choices usually are furniture that is just a few shades lighter in color than the floor. Too much of a contrast will leave the room feeling stark

Brown color can go well with the dark hardwood floors. You can place a brown leather sofa and brown chair in your living room if you have dark hardwood floors. But, if you place a dark brown chocolate color sofa on these floors, then it may create more darkness in your living room. It's best to prefer a light brown color sofa If your furniture is ebonized or dark-stained walnut, or has midnight-blue or inky purple upholstery, you need the intervention of a light or patterned carpet so the room doesn't disappear into shadow. Lighter wood, metallic finishes and light upholstery sit on a dark wood floor like stars onstage in the spotlight 2. Furniture Legs Matched to Floors You don't always need contrast where dark floors are concerned — matching wood furniture as closely as possible to the color of your floors is a simple way to make your space feel elegant and put together. If you are choosing to match furniture to the floors, go with a lighter color on the walls If your hardwood floors have a cool grayish undertone, or a warm orange undertone, blue would be a good choice. Blue is a cool color so it works with gray, but it's opposite orange on the color wheel so it works as a complimentary color. If your wood floors are a warm brown, then warmer wall colors will match nicely The hardwood floors and the textured walls unify this space with their light colors and subtle movement. This living room has a large row of windows lining the front wall. The hardwood floors match the natural wood on the ceiling and window panes to create a wholesome country style

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  1. Dark wood flooring has been and still is very popular in homes. With the flooring selection comes painting color selection to coordinate. Lucky enough, there are not too many wrong answers when it comes to dark wood, because it is pretty neutral (depending on the red or brown tones that can be mixed in)
  2. Title: dark wood floors beautiful 24 nice best area rugs for living room. Description: dark wood floors unique 50 lovely dark grey hardwood floors graphics 50 s of dark wood. Via: accroalamode.com. Title: what color furniture with dark wood floors grey walls with dark
  3. The key will be to match the right shade of brown to the key colors that make up the majority of your soft furnishings. For example, an antique oak floor that is a medium warm toned brown will go well with creams, golds, and peachy tones; whilst a darker chocolaty brown stained maple floor will perfectly offset greens, olives and taupes
  4. Solid hardwood, engineered wood, and wood-look floors instantly transform a room.To complement the tones in your wood flooring, consider how different wall paint colors will affect the look.. There are countless wall paint colors out there, so it may seem daunting to choose the right one. To make that task a little easier, here's a guide on how to find paint colors that go with wood floor.
  5. A dark sofa with metal or light wood legs can create visual space between the sofa and the floor. The use of a lighter rug under the front of your sofa can separate the dark colors and make the sofa color pop. A light wood or metal coffee table could also help to define the sofa from the floor
  6. Blue is also a great choice for red oak hardwood floors. You can consider pastels, aquamarines and darker shades as well. Wall Colors for White Oak. White oak flooring can look bleached out, depending on its finish. You can paint your walls a rich charcoal color or match the floor color to create a classy, formal look in a living room or dining.

What Colors of Wood Floors Go With Black Wood Furniture?. Black furniture has visual weight, so it's important to balance it with light or medium wood flooring, which comes in two types: red oak. White walls look great with just about any color wood furniture. But they look really great when the wood furniture is dark enough to create a stark contrast. Creating contrast is also a great way to mix different wood tones. If your floors are light, dark wood furniture will stand out and visa versa. Mix it up

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Feel free to use other colors, like yellow since by nature, it is a complementary color to blue or any other color of your choice; maybe brown or cream to put a dent in the low temperature based color scheme. Brown-Gray. A gray floor with brown tinges instantly brings in the feeling of a forest lodge or a wood cabin in a snowy area Wood flooring can be stained in a variety of colors for those not interested in keeping their floors a light or natural-color wood finish. Stain colors that can potentially go well with cherry wood furniture include honey, mustard or even dull tints of green. These colors are available in paint as well Shop furniture with confidence! We're now honoring a 90-day Price Match Guarantee. Give your furniture a fresh new look and transform your home! Shop online or in-store 8 Great Color Combinations for Brown Furniture. Brown furniture is an all-time classic option that never loses its appeal. Choosing the right colors will make it look exquisite. In this DecorDezine post, we give some color schemes that look stunning with brown sofas, cabinets, or beds. Have a look It is commonly used as a background or base colour but it can be also used to subtly frame a room or the use of a golden wood can provide a continual theme within a home. The complementary colours associated with browns are usually blues, if it is a warmer brown go for a green-blue and a cool brown is a lighter blue. Blues compliment brown and.

See additionally various other 19 Stunning Hardwood Floor and Cabinet Color Matching below here! Source Images. Title: 17 meilleur de what color cabinets go with light wood floors ideas. Description: kitchen light cabinets lovely cabinets for kitchen fresh ready made kitchen cabinets lovely. Via: grvars.org I really like decorating a space with dark floors buy using lots of high-contrast, bright white. Rugs, yes, but I would tend to let the drama of the dark floor come out and run right up to white upholstered furniture without covering that beautif.. Mid-century style had a lot of brown, mustard yellow, olive green, and red decor, so a rug with those colors will definitely pair well with a brown couch! If you love the mid-century modern style, a rug like this one is a smart choice because it really mimics the original look but will also look updated with the right furniture The 16 Best Paint Colours To Go With Oak (or Wood): Trim, Floor, Cabinets and More... The best paint colours to coordinate, update and modernize oak (red, yellow, orange, pink, brown). Ideas for cabinets, flooring, trim, furniture and more..

Feel free to use other colors, like yellow since by nature, it is a complementary color to blue or any other color of your choice; maybe brown or cream to put a dent in the low temperature based color scheme. Brown-Gray. A gray floor with brown tinges instantly brings in the feeling of a forest lodge or a wood cabin in a snowy area Mix - Don't Match - Wood Textures and Colors; Experts Across the U.S. Urge Diversity in Design Still worrying about what goes with what when you're decorating? Design style leaders nix the match - too boring - in favor of mixing colors, wood grains, stains and textures throughout a room. Consumers think everything has to [ Paint colors, textiles, furniture and accessories can all be used to make a room reflect the most up-to-the-minute trends. Dark wood floors are extra glam in this Chicago apartment by Summer. The Choices. Brown. It's probably no surprise that brown would be one of the most popular choices when it comes to hardwood floor colors. The great thing about choosing brown for your hardwood is the options. Brown isn't simply brown. Report this ad. There are hundreds of subtly different browns to choose from

In 2021, greige (gray + beige) is the new gray in terms of wood flooring color trends. This trend of brown, beige, and a touch of gray has taken off in the past year. Greige has the minimalist feel of gray with the depth of beige. The greige wood floor color goes well with almost any other color in your home decor, complementing modern white. The combination of the light grey sectional and the brown leather/animal skin colors of the ottomans are right. The light grey sectional can avoid the room from looking dark. As you can see, the place has more portions of dark hues, especially from the brown hardwood floor. 14. Grey and Brown Living Room with Mural Wal It goes without saying that the color of your wood floors should match your home's existing aesthetics and color palette. That includes your wall and trim colors, cabinet colors, appliance colors, etc.—plus any furniture, rugs, or other types of flooring that you plan to keep Gray sofa set with brass nailhead details, dark brown wood legs, a rich brown coffee table and a beige rug. The boldness of brown decor makes for a rich, dynamic color scheme. Here, an assortment of patterned pillows, wood tables and sofa legs are a great way to breathe some life into the more neutral gray and beige palette of the sofa and rug

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Not only do white rugs go with everything, they do a wonderful job of bringing out the rich undertones of warmer colors such as brown. But if you do opt to pair a white rug with your brown couch, remember that color isn't the only way to create contrast. Creating contrast through textiles, such as by pairing a plush shag rug with a buttery. In this section, we will explore the colors that would highlight your wood floor to the best advantage. Go for Neutral; The perfect way to make sure that your wood floor tones, furniture, molding, and home accessories match with your walls is to opt for a neutral shade of paint. Irrespective of whether the wood floor has orange, gray, or yellow. Room size, ceiling height, color and texture of walls and furniture should be your primary considerations when choosing a wood floor color. The colors must complement each other in order for an overall final design to be successful. Avoid using dark colored floors in small rooms with dark walls, as it will make the room look gloomy and dense What color is the perfect match for laminate flooring for dark cabinets? This question may arise when coordinating with the design and flow of your kitchen. You want to reflect the colors and styles of your furniture. You can always change up paint color, decorations, or accent colors This is because dark wood floors can make a room look smaller. If you do use a dark wood floor, don't use anything narrower than an 8″ wide board. The wider board will create fewer seams, which will balance out the dark color of the floor. Learn more about the Wide Plank Difference. Another time you may want to reconsider using dark wood.

Many light hardwood floors simply have brown undertones. Painting the walls an off-white or a darker tan can keep the room looking crisp and clean as well as warm and inviting. With lighter hardwood flooring, painting the trim in the same color can help create clean lines, just be sure to paint them in a semi- or high-gloss finish so they are. Feel lucky to have found this. Your advice to the other readers has been wonderful. My problem is having a mixture of woods. I have a teak parquet floor, and a beautiful 1920s vanity in a similar color of wood. The rest of the furniture in the room is Golden Oak. An addition there are window shutters and closet doors made of yellow pine The home we are renting now has wood paneling all over not one but two rooms, not to mention brown carpeting in the living room plus by an unhappy coincidence, our furniture is brown. I am so tired of this blah color scheme and have no idea what I can do to fix it and am on an extremely tight budget. Suggestions would be welcome 1. Purchase red and brown toned flooring to add warmth and coziness. Visit a home supply store, and look for warm floor colors. To add warmth, your best option is to go with hardwood floors, though you can also find laminate and tile flooring in brown and red tones Most of our recommendations can work well whatever floor materials that you are using, from hardwood, laminate wood, vinyl flooring, or even marble tile. But for the image example here, we will be using a gray hardwood floor. Let's get started. Best Wall Color for Gray Floor 1. White Gray floor with white wall

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Sometimes simplicity works best in a space. If you want more attention on the wood than the rug, go for a rug with a whip stitch edge like this one. A light color will make the dark floor stand out while the stitch gives it a bit of fun. (via Anthropologie) 2. An Artsy Rug for Your Dark Wood Floors Step 2 - Apply the Color & Seal. Color & Seal comes in 12 different colors! We tried white and black and a blended grey. We ended up using the black on our massive dresser since we wanted this to be a dark, moody piece for fall. To apply the Color & Seal, use a brush to apply it in the same direction as the wood grain

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Typically, you'll find that your cherry wood furniture has a rich reddish-brown color and falls into the 30% category (making it a supporting color) - meaning that you might be best using lighter/off-white colors as the dominant color (60% of the room) to create a subtle contrast without being too overpowering If you want to bring balance to either type of hardwood flooring, choose your rug color wisely. A colorful, saturated rug can help weigh down the wide-open feeling in a stark room. Think deep greens, reds, and browns to give light woods cozier vibes. You can also lift the heaviness of a moody room by layering dark hardwoods with muted tones

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For hardwood floors, the most popular stain colors are dark walnut, jacobean, ebony or a combo blend of these (personally, I love 50/50 blend of dark walnut/ebony. And, if you're looking for super duper dark, you can try Duraseal's new True Black.. Note: I strongly recommend using Duraseal stains rather than Minwax as their stains are betterand Duraseal what the pros use Cherry wood furniture that has been stained in a deep shade will go well with off-white or light beige flooring. These colors are available as a stain as well. You can apply a high gloss off-white paint to the floor instead of staining it. A cream color paint will go nicely with dark cherry wood Shop the look: Cube Ottomans in Talc Linen Beige and mossy green: If you're looking for an earthy, organic spin on your beige walls, opt for a mossy green fabric on your furniture. Perfect in a mid-century modern-inspired space, these colors will truly bring the outside in. Play with different nature-inspired textures to add even more depth, such as a soft velvet, and layer in accents such. Her furniture is dark brown leather, and her carpet is light beige. She has one large window in the dining room area and two sets of French doors across the room where the living room area is. The room is one large room with the kitchen, living room, and dining room all in this same large area. What style and color of curtains should she go with So, if you're looking for a color that is both stylish now and will work with future design trends, dark floors are the way to go. And, I want you to remember that if you have solid hardwood flooring, you can always and and refinish them in 10 to 15 years (if you choose)

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What color area rug goes well with light hardwood floors? | Light hardwood floors have a very natural and warm color. They can be matched perfectly with a darker area rug that has bold shades and tones. You can experiment with a dark shade of blue, a royal purple, or a dark red. As a result, an Oriental rug can be perfect for light hardwood floors Neutral colors with cool undertones look better with cool wood floors. Use natural walls as a backdrop to display artwork, home furnishings, and accessories with more flair. Select Complementary Tones. The color wheel makes it easy to find a wall color and flooring color that will look fantastic with one another

Here are some wood species options that go well with oak cabinets. Red oak: If you'd like to create an oak-themed kitchen, a red oak floor is an excellent option. As the name suggests, this wood species is medium-brown with a reddish wash. Maple: This wood species is a light, creamy color to contrast your dark oak cabinets If your existing finish is a lighter wood tone similar to or such as Minwax® Wood Finish™ colors, Natural, Golden Oak, Ipswich Pine, Puritan Pine, Golden Pecan, Fruitwood, Driftwood, Early American, Cherry or Pickled Oak, changing color with PolyShades® is quite easy.. Just keep in mind that whichever PolyShades® color you choose to apply will take over the existing light finish, so the. Based on the color you can decide what color area rug with light hardwood floors would be suitable. For example, the light blue shade would look great with the light hardwood floor. Nowadays people opt for online purchases due to which it might be a little tough to understand the compatibility This is also helpful for colors in a combination room. View in gallery. Your color match is not limited between walls and furniture. For a little more imagination, you may even use the floor colors to coordinate with the walls and furniture. In fact floor finishing can add to the color scheme, be it wood, tiles, or carpet Hardwood Floors Light Enough To Pair Oak Cabinets Hometalk. See also Minwax Driftwood Stain On Red Oak Floors. Wall Colors For Honey Oak Cabinets Love Remodeled. 19 Nice Dark Hardwood Floors With Oak Cabinets Unique Flooring Ideas. Looks Bye Oak Brighter Best Paint Cabinets O Kitchen See Honey

If you want to go with more contrasting colors, then most shades of blue can be a great choice for you. For a more calming and natural ambient, you can choose a grayish blue, or, for a more vibrant and fun effect, you can choose sky blue such as in the image example above. 6. Pale Pink Rug. Pale pink area rug 4. Cool, Calming Colors. Blue is also a nice color for a bedroom with cherry furniture, especially Sleepy Blue. Sleepy Blue is blue with bright color, giving a vintage look when mixed with cherry wood furniture. The dark-reddish brown on the cherry wood is balanced with it, yet it would be better to add mirrors or furniture with bright color to. Brown furniture offers comfort, warmth and elegance. It will also look good with traditional living room wooden decoration like tables and chairs. Brown will not limit your choices for colors of decorations, curtains carpets and rugs because it goes with almost every color. As brown is a neutral color, you can choose whatever colors you want. While not everyone consciously decorates with brown, odds are, the shade plays a significant role in your home's color palette. Look around your space, and you'll likely encounter wood floors, natural finished wooden built-ins, tawny leather chairs in the living room, or a mid-century modern credenza. It's likely that the warm-toned hue has more of a presence in your home than you.

What color goes with brown? This color often gets labeled as boring and lackluster in a variety of different fields from interior design to fashion. However, the color brown when combined correctly with the right shades can be highly inspiring, cozy and super sleek. Brown possesses rich earthly qualities that are warm, dramatic and enveloping When it comes to deciding on wood colors for furniture, the most timeless color is Classic Walnut. With its rich, medium-brown tones, it goes with just about any color scheme, and can seamlessly cross over from a traditional to contemporary design style (and vice versa) Yes, even violet is a color in the rustic color palette. Paired with deep wood tones and golds, a brooding color like Behr's Peruvian Violet can round out a rustic color palette with style. A smokey violet works well in a rustic room with romantic features, like a crystal chandelier, soft white slipcovers, or traditionally rough-hewn details When mixing and matching furniture, the seat height and depth should be equal. Match the furniture shape, style, color, fabric and/or back height for a cohesive look. This system works whether you are purchasing brand new furniture or if you have a really special piece that you love and need to build out the rest of your room around that one item

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  1. 3. White plus wood. Stylish color combinations for furniture in 2021 are combinations of white with warm shades of wood. White in the interior is a favorable background on which any tones look good. Wood brings a sense of homeliness and warmth to the room. The combination looks steady and noble. Popular materials in 202
  2. It's a fact that brown goes with most colors. But you need to plan it carefully so it doesn't look out of place. This living room with light green walls is looking wonderful and warm. The couch is brown in color and the coffee table is actually a trunk suitcase. It's an attractive table that can also store stuff
  3. Burgundy and brown create moody, masculine interiors. They are best used together in spaces that you want to feel warm and cozy. Try pairing them in a library or study. Paint the walls burgundy and select wood furniture in a medium to dark shade like walnut or mahogany
  4. If you're a commitment-phobic shopper, choosing interior flooring can feel like a never-ending process. While trends like linoleum and shag carpet (eek) went out of style as quickly as they came into it, hardwood flooring has—for centuries—been a failsafe choice for any and every aesthetic.. To help us uncover the hardwood floor color trends that reigned supreme in 2019, we spoke with 14.
  5. For our living room above, the Mantis furniture range is styled on dark wood flooring, showing that it's easy to mix wood colours when styling around darker floors. The mango furniture matches the warmth of the wood floors but creates harmony by going a few shades lighter. So, if your flooring tends more towards black or grey, pale and weathered wood furniture may work best but for darker.
  6. Bona DriFast Stain colors from left to right: Grey, White, Provincial, 1/2 Grey + 1/2 Provincial, Sand Dune, 1/2 Grey + 1/2 Antique Brown, Natural, Antique Brown Greg, the Bona Certified Craftsman who is refinishing my floors did a sampling of colors I told him I was interested in to help me make my wood stain color decision.. Every piece of wood will accept color differently - humidity.
  7. ds of cabin colors! 5. Early American by Minwax. One of the lighter brown wood stain colors is Minwax Early American

6. Go bold with color and pattern. Incorporate a mix of bright colors and patterns to draw the eye around the room. Even one bold color in various shades and tints, combined with pattern and textures, can make a big impact! (In this space the white in the walls and accessories also help to lighten the look of the brown furniture.) SHOP THIS LOOK When you're going with a mostly brown and gray color scheme, using various tints and shades of the two colors will keep things interesting. And accenting this color scheme with the stark contrast of white in trim, walls, accent walls (especially with texture - like brick or shiplap ), and accessories can add a fun freshness to the mix Brown colors offer various tones, from light to dark brown color shades. Popular brown colors are mocha, light tan and beige, and also all natural wood colors, perfect for comfortable and modern interior design. Brown colors are good Feng Shui colors in 2014, the year of the horse The entire first floor, as well as the master bedroom and hallways on the second floor, have lots of dark stained wood trim and built-ins. The trim itself is beautiful — especially the fireplace and surrounding built-ins, but the previous owner listened to her real estate agent and painted over her happy wall colors with drab beige So, I prefer to go neutral for the primary/stable colors of the room (i.e. floors, walls, central pieces of furniture) and then mix it up with accent colors. Decorating with dark hardwood and gray walls. So let's get started. Here are some rooms with dark hardwood floors and gray walls

The wooden bedroom furniture also looks stylish and awesome. If you opt to use brown in your bedroom, you can never go wrong. We have made gathered an attractive collection with extravagant brown bedroom, just to inspire you to do the same in your home. Check out our latest collection of 25 Dark Wood Bedroom Furniture Decorating Ideas! This autumnal living room creates heat with an olive green feature wall and terracotta cushioning, as grey softens the scene with an L-seater couch, woolen rug and TV panel. The retro colors and mid century modern coffee table capture the charm of a bygone era. A roaring fire, wood stack and two Chinese lanterns make it feel like home Providing a subtle contrast to darker furniture, a medium brown wood-effect laminate helps to give a room a sense of symmetry - Carpetright's Impressive Soft Oak Light Brown Laminate is light enough to make a room feel more spacious, and offers a relaxed backdrop to really show off a black or dark brown sofa or other living room centrepiece Light natural wood flooring, day bed style white frame sectional and small rug under a little coffee table. White washed wood and exposed beams on the ceiling. If your style is modern and also like the look of the exposed wood beams this is the way to go. Marble flooring, white couch and accent chair and a small, low sitting black coffee table

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3 Paint Colors That Go With Honey Oak Wood Trim and Cabinets. 4 Harmonious Color Palette Warm Neutrals in a Similar Tone to the Oak. 4.1 Benjamin Moore Manchester Tan. 4.2 Benjamin Moore Pale Oak. 4.3 Sherwin Williams Oyster Bar. 4.4 Sherwin Williams Repose Gray. 4.5 Benjamin Moore White Dove Using hardwood flooring in your home is a wise idea no matter what, as hardwood floors offer your interiors a timeless elegance. However, it's particularly wise to decorate your home with Brazilian cherry wood flooring, as this flooring emits a strong, warm glow of reddish brown Furniture Color Scheme Recommendations for light gray walls and dark gray hardwood floors? Close. 38. Posted by 3 years ago. You have a really versatile color scheme. I would go more for an industrial look with dark frames and wood, and all the accents in bright colors.. Woods like Brazilan cherry, for example, tend to develop into a much deeper red color over time. Stains from daily wear and tear can also change the color. With birch wood, stains in the wood tend to take on a gray color. Also, if your wood floors have been stained or waxed over the years, this can alter the color

This is a very interesting idea and can be very exciting for carpentry enthusiasts. At the end of the article, we have provided a chart of the natural wood color for you. Table of Contents hide. 1) Natural Wood Colors Chart - A Few Samples. 1.1) Brown Colored Wood. 1.2) Red-Colored Wood. 1.3) Orange Colored Woods. 1.4) Purple-Colored Wood Tip #3: Choose a Green-Gray. Landis Architects. Other paint colors that would look beautiful with honey oak wood trim are warm grays with green or bronze undertones. In bathrooms and bedrooms, blue-greens can also look lovely. Stay far away from any beiges with cool-pink undertones and grays with true blue or violet undertones Hardwood floors make an excellent addition to any home, but they may not always pull the room together as you had envisioned. In many cases, adding an area rug can add the finishing touch that creates a noticeable theme across your living spaces. That said, decorating with area rugs on hardwood floors is not always simple. You have to choose from a huge collection of patterns, colors, and.

The key to selecting paint colors to pair with dark wood trim is the following: go really light and bright or really dark and moody. Do not pick paint colors with lots of yellow or orange under tones as it will make the trim look dirty and dingy. Equally muddy colors will do the same thing. Stick to clean whites or creamy whites Dark brown. The beautiful new flooring is outstanding. I have good natural light so cabinets are that new black, like furniture, Ethel the brown black. Used long chrom /stainless steel modern handles. Expensive but worth the one expense I was thinking about having the same wood color (black- brown) & hanging the wall cabinets behind the table, but when I read your article I got confused about the black-brown color. By the way we have birch wood in the adjacent living room & both rooms are painted in light Peach & have white trimming. I appreciate your help. Hazar. Reply Delet The beautiful colors and furnishings look great with this stained wood trim. A color you may not have considered but looks great with stained wood trim is a warm, rich red, like Benjamin Moore RACING ORANGE - 2169-10. In fact, lots of colors in the orange family look amazing with wood trim. Here's a post full of great orange colors If you are looking for something to match brown flooring, dark brown or red cabinets might fit in perfectly. If you want a unique look, try unusual colors such as dark green. If you want a bit of the excitement of bright colors combined with the calm of dark shades, try dark yellow (the color of olives)

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