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No heater, only a 1 gallon tank, nothing to measure nitrates, ammonia, etc. I fed him 2x daily. Pellets. Three in the morning and one or two at night. His water is and has been changed weekly. My fish has not eaten in almost two weeks and has been floating sideways at the top for three days Hi! About 3 or 4 days ago my Betta has been floating only at the top of the tank. He sometimes swims to the middle of the tank and goes up again. I thought he has swim bladder desease, but in my opinion he doesn't seem bloated. His fins seem clamped The fish bowl is hard to keep a Fish in. He would do better in a small 1 1/2 gallon tank with light filtration to help remove some of the impurities in te water from shool, food and body slime. Ammonia, nitrutes and Nitrates are resonsible for the fosh geting sick Betta fish that are suffering from Swim Bladder Disease may display a variety of symptoms - mainly related to their ability to swim and remain buoyant in the water, including: Floating to the top of the tank Sinking to the botto

Betta fish are not strong swimmers and will become tired and lethargic if water flow is too strong in the tank. But, If your water flow is minimal, and your betta continues to swim sideways along the gravel, your fish may be suffering from a swim bladder malady (which is discussed more below) Betta Fish Lying On Side At Top Of Tank Why is my betta fish floating at the top of tank lifeless? Most animals have 2main instincts (if we want to call them that). To find sustenance and survival of the species or in simple terms food and reproduction. Now in a tank a Betta will have a regular supply of food and reproduction is not that common Use a small fishbowl to isolate your betta for treatment. Step 1 If your betta is in a community tank, move the fish to a smaller fishbowl. Keep the bowl clean throughout the treatment

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  1. If you find your fish floating on its side, not feeding it for three or four days can often solve the problem as the fish's body recovers from the gorging and rights itself again. Feeding crushed green peas can help alleviate constipation, which in turn will help the fish's swimbladder to work effectively once more
  2. g near the top of the tank Betta Fish can get oxygen from the air as well as in the water A Betta Fish has the unique ability to breathe oxygen directly from the air and also take in oxygen from its gills
  3. When they float like that it is almost always a swim bladder issue. You may need to fast him for two days, and try giving him an epsom salt bath. (1 tablespoon of plain epsom salts to one gallon of water). Don't use scented epsom salts, or epsom salts that have anything added to it
  4. A fish with swim bladder problems can't swim upright or orient themselves in the water. They may tip to one side as they float, or you may find your betta laying upside down on the bottom of your tank. Swim bladder disorders are fairly common in adult bettas and may be genetically based, but the main risk factor is an overweight fish
  5. Fin rot or tail rot (melt) is probably the most common betta fish disease. It's often confused with tail biting, resulting from boredom, and tears on sharp tank decor. Upon inspection, the tail (caudal) or other fins will show visible signs of the disease
  6. Hi there! My betta has been very lethargic, only staying at the top of the tank. He only moves for food sometimes and is turning white on top of his torso. Recently, he began floating on his side. I s read mor
  7. http://amzn.to/2yMDgJ2- I think my betta fish is sick because it's sitting at the top of the water. In this question we talk about different variables that c..

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  1. g, lopsided swim
  2. If your Betta fish is looking lethargic and spending time laying at the bottom of the tank, they could be sick. There are many diseases that affect Bettas. In fact, these fish tend to experience disease more often due to a weaker immune system. Diseases like Ich, Bloat, Dropsy, and more can cause Betta fish to get weak
  3. The impaired buoyancy in fish is caused by a malfunction of their swim bladder. When affected by Swim Bladder Disorder fish will often lose the ability to properly swim. They will float uncontrollably to the top of the aquarium, turned upside down, while still being alive
  4. If the betta fish water is cloudy, you could have a protein film floating on the top of your tank. Although the betta fish film on the water surface itself is not technically harmful, the fact that it makes a barrier between the air and the water can result in conditions that make your fish sick
  5. If you have a sorority of female betta fish in a tank with a male betta and it's a female fish that is bloated, it's possible that condition could be caused by eggs inside the fish. Other signs to look out for include the appearance of white horizontal stripes running across the fish's body and the appearance of an obvious white spot on.

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The bladder malfunctioning makes Betta spend most of their time laying around at the bottom not moving due to difficulty. It also makes them float to the tank's top but either sideways or upside-down. You can treat this problem by giving a high-fiber diet or by making Bettas fast The betta is unable to swim properly, characterized by floating at the top, sinking to the bottom and/or listing sideways. The betta often looks like it takes it a great deal of work to swim to the bottom (if floating) or reach the surface (if sinking), and will pop back up like a cork or sink like a stone If you notice any of these signs, your betta probably has SBD. Your betta fish swimming upside down; Floating right at the top of the tank; Sinking down to the bottom of the tank; Swimming upside down; Developing an S-shaped spine; What Causes Swim Bladder Disease in Betta? There are a number of causes of SBD in betta. Let's look at the most. Since sleeping bettas can float on top of a tank or lie down on the bottom, it is easy to mistake a sleeping fish for one that has died. There are some clear indications that your fish is close to death, or that it has already died if you have seen these signs and are not moving now Guppies float at the top of the tank when there is a shortage of oxygen in the water.They also swim at the top when the aquarium is deep, and they need to rest their gills.. Guppies floating at the top of a fish tank. Guppy fish floating near the surface of the aquarium. Guppy fish near the top of the fish tank

When the swim bladder is compromised, the betta might swim on one side, float to the top of the water, sink to the bottom, or even swim upside down. The condition is extremely stressful for your fish, as the disability means that the betta probably won't be able to feed or get to the surface to breathe, using his labyrinth organ Betta fish should not be floating at the top of a tank. Betta do spend time at the surface but should not be there to often because that can mean oxygen is too low. A Betta fish should be inquisitive and swimming slowly around the tank

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  1. Betta floating at the surface : (. so my betta Ianto is floating at the top of the tank. sometimes nose up and sometimes he floats on his side. he moves around to different spots and does the same thing. he doesn't look bloated, he is fed two pellets a day, has been for ages with no problems. he has just started this behaviour in the past hour.
  2. How has your betta fish's behavior changed?; Floating on his side at the surface, lethargic, when moving floats head down. When did you start noticing the symptoms?; An hour or so ago, though showed similar symptoms last Saturday. Have you started treating your fish? If so, how?; Moved into a hospital tank with lower water level
  3. I have a bunch of betta tanks and this tank is the only one that gets a film floating on the top of the water. It usually occurs when he blows his bubble eggs. I read that it could be from soap and that I should always skim it bc it will be hard for him to get air? But I am a good hand washer when ever I put hands into tank
  4. Well yes, like all animals betta fish must sleep to stay alive! Betta fish sleep in a variety of places and positions. Some nestle into the tanks gravel, some find a hiding place within an aquarium ornament, others can squeeze between the filter and the tank and some with just float around at the top
  5. Swim bladder issue: Your fish is laying on its side on the bottom of a tank - this is a good indicator that your fish has a swim bladder issue and is likely struggling to get to the top for air. Overfeeding is a common cause for this
  6. my betta fish was not moving it is floating on the top of water please tell me the solution for it. Mieko on March 24, 2019: This is an amazing website thank you so much now my betta fish is healthy! Fredrick aka JS (author) from Intercontinental on March 21, 2019

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my fish is laying on his side at the top of the tank and it looks like he has a huge air bubble under his skin and isnt able to float up-right or swim down, recently ran into some nitrite problems which is completly fixed now and i have moved him into our 60 gallon that has perfect water quality Swim bladder disorder is the most common reason for a betta fish to float on its side. There are numerous causes of swim bladder disorder, including disease, physical trauma, parasites, environmental factors and constipation. The swim bladder is an organ that allows a betta fish to control its buoyancy The tank water should be between 75 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit. If the water is too cold, your betta will become lethargic and lie on his side. Too cold water, poor water quality and general neglect are all causes of diseases, any number of which could make your betta lie on his side Check if your fish is floating on one side or is not moving at the bottom of the tank. These are signs of swim bladder disorder, a common illness among Betta fish. Swim bladder disorder is caused by overfeeding your Betta fish, leading to a swollen swim bladder that causes your fish to float on one side or the lie at the bottom of the tank. Probably, it is genetic. A betta is sort of like a bully, out in the open, it is scared. It hides in a corner, inside caves, between plants, lurking here and there. It is happiest in a little aquarium all by itself, and maybe with a smaller fish t..

Hello fish friends. I am in need of some assistance. I was apart of another fish forum community but they were unsure what to do and I need a bit more advice. I bought a new betta fish about 2.5 weeks ago. Originally I had him in a 2.5 gallon tank that was not filtered or heated for two days Add some floating plants to your betta tank - betta fish build bubble nests on the water's surface and they like to hide among floating plants as well. Include an aquarium bubbler in your tank décor to help oxygenate the tank - you can find natural-looking or whimsical bubbler ornaments to suit your décor scheme Besides having a bloated stomach, if you notice your Betta fish has difficulty swimming, this is a good indicator that your Betta fish has swim bladder disease. Some of the difficulties include: Lopsided swimming; Floating at the top of the tank's water; Sinking to the bottom of the tank; buoyancy issues; Unable to remain in the correct positio This causes the swim bladder to malfunction, resulting in swim bladder disease. This causes your betta to float on his side, usually on the top of the water, but not always. Sometimes they lie on the bottom of the tank. Senior Citizens. The average lifespan of a betta is 2 to 5 years. As the betta ages, he slows down and becomes lethargic

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These clusters of bubbles on the surface of your fish tank are part of the breeding process of betta fish or labyrinth fish. Betta fish are very territorial and are even called Siamese fighting fish. In addition to the bubblenest being an attraction to the female Betta, it also serves as hatchery to safely secure eggs within the bubbles Apr 16, 2007. #1. I've only had my betta for a few days now and he was loving life in his new 1gallon home. The water became somewhat murky because of the rocks but Orpheus didn't care so I posponed changing the water until today. After a new water change and treatment he initially started acting crazy, swimming all around, running into the glass Trash everything, tank included. Put the fish in a new Tupperware container (that has some decor to prevent added stress) each day or several times per day for several days, then wait to see if the mold returns before buying all new stuff - tank, plants, etc. Use a new piece of tulle as a net for each transfer. Aquarium salt A more serious issue which may cause your Betta to stop moving is bad tank conditions. Most of the time, when the conditions are off and your Betta isn't moving, it's due to temperature. A Betta's tank should be between 72 and 82 degrees, and when the water gets to be too cold, it can make them sluggish or make them stop moving altogether Your Betta Is Lethargic. Betta fish can be very active, but they do stop and take time to rest and even sleep.Due to this fact, it may not be immediately apparent to you that your betta is less active than usual until some time has passed.You may notice that your fish lists aimlessly at the top of the tank with his mouth at the water's surface. On the other hand, he may settle into a secluded.

Popular fish species such as betta and gourami prefer darker water with dense plants cover creating shade and hiding place, particularly floating plants with long root structures. However, plant your tank with floating plants accordingly making sure there is not too much shade rest your ground plants fail to thrive Here's why a Betta fish may lay on its side at the bottom of its tank: A Betta fish may be resting on the bottom of its tank due to polluted aquarium water. Foul water conditions can make the fish lethargic due to the stress and in the worst-case scenario - poison the creature. Now I notice him floating to the top and having a hard time. Buy on Amazon Another toy my bettas have really loved is the betta leaf hammock. Zoo Med makes a great one for a good price, although there are surely other options out there as well. The idea of the betta hammock is that you use a suction cup to stick the plastic leaf to the side of the tank near the top, just a bit below the surface.The betta can then either swim around it, or even lay on it.

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Symptoms include difficulty swimming or floating and standbying too much on the side of the aquarium. Treatment will vary depending on the reason for the disease. By having a clean betta fish tank, your betta fish can thrive and grow healthily catching none of the aforementioned diseases Betta Answers For All Your Problems. Betta Care Fish Guide is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites

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5. Betta Amazon Sword Plant by Blue Spotted. Fake fabric amazon sword plant. Photo by Blue Spotted. Surprisingly, even though this product is betta-specific it actually isn't harmful to Betta fish like most other products with that label. This plant is a fake version of a real plant popular in Betta fish tanks Male crowntail bettas make a bubble nest around the floating plants in the tank, which they will eventually fertilize. If you notice groups of bubbles forming on the top of your tank, it probably means that your fish are ready to begin mating. Conclusion. Crowntail Bettas can grow up to 3.1 inches long with a whopping 8 inches diameter at full.

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14. Tetra 29040 Hexagon Aquarium Kit. If you need a reliable tank to house your Betta fish, there is one tank in the market that could help you: the Tetra 29040 Hexagon Aquarium Kit with LED Bubbler. This tank is one of the most affordable tanks that can help your fish thrive. I like how the tank is shaped Water lettuce is a popular floating plant with long, dangling roots. Its leaves provide shade and the roots shelter small fish. It needs plenty of light. Because the leaves can grow upright as much as 6 inches tall, you may need to lower the water level in the tank to accommodate water lettuce A floating plant highly encourages a betta fish to make bubble nests. This is even more important to have at least a side of your tank inundated with plants if there are other fish in the tanks. Similar to Natural Habitat. Having plants in your betta fish tank can make it look similar to their natural habitat, consisting of densely planted. Betta fish will not be able to swim and will float on their side. Double tail betta fish will commonly float straight to the top because their bodies are shorter. Some betta fish will also sink to the bottom of the tank if they are too tired to swim. Cause: This comes from overfeeding or from stress. Treatment

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I recently adopted a Betta & I'm new to the fish world. I purchased a 5-gallon tank for my new biz and followed ALL of the instructions I received from various Betta sites (this girl likes HAPPY pets!).including rinsing everything with warm water (no soap!), using distilled water and a water conditioner and allowing the tank to run for 24-hours before introducing 'fishy' to the tank Plakat Betta fish are used to shallow waters filled with plenty of hiding spaces. The fish appreciate having numerous resting options. Interestingly enough, they like to lay on flat surfaces to rest. Add some broad-leaf plants like Anubias Barteri. Some floating plants or artificial Betta shelves work well, too If your betta fish has been struck down by some disease, which is the underlying cause of those clamped fins, it's likely due to poor water quality. Or poor water quality may be the cause. And improving that may well return to your fish to the pink. First can we agree that it's hard to maintain proper water conditions in a tiny bowl? Well dah

Your betta fish may just like swimming around the tank at high speeds sometimes! However, this behavior should not be every day and will need to be looked into more if it persists. Note: If you have an especially active betta fish, make sure to invest in an aquarium lid so that it can't easily jump out of the tank In other cases, your fish may hang motionless at the top of his tank while he rests. Some people panic when they find their betta in either state because they think their pet has died, and indeed, there is not a lot of difference in the way a sleeping betta and a dead betta look. Thankfully, the fish is simply asleep in most instances Floating Fish Dome. The floating fish dome is ideal for throwing into your fish pond and also allows you to easily see your fish at close range. One benefit of the fish dome is that it lets you spot diseased fish up close, and in order to get the fish to come into the bubble, simply slip some fish food into the bubble, and it will float to the top

Betta macrostoma Classification. IUCN Status: Vulnerable (Threatened) - Last assessed 12/28/2018 Class: Actinopterygii are ray-finned fishes, which is a subcategory of boney fishes.These fish are characterized by the bony structures that support their webbed fins. This group makes up nearly half of all living vertebrates This is rule that includes just about every fish you might have in your tank, and that includes even betta fish. If you're keeping a betta tank, you better have the best filter for the betta fish in there to be on the safe side. A fish tank filter system runs the water through its filter media to take out debris and toxins in the water What is The Best Betta Fish Tank Reviews. Aqueon Aquarium Starter Kit with LED Lighting 20 High. Marina EZ Care Betta Kit. Betta Aquarium Fish Tank with LED Light and Filter Pump. Marina Aquarium Betta Kit Halfmoon 3 L. DADYPET Betta Fish Tank Aquarium Starter Kits. Fluval Spec III Aquarium Kit, 2.6-Gallon Creates ideal conditions for bettas and other tropical fish to live in Easy-to-read floating thermometer with suction cups Thermometer includes a safety zone indicator Heater and thermometer are easy to install in your betta fish tank; use the suction cups to place on the side of the aquariu A temperature between 78 and 80 is ideal. If the water is too cold, the fish can become lethargic, and this can lead to a betta laying on the bottom of the tank. You should have a heater to regulate tank temperature. If your betta fish is laying on the bottom of the tank, you may be concerned, but often, this is nothing more than normal betta.

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Marina Floating Thermometer for Betta Fish Tank with Suction Cup, Aquarium Thermometer, 11201A1 at Amazon.com. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users A good betta fish tank is any aquarium big enough (more than 5- gallons) to accommodate one betta fish comfortably. In case you want a tank that can hold a group of betta fish, like in a sorority setup, you will need at least a 20-gallon aquarium This is a very tough part of breeding bettas, and a very good reason not to breed them in the first place. With each average betta spawn being 500 young fish, even modest culling means you'll be killing 250 little betta youngsters. Even keeping 250 is difficult, because you're going to have to house, feed and clean 250 bettas

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It looked like the water was pushing the poor little fish off balance every time he swam at the end of the tank that the Aqua-clear filter was hanging on. I also noticed a power head on the other side of the tank creating even more of a current and difficulties for the Betta to swim But the comradeship depends on the tank size and the personality of your betta. Anything less than 15 to 20 gallons will be too small, and the crowded space can cause your betta to become aggressive with the corys and little ottos. On the flip side, a larger tank may not even matter if your betta hates the presence of other fish Marina Floating Thermometer for Betta Fish Tank with Suction Cup, Aquarium Thermometer, 11201A1 Easy to read floating aquarium thermometer with suction cups Includes a safety zone indicator appropriate for most tropical fish

There is also another opening on the side for you to feed fish foods through to prevent his meal from being stolen by other fish or sinking too quickly into the gravel. A floating betta log is an excellent place for exploring, resting, eating, and making bubble nests. 2. Betta Fish Exercise Mirro What type of fish can I keep with my adult male betta fish, he is in a 3 gallon tank. Most of the compatible fish are schooling fish that do best in groups of 4-8. This would include Neon Tetras, Ember Tetras, Harlequin Rasboras or White Cloud Minnows. That many fish may be too much.. I just got my betta fish a little over a month ago. When I first brought him home he was floating on his side at the top of his cup. At the time I didn't realize that was a symptom of swim bladder health diseases betta euthanasia. asked Jul 31 '20 at 3:04. Ella Bair 7Tetra Aquarium 20 Gallon Fish Tank Kit. Betta fish (or Siamese Fighting Fish) need a five-gallon tank (minimum) if you want them to have a good life. They like to explore their surroundings and anything less than five gallons doesn't give them the space to do so. This 20-gallon tank is four times that minimum requirement

What to put in your betta's tank. Layer 1-2 inches of gravel on the bottom of the tank. (1½ pounds of gravel per gallon of water.) Rinse the gravel before putting it in the aquarium. Fill the tank about halfway up with dechlorinated water. Time to decorate! Add fish décor, plants, rocks and other objects. Rinse all décor before adding it. Betta Fish Breeding Step 2 : Tank Setup I let the apogneton and sword plants float and alone with the duckweed they create a biological canopy that assists in nest building and makes the environment more Friendly to the bettas. Many people also put styrofoam cups cut in half and taped to the side of the tank in and bettas do tend to. Posted by Helena: hi, ive had my betta for a little shorter than a year and this past 2 or 3 months it has been floating at the corner of the tank vertically. i went to arizona and left it with my neighbors. before i did i changed the tank water (i pour my fish into a smaller container than clean out the gravel and add new warmer water than. If your betta lived alone, you should do a 100% water change at the least. In conclusion, most dead betta fish will not float. They will probably end up somewhere you would least expect it, but finding the body is very important. Otherwise, the dead body will cause lethal ammonia and nitrite spikes. This, in turn, can compound the problem, as.

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Remember, the Betta should have at least 3-4 gallons (that's abotu 12-16 liters) of space in a tank no smaller than ten gallons. Then the filtration necessary to process the fish's waste is not provided in a Betta vase, leaving the fish to seep in his own urine and feces until the owner changes the water After about 4 months now, everything is still running great and the Betta is happy! I'm working on the 2.5 gallon tank version, then on to the 5 gallon tank. The fish tank needs to be made of plastic so a hole can be drilled on the side, about 1/2 from the top of the tank, unless you can drill through glass Once the tank was ready, I put each betta into his compartment. The tank measured 20 wide, 12 top to bottom, and 10 front to back. I made the center area 7, a little larger than the side areas (6.5), so that the filter would have plenty of room. This was a serious upgrade in size and water quality for the bettas Betta Fish Sleeping - the Conspiracy. You may notice your betta is merely floating or lying at the base of the water. If you believe about a betta in his normal environment, he's a carnivore. Your betta will begin to swim sideways. Surely, he or she is a beautiful fish. On the flip side, female bettas can be set together Betta Fish likes living in an eco-friendly environment, so adding freshwater plants will be the great tank decoration for Betta. Some fish often rest or lay eggs on the leaves of the plants. So, it is a good idea to add green plants in the aquarium. Betta Fish Tank Decorations and Toy

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I'm pet sitting a female betta fish and i think shes sick shes pale, and is floating at the top of her tank she struggles to get to the bottom but then shoots right back up. I tried to feed her some mooshed up pea but she spit it up whats wrong with her Beta fish are very calm and are very light sleepers. They usually can sense movement around even though there are eyes are closed somehow. They make these plastic leaves to put into your betta tanks that are designed for your fish to sleep on. They are called betta hammocks. Here is what they look like. Zoo Med Laboratories AZMBL20 Betta Hammock How to Tell the Difference Between a Sleeping and a Dead Betta Fish. Betta fish owners need to learn the difference between a sleeping betta and dead Betta. As sleeping bettas are often observed to float on the top of the tank, or they may be lying motionlessly on the bottom, people may misinterpret them as dead

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Maynooth Natural Granite 1/4 Granite Mini Pea Gravel. If you are looking for the best betta substrate for your fish, Maynooth natural granite is the best choice. It's the modern version that adds the best contrast to your bright fish. This product works well for all types of tanks. Check price on Amazon They can swim at all levels but tend to hang out near the top, actively looking for any type of food to drop in. This schooling fish prefers a group of six or more and does great in cooler water fish tanks around 72-74°F (22-23°C). Beginner and veteran fish keepers alike enjoy keeping an action-packed tank full of these hardy, energetic fish Making bubbles on the top surface of the tank symbolizes that your betta fish is healthy and active. It is a natural behavior of fishes to make bubbles. Seeing bubbles in your betta fish tank is a sign that your fish is stress less and you are successful in providing them with a comfortable environment. 4

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Divided Tank Recommendations. Monitoring your Betta fish when it first goes into a divided tank is important. For the first few days, you need to be sure the divider is secure. Having a heavily planted tank with lots of places to hide is an ideal set up for a Betta fish, and a divided tank is no different Betta fish have very tiny stomachs, and so a lot of times, new fish owners will overfeed their betta fish. It took me a bit of time to find the perfect amount to feed my Betta fish . Betta fish who are constipated tend to bloat or may even float to the top of the tank, while still being alive To prevent overeating, give your betta fish around 3 pellets in the morning and 3 pellets at night. You can also supplement its diet with frozen or live brine shrimp and bloodworms. On top of feeding your betta fish a healthy diet, make sure you're cleaning your betta's tank regularly so it doesn't get too dirty Put the glass in the tank, you put the female inside this and the male outside, the period in which they are seperated can be from 10 minutes to 24 hours. Soon as you put them both in their will flare at each other through the glass, yes the female will flare at the male, if she does not it may mean they will not spawn, but don't give up hope.

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Jan 25, 2014 - Buy Floating Betta Log - 3 in. x 2 1/2 in. diameter at the lowest prices, free shipping deal every day and expert service. Call 1-888-THAT-PET to order Betta splendens, or fighters, are fish with a very special character and behavior. Among other things, it is common to find clusters of bubbles on the surface of a fighter's aquarium, or to see him make numerous trips back and forth under the surface to bubble. Male betta instinctively build what are called bubble nest s Dont. Don't do it. You don't know for sure if one can get around the divider. Instead, let one into the tank on its side and keep the other in a cup to float a few days. This way, you can see if the fish a) can find a weak spot in the divider and get past, and b) if it DOES get around the divider, no one gets hurt since one is in a cup!!