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North-west entrance Vastu is although very much attention pulling topic in the world of vaastu Shastra but the actual situation is different in different Hemisphere. North-west Entrance Vastu in Southern Hemisphere is going to become the matter of high concern and Vastu for Entrance in Southern Hemisphere is the exhaustive topic that covers all. North West Facing House. Vastu has no one or two favorite directions. Vastu is one vast science that works on the energy flow. This energy flow can be positive or negative. Any individual's house has one correct main door direction and due to lack of awareness, many of us get the wrong favorite direction. At Saral Vaastu, we bring the best.

Vastu Remedies for North West Doshas: Place 3 vastu pyramids one each on left and right side of main door and one on top at center. Place OM, Swatik and Trishul on both sides of home entrance. Fasting on Mondays will surely help; hence keep fast on Mondays. Installing a Chandra Yantra (Moon Yantra) is one of the best remedies for North West. The Best 8 Vastu shastra tips for the northwest are as follows: 1 The north-west is a great corner for a guest room or a drawing room. It is also a good location for finished goods store, as it helps in the quick movement of material and fewer delays in payment. 2 A master bedroom in the north-west causes instability in the income of the occupant

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Vastu Tips for North West Facing House. There is no problem without a solution. So, there are vastu tips to negate the impact of bad vastu due to the North West facing house. Let's have a look at a few of them. The entrance at the northwest direction is not considered much auspicious. It might not have considerable adverse effects but will. North West facing house is not so bad. This can benefits with health, wealth and prosperity if other construction is supported by other Vaastu Shastra principles.Only thing is to keep in mind, the male member of the house may remain away from the house for a longer time if the door faces West and a Benefits of Northwest Facing House Read More Vastu for North-West Facing House. In the North-west plot, the major directions fall in the corner of the site. The strength of such a plot is weak compared to a regular plot. Make a lower boundary at the northeast zone of such a plot. The lower boundary at northeast will help in attracting the positive flow of cosmic rays from the Ishanya corner West Facing House Vastu - What To Follow (9 Tips) Locate the entrance in 3 rd, 4 th, 5 th or 6 th pada in West. You can also use 1 st and 2 nd padas if you want. The walls in South and West must be thicker and higher than East and North. Place the kitchen in SE or NW of the house; SE is better

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  1. 4- Main Entrance Effects - WEST. 5- Main Entrance Effects - NORTH . Finding The Main Entrance Location: There are 32 possible entrances according to vastu shastra. After dividing a circle of 360°, you will get 32 entrances each covering 11.25°. Every cardinal direction (North, East, South, and West) is divided into 8 possible entrances
  2. Main door Vastu has been accorded the highest priority when it comes to the overall Vastu of a house.. In fact, most Vastu experts unequivocally accept that the Vastu for home entrance holds the highest weight-age when it comes to the longevity of the structure as well as the happiness of the residents.. The main entrance of a house or a flat or apartment is the actual transit point from where.
  3. Northwest Entrance Flat Vastu. As per the Vastu Shastra, the ruler of the northwest-facing homes is the Moon. Therefore, it must be given special attention and care. You must follow the essential Vastu tips to keep serious health and legal issues at bay. If your north-west entrance flat Vastu.
  4. Quick takeaways: Vastu for north-facing homes. In a north-facing property, there are several things you must avoid. Do not settle for the main entrance in the north-west direction. No toilets, bedrooms, or kitchens should be in the north-east corner. Do not let wastewater outlets be placed in the south or north
  5. Some Vastu Consultants opinioned that all North direction shops are giving good results and few of them are blindly suggesting people to take North facing shops. This is unfortunate. Where ever we go, many ask that 'North direction is the only one good direction for shops', and some other asking us about North facing shops will generally, bestows more advantage than all the other directions.
  6. When a person resides in North West facing house that is suffering from any defect, Vastu says to place Om, Swastik and Trishul on the entrance to keep the negativity from entering the place. 3. • Fasting: Saints and sages believed in fasting for some days in a week as it is considered good for health and bring fortune

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  1. Here I've offered vastu compliant tips if your main entrance is in the south to south-west direction. Place two Hanuman idols here (with the Gada in his left hand) You could paste Gayatri Mantra here. At the entrance, if you have an empty wall, you can place a statue or a picture of Ganesh
  2. Vastu For Flats Entrance - List Of Do's It's best if the main door faces east, north-east, west, or north. To keep harmful energies out, a doormat should be put at the front of the building. The front door should be the largest door in the home. A raised concrete slab or an Umbro must also be present at the entrance
  3. Office Entrance as per Vastu Vastu for Office Main Door. According to commercial Vastu, the entrance door of an office building or flat should face towards North, North-East or North-West direction.. North, North-East or North-West directions are considered to bring good fortune and positivity for business
  4. North-west is aesthetically known as governing place of Vayu, whose surviving attributes are that of constant change.This significant direction renders the occupants fame and success while any extension in North-west should be avoided. North-west has more significance for women as this corner is readily related to women development, marriage and health
  5. The North West direction Plays a very important role in relationships, friendliness & co- operation in a persons Life. North West is the Direction of Movement , Thus as per Vastu Girls who are not Getting married after reaching a marriageable age , Generally get Married Soon if they sleep in the North West Room or Side of the House
  6. Vastu For Mirror - Mirror On West Wall Vastu. If there is a cut in the west zone of your house, you can place the mirror on the west wall. A round or square-shaped mirror works well in increasing the zonal strength of the west wall. Vastu For Mirror - Mirror On North And East Walls Vastu

Coming with vastu southwest facing house, an ordinary resident who got some knowledge through vastu websites or vastu books or vastu videos may fail in taking the right decision to buy and finally they search for vastu remedies for southwest entrance or looking for vastu shastra south west facing house dosh remedies For instance, place a Vastu pyramid on the outer part of the south-west toilet wall. Another option is to keep the doors of the toilet closed at all times. 3. Make sure that the entrance door to the toilet is along the eastern or northern wall. 4. The best direction of the toilet seat, according to Vastu, is in the south-east or north-west side Shiva Om Rangaraj Ji, May it be the South of the Southwest or the West of the Southwest direction any sort of entry ( both the Mukhya Dwar and Up Dwar ) are considered inauspicious in this direction. The primary reason is on account of the fact th..

Vastu Tips for North West Facing House. There is no problem without a solution. So, there are Vastu tips to negate the impact of bad Vastu due to the North West facing the house. Let's have a look at a few of them. The entrance in the northwest direction is not considered much auspicious The north-west direction of your home is powered by the wind element and is ruled by the planet moon. This direction is powerful and when the space is used following Vastu principles, it can help you build your career better Remedies: Moon is the lord of North west direction so keep fast on Monday. Installing a Chnadra Yantra will be the best remedy for Northwest Vaastu dosh (defect) Put OM Swastik and Trishul Both Sides of Main door. Place a Pyramid Outside or Inside of the house (Outside Preferred). Post navigation. ← Previous Post Avoid the construction of the main entrance in the north-west direction. According to North-facing house Vastu, there should be no placement of toilets, bedrooms, or kitchens in the north-east corner. Do not let wastewater channels be placed in the South or North. Do not buy a north-facing property without consulting Vastu Expert

The direction of the main door of the house is an important consideration for people who follow Vastu Shastra rules. Given a chance to select among North, South, East or West facing houses, most people will tend to choose the North facing one because it is considered the most auspicious.The second choice will be the East facing house As per North Facing House Vastu, the main door should be in the north direction. If the main door length is divided into nine equal parts from North-East to North-West, then the fifth part or Pada is considered auspicious. 4th, 3rd and 8th Pada in the North direction is also believed to bring wealth and prosperity in the house

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Vastu for House especially as we are discussing about North-west facing House Vastu, it also follows the vibrations rules. According to this theory the energy always enters from the main door or main entry, but it also goes out if the door or entrance door is always opened Its the pseudo vastu pundits who claim that South and West entrances are bad and the entrance door should only be in the North or East, because they take the Vastu Shastra guidelines too literally - Since Vastu recommends more open space in the North and East to enable the pleasant morning light and constant North light to permeate the house. House Entrance Vastu Tips - Do's and Don'ts [Main Door Vastu Tips] House entrance Vastu - Important DO's. The main door of the house should be the largest among all. While doing the main door Vastu of a North facing house, always use shades of brown, blue, black etc. For an East facing house, use shades of green and brown as per Vastu Vastu tips for entrance are: Entrance of house is best in North and East sides. Entrance gate should be heavier, stronger and bigger than other doors of house. Keep the entrance clutter free and tidy to make the surrounding positive. Entrance should never be dark and ensure that this place is well lit throughout North East is the best direction to place the main door of the house. Avoid placing the main door of a house in the South, South-West, North-West (North side) or South-East(East Side) directions. In Vastu Shastra for the main entrance of the house, these directions are considered very auspicious due to following reasons

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Direction of the main door should be towards the north, east, north-east or west. These are auspicious directions as per Vastu principles. Do not have your main door towards the south-west, south, south-east or north-west. Doors in the south-west or south may be fixed with lead metal pyramids and lead helix as well Main entrance of the restaurant should always be from East or North. Reception in restaurant should be better placed in Northern side. Storage room to store raw material, grains etc must be ideally placed in South-west. Kitchen in the restaurant should always be held in South-east and avoid other location or direction for kitchen As per Vastu Shastra, one of the best ways to ensure financial stability is to grow your wealth in the earth corner of the home —the south-west. All your jewellery, money and important financial documents must be kept in the south-west (store such things in a cupboard or safe), facing north or north-east Always put up a name plate. A metal name plate is recommended, if the door is in the north or west direction. Use a wooden name plate, if the door is in the south or east direction. Vastu Tips for Main Door: What to Do. Make the main door of a home the largest door. No other door can be larger than the main entrance

The direction of the main entrance as per Vastu, is the most important aspect, while taking a rental home. The best entry is north-east, followed by north-west, east. North and west-facing homes are also considered good. Avoid homes with south, south-east and south-west entries. Is south-facing house good One of the crucial things to remember in a north-facing house is not to have north-west facing main door as it can bring bad luck to the family members. Placement of the staircase: The below-mentioned Vastu tips for staircases in a north-facing house are applicable for both external and internal fleet of stairs The main entrance of the restaurant. One of the most important Vastu tips is that the restaurant entrance should be in the north or east direction. These two directions bring good fortune and wealth to the restaurant owners. The main entrance should look attractive and bright, which will bring positive energy inside the restaurant

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Vastu and Directions in USA. Vastu Shastra is centered on the influence of directions (balancing with earth, water, fire, air, and space as 5 major factors) to the building (and its inhabitants or residents) and the land holding it. There are 4 cardinal directions (East, West, North, and South) and 4 major sub-directions (angled directions. Follow the tips for Vastu for flat toilet to ensure that the placement of toilet is right: The best direction to have toilet is North-West. Direction of toilet seat should be North-West or South-East. Toilet windows should open in East or North. With these Vastu Shastra tips for apartment, you can have positive energy in your flat Vastu for Main Doors of a West Facing Flat. For a west facing apartment the Main door could be positioned in the North West corner of the flat. This will enable the sun light from the west to flow freely all over the flat. From the center part of the western wall and up to the extreme end of North West corner is also suitable for the main door

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  1. North-west is the best direction for a Leo to build a house. According to Vastu, a Leo should hang a moon photo on the northwest wall of the house, to attract prosperity. Leo can place a silver.
  2. If your main entrance is South West then we have best vastu remedies to solve your problem.As we can say that it is very important that you have main entrance in right direction as it is directly effect on our health,wealth and happiness.Generally Vastu avoid main door entrance in South West because the this direction leads by (Nairutya) means the Nairuti (Demon) region of negative energies
  3. Vastu allows decoration and carving on the main entrance and other doors, but has some rules to be strictly followed for the same: Lakshami seated on lotus with elephants is good to be used on doors. 2. Traditional guard images can be carved. 3. The gods of wealth emitting coins can be used for decoration. 4
  4. The entrance of the house brings in the main energy. Read on to find out more about the vastu of the main entrance of your home! North West facing door is not so bad. It can bring in health.
  5. Main entrance towards the North West:- Location of the main door towards the north of north west is considered as a inauspcious location. Also if there is a dead end or T junction road, then it should be cured with strong Vastu remedies

The entrance door should also be taken in consideration while the application of Vastu to your house. Entrance door should be in North, East or North East of the house. The entrance door size should always be larger than the other doors of the house. (North-West). Placing the door in this direction will allow ample amount of sunlight. Preferably, entrance doors should be in the East, the North, the East, North-East, the South, South-East, and the North, North-East. The main entrance doors in the West or the West, North-West are also auspicious. All these auspicious entrance doors will be more beneficial if they have two shutter doors rather than one shutter

Slopes Effect in Vastu Shastra. Slopes are believed to be the most crucial aspects of a plot that dramatically affect human health and well-being. This is said in terms vaastu that each and every slope has intense effect on people depending on its direction. Vaastu is not a concept but an energy that drives our well-being in many ways There are 32 sub zones on the outer periphery of a house which have their individual effects. Based on the location of the main entry, that effect would be there. Not only the main enterance, any entry which is between an open, & a closed space, w.. West Facing House Vastu Rules! We know that in Vastu rules nowhere mentioned that any direction as good, excellent or bad. Any side is equal as per Vastu rules. As per standards of the Vastu Shastra - all houses being in at north, west, south or east-facing are all treated equally auspicious, in the case right design scheme applied as per. hello Kunal ji. my name is Naval and I have been a regular reader of your articles in various magazines and newspapers for a very long time. I have gained a lot of knowledge through your articles and I want to pursue a course also from your institute because if only reading the articles and putting them into practice could make me so prosperous, i can only imagine what learning Vastu from you. Hi Hitesh, Vastu expert (SK Mehta) gives the following remedies to get rid of vastu doshas: Entrance door in the South West direction is not considered good. It is compulsory to make a dehleej on the door. Outside the main door gate you can have either an elephant statue or photograph or painting or two-side photograph of elephant

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1. Office direction and Entrance. An office should be in the North, North-East or North-West facing direction. North, North-East or North-West directions are considered to bring good fortune and positivity for business. Also, they are the most auspicious directions for office spaces and it makes employees feel fresh and very productive Vastu remedies for South facing house. Know the corrections and Vastu remedies for South entrance flat as per Vastu Shastra. South Facing House . A south facing house is one in which the main entrance door opens on to the South direction. According to Vastu Shastra, the main entrance should ideally be North or East According to Vastu, the T junction is highly inauspicious. Also reject plot with veedhi shoola (road ending) at the east of south-east, north of north-west, south-of south-west and west of south-west. Projection of plot towards the south-west, south-east or north-west is Vaastu defects. Use Vastu strips for any extension of the plot A flat having North, East or North-west entrance brings happiness to residents as per Vastu Shastra. Avoid flats having South, West, South-west and south east direction as it brings bad luck to the owners. Open courtyard in the center is prudent. Vastu Shastra tells that a bore well, pumps and lawns should be in a North-east direction

Kitchen Vastu Tips #2: Entrance Should be in the Right Direction Make sure it does not fall in any corner. Just like the layout of your kitchen, the entrance is also important, according to vastu shastra. Experts say, the entrance or the door to your kitchen should be in the east, north or west. Also, make sure it does not fall in any of the. As per the vastu rules, the entrance of houses should face south, north, east or west directions. These four definite directions are scientifically called as the magnetic south, magnetic north, magnetic east and the magnetic west

If you have an entrance in South West, as per Vastu create open spaces for a free flow of positive energy in the North East direction of your home as this can be quite beneficial. Vastu underlines the importance of leaving open space for the overall energy balancing of the house as crowded construction with no planning for open spaces attracts. North-East Corner A Very Crucial Direction According To Vastu Shastra. The North-east corner, also called the Ishanya corner, is a very sacred and pious direction where Lord Shiva resides. This corner has always been attributed special importance and significance as per our ancient texts. Be it selection of the plot, construction of a new house. Vastu shastra recommends orienting the bedroom in the south-west direction for owners of south-east facing homes. If the south-west location is inaccessible, position the bed in the room's south-west corner, leaving a gap between the wall and the bed. When sleeping, make sure your head is in the south, and your feet are in the north

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  1. Vastu Remedies for North West Facing Houses. For a northwest facing the door, then place three vastu pyramids, one on each side and one top. This will reduce the negativity and obstruct the path of problems. Swastika, trishul and om should be placed on both sides of the entrance of northwest facing houses as per vastu
  2. Kitchen in the North West is not auspicious. Dr. Raviraj Vastu Spiritual Services (P) Ltd. Navdarshan Apt., 1st Floor, Opp. Naupada Police Station, M.G.Rd., Thane (W). 400 602 (India). www.vasturaviraj.co.in. ph. 022 25442030 / 3020/ 32001122/2537440. Posted in Auspicious and Inauspicious effects of North West Direction and tagged Auspicious.
  3. Generally, a popular belief is there that East & North entrances are the only positive directions for main entrances and South or West should be avoided for entrance or facing of house. However, this is not completely true, every direction in Vastu can have positive entrances or facing
  4. Suggestion read:-Vastu Remedies for 'North-West'-'North'-'North-East' and East facing Homes North facing house Vastu plan with pooja room . North facing house Vastu plan with pooja room is designed in the showing plan. It is compulsory to have a Pooja room in the Vastu for north-east facing house
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Size- 1 Inch. Set of 3 brass pyramid of 1″. Install under the main door plate for entrance towards the north, north-west or west. Weight. 240.00000000 g. Dimensions. 3.00000000 × 3.00000000 × 3.50000000 cm. 2 reviews for Vastu Brass Pyramid 1inch For Door In North, NorthWest or West (3pcs) Rated 5 out of 5 If the direction is North, it is a North facing house. Vastu Shastra has laid down some rules for locating the main entrance door of the house, which is important for making the place auspicious or inauspicious. Here is the point where the North direction facing the entrance door rules over the other directions 2. The main entrance of the Factory should be situated towards North, East or North-East to gain excellent profits. 3. The entrance door should always be of a greater size. 4. A big Factory should have doors on two sides. They should be on the North, East, North- East or North-West. 5 If the Home direction is West of North West is extended, then use any light shade of Blue colour. Off-white or cream is a Vastu neutral colour. 13. Vastu Colours for North West direction of Support and banking. If the Home direction in North West is balanced, then use any light shade of Silver, White, or Metallic colour As per Vastu, the main door of a west-facing home can be located in any of the two Padas, i.e. 5 th or 6 th on the West side from the north-west side. From the image above, one can understand that West side of the house, i.e. the length from the north-west (NW) corner to the south-west (SW) corner is divided into nine equal parts

If it is set in the south wall, it should be moved east of center; if it is in the west wall, move it south of center. Some authorities say that if the house's entrance is in the west wall. It should be centered. Some Vastu authorities say that to figure out where to place a main door, divide the house into nine parts Do's: Vastu for North Facing Home. Make walls in North and East slightly shorter and thinner than South and West. Make sure that kitchen is in SE or NW, preferably SE. While cooking, you should face towards East in a South-East kitchen and West in a North-West kitchen. Provide an underground tank at the North-East portion of the hous

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North-west: West facing entrances bring in plenty of evening sun as well as wealth. If you must have an entrance built on the west side of the home, ensure that is in the north-west direction. Now that you have figured out the directions and their meaning. Take a look at what you should and shouldn't do for an Auspicious Vastu Tips for Entrance It's the pseudo Vastu pundits who claim that South and West entrances are bad and the entrance door should only be in the North or East, because they take the Vastu Shastra guidelines too literally, since Vastu recommends more open space in the North and East to enable the pleasant morning light and constant North light to permeate the house. Also Read: 5 Best Tips for Home Nameplate as per Vastu. Design The Home Entrance As Per Vastu. Designing and constructing the home entrance as per Vastu is the most important aspect. As per Vastu, the home entrance is not just the point of entry for humans, but it also serves as an entry point for all the energies surrounding us Defect on vastu entrance at west or northwest can be corrected by installing. brass helix Defect on vastu at north or northeast is corrected by fixing crystal pyramid and zinc pyramid. Defect on vastu entrance at east or southeast can be rectified by using copper pyramid, copper helix, and jasper pyramid Vastu Shastra primarily focuses on the directions, i.e. east, west, north and south and their sub directions such as northeast, northwest, southeast and southwest. Each of these directions is governed by any one of five elements - fire, water, air, earth and space which form the basis of Vaastu Shastra

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Even though it is considered to be the best choice, there have been times when a Vastu for a North-facing house has turned out to be inauspicious too. And as the placement of the main door is what determines what kind of energy will flow into the house, for a North-facing home's Vastu an entrance at any location facing the Northside is the best The Truth About North East Entrance Flat Vastu. You would have heard by now that the most coveted aspect for a flat is to have a north east entrance for good flat vastu. Now, you might be wondering why North East entrance flat Vastu is so important or so in-demand? Well, let us look at some facts about north east entrance flats 1 bedroom in south west Kitchen in northwest Outdoor area in North Top floor: Staircase in south east 1 room in south west 1 room in North west 1 in north east. We're wondering whether the entrance is auspicious. Which room we should occupy as a couple and which one may be used for guests / children in the future. You're help will greatly. As an alternative, staircases can be in the north-west or south-west. Avoid stairs in north-east, east and north. This is applicable even for internal stairs in duplex apartments. Flats with the main entrance in the north of northeast, east of north-east, south of south-east and west of north-west are auspicious

The main door of the entrance should also face north or east. The reception should be in the east or north-east directions. South or south-west Vastu zone of disposal is ideal for toilets. The toilet seats must be placed in either south to north or west to east direction. Southeast corner of the building may have the pantry Figure 3 depicts two flats (A and B) in the same floor of an apartment. Flat A has main entrance in the North East corner and Flat B has the main entrance in North West corner. Let us apply the Vastu principles to know which flat is comparatively better. 1) A has been extended towards the North West corner. Ba

North direction is considered to be giving positive energies, wealth and success. The North direction athipathi is Kuber also known as Lord of Wealth. A North facing house which is built as per Vastu rules will give good health, wealth to the family members. Let us have a tour on North facing house Vastu conditions 2. Other rooms should be situated at the North or East or North-west angle (Vayavya Kon) in the house. North-East direction should be avoided for room Vastu. 3. During the sleeping head must be towards South or East and legs must be in North or West on the bed. Do not place any mirror before the bed. 4 Vastu for north facing flat is good as the north direction is devoted to Kuber, the God of wealth, and going by this logic, north-facing homes ought to be most well-liked. It can bring in health, wealth, and prosperity if supported by other Vastu rules. However, for north-facing flats, the full house must be Vastu compliant, and also, the.

2. Office building should face north, north-east or north-west direction as it brings good luck and positive energy. 3. According to Vastu Shastra, the main door or entrance of the office building should face east or north direction. Do not place anything that creates obstacle close to or in front of the main entrance The main door entrance is considered to be the sole mouth of a home. This is the place that brings in the primary energy inside the house. Hence, it is very crucial to take care of the main door vastu.Since it is the house's face, one should take care of it in the same way we take care of our face each morning

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4. The kitchen should be ideally placed in the south of south-east corner, it can also be in the west, but, strictly avoid an apartment where the kitchen is placed in the north corner. These four are the major factors which affect the vastu compliance of a house. However, these factors make a home about 30-40 per cent compliant Getting ideal entrance in west facing house may not be easy, as major section could be in north east or south west; For all those places where climate is hot, houses tend to get maximum heat as in afternoon sun moves from south to west; Do's: Vastu for West Facing House to attract Gain and Profi

North of North West Also, similar to Main entrance, auspicious and in-auspicious directions are also decided based on the Date of Birth of the owners and residents. If you find that your house or office are so build that you have T point in an in-auspicious direction, you can use one of the following remedies Place Vastu pyramids in all main directions of your house i.e. North, East, South and West. Remedies for Large Windows in West or South. Here are some remedies to help you with this defect. Use curtains in dark color to properly cover these windows. Make sure that you keep these windows closed for maximum times possible

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Vastu Remedy for South West facing main door. 1) Place Swastika is known to be an auspicious symbol all over the world. Studies in bio-energy point out that this particular symbol is linked with specific positive energy levels. 2) Place Pyramids on your main entrance door as Pyramids are best vastu remedy to produce positive energy and control. Make sure that the entrance door to the toilet is along the eastern or northern wall. The best direction of the toilet seat, according to Vastu, is in the south-east or north-west side.This should be in such a way that a person using it is not facing either the east or the west

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The room in northwest is also considered to be very auspicious for unmarried girls. General Room: North-West - Water-Tank: North-West - Balconies: North, East Or North- East directions: Eastern balcony is very auspicious according to Vastu: Puja room: Northeast - Windows: Eastern and Northern sides of a building Hello sir, We have renovation work is going on at home. And we are believe in vastu shashtra. Now my question for you is At present v hv main entrance door is at north-east corner of the house n stairs also place in same direction its facing east direction. .also north east corner cut thr

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NORTH FACING HOUSE PLANS for 30x40 site as per Vastu Duplex 3BHK House Plan G+1 with Foyer North Entrance. Cut out or double Height Ceiling in Living with skylight, Terrace Garden with Pergola, 1 Bedroom on ground 2 on the first floor with 1 car parking North East Facing House. The main door direction of the house is the inlet of all the prosperity and adversity in an individual's life. Vastu explains the phenomenon of the perfect direction for one's house. The breadwinner or the head of the family is responsible for bringing all the success and failures

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West Facing House Vastu for Choosing Colours. In line with the principles of west-facing house Vastu, you can choose colours like beige, yellow, silver, and white because they are considered to be lucky for your homes. Furthermore, these colours also optimise the gains and profits that flow through the West direction for you Extension In South- South-West. Such a plot is very bad for the female residents. They will face untold misery and sorrow. Male residents will become rude, unpleasant and belligerent. It is best to cut this extension by providing a compound wall. Here are the two ways in which such an extension can take place Kitchen The Vastu of the place where you cook is very important for peace and happiness in the life and for the health of a family. Vastu is an ancient Indian art that harnesses the energy of natural elements like the heat and light of the Sun, gravitational force of earth, direction of the winds, the intensity of rainfall etc. and uses them to balance with the surroundings of mankind

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