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  1. Magnetic Woodstove Pipe Thermometer Fireplace Flue Burner Heat Temperature Gauge. Brand New. $9.48. Save up to 10% when you buy more. List price: Previous Price. $15.98 41% off. Top Rated Plus. Sellers with highest buyer ratings
  2. Dante 17 inch Burner Pipe for gas log lighter. Take your home energy efficiency a step higher by using a Dante Universal Log Lighter. The Dante Universal Log Lighter features an energy conserving air/gas mixing chamber for efficient operation and is available in NG (natural gas) or LP (liquid propane.
  3. Skyflame 24 x 6 Rectangular Gas Fire Pit and Fireplace H-Burner with 3 Pipes - 304 Stainless Steel - for Indoor & Outdoor Use 4.6 out of 5 stars 189 $65.99 $ 65 . 9
  4. Homemade pipe burners are simple and easy to make. Our pipe burner build instructions use four parts. Pipe burners can be used for many applications. Our.
  5. The burner is just a measured length of black iron piping with some small holes or cuts along it. Capped at one end and plugged into a gas source at the other, these homemade burners can be lit with a barbecue lighter when the gas line is opened to produce a natural gas flame
  6. The Stainless Steel Natural Gas Burner Pipe - 30 will make starting your fire a breeze. Because its made with stainless steel, this burner pipe is more resilient to the elements compared to regular steel. It resists rust, corrosion and decay

The Black Steel Natural Gas Burner - 24 inch will make starting your fire a breeze. Because its made with steel, this burner pipe is durable and built to last. Add some fire rock or fire glass on top to complete your fireplace or fire pit with an elegant look

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A step by step tutorial showing how to remove and clean a blocked gas diffuser in a gas-assisted start wood burning fireplace U-Shape Burner may be used for standard Fireplaces. They consist of 2 pipes which are available in both steel (for indoors) and stainless steel (for outdoor use). We use 25,000 btu's per linear foot when calculate customs for 10~12 flame. For standard burners we actually hook to meter and measure at 800' elevation When the Power Goes Out or anytime, increase heat in wood burning fireplace with the Blue Flame Log Lighter. For use with natural gas, this energy saving Blue Flame Log Lighter ensures safety for the end user by mixing air and gas together for a safer light up. Reduces pollution in the air by 50% during use. Eliminates the need for kindling and paper for a cleaner start up Your Gas Log Lighter Pipe should be no longer than the grate in your fireplace. It can be shorter than your fireplace grate, keeping in mind that along the pipe is where your flame will be, so even a pipe that sits mostly from the install side to half your grate will start your fire fine Custom Gas Burners Our custom gas burners and gas pipes are made from 304 stainless steel or black iron material for your fireplace or fire pit. Choose from a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate your application. If selecting a burner for a propane application, make sure to visit our pan burners page

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200 matches. ($9.90 - $485.00) Find great deals on the latest styles of Fireplace gas burner pipe. Compare prices & save money on Fireplace Parts & Accessories Chimney and stove pipe online specialists. Low Prices on gas, electric or wood burning stoves and fireplaces. Featuring Dura-vent & Napoleon For larger fireplaces - we have triple-pipe burners, please call us and we can determine your appropriate size (909) 989-6129; Generally speaking you want about 2 to 4 inch margin from the edge of the pipes from the left and right side wall of your fireplace. Also place your burner in the center but more towards the front than in the back 32,000 BTU 46 in. Full Size Ventless Propane Gas Fireplace in Cherry With up to 32,000 BTU's, this state-of-the-art With up to 32,000 BTU's, this state-of-the-art vent free technology does not require a flue or chimney. This vent free fireplace system functions on Propane only

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I have purchased a gas log kit to convert our wood-burning fireplace to a ceramic-log/gas fireplace. The fireplace currently has the following gas starter pipe in place: Using a pipe wrench, I have tried to loosen both sides of the starter pipe, to the left and right of the splitter. It isn't budging The fireplace should be free of all debris. A listed Dante Products (gas) valve must be installed upstream of the log lighter. Run gas pipe to the log lighter. Lighter must be secured in a rigid manner.Example: Use 1/2″ rigid pipe for gas inlet. Use pipe fittings to support the opposite end of the lighter (3/8″ male NPT) in contact with the.

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  1. Pleasant Hearth 24-in 30000-BTU Dual-Burner Vent-Free Gas Fireplace Logs with Thermostat. Pleasant Hearth vent free gas log sets are the ideal choice to bring style and warmth to your home. State-of-the-art vent free technology does not require a flue or chimney. This vent free gas log set functions with the option of natural gas or propane.
  2. Recon Cedar Ridge Hearth 18in 30,000-BTU Dual-Burner Ventless Gas Fireplace Log. 3 out of 5 stars. (6) 6 product ratings - Recon Cedar Ridge Hearth 18in 30,000-BTU Dual-Burner Ventless Gas Fireplace Log. $229.99. Free shipping. 263 sold
  3. Thermablaster 24 inch Set-No Burner Gas Fireplace Logs, 24. 7 Hand painted highly detailed ceramic logs 24 length Embers to spread around the base for a hot glowing appearance Grate included Burner system not included Can be used in a vented or vent Free gas system indoors or outdoors mor
  4. Fireplace Fuel: Get Advice from the Experts! Fireplace Fuel: Don't Buy Before Visiting Us
  5. Dante 17 inch Burner Pipe for gas log lighter. Take your home energy efficiency a step higher by using a Dante Universal Log Lighter. The Dante Universal Log Lighter features an energy conserving air/gas mixing chamber for efficient operation and is available in NG (natural gas) or LP (liquid propane.
  6. ation caps, elbow kits, roof flashing and much more. All direct vent fireplaces use a specific size vent pipe so make sure you are ordering the correctly. If you have venting questions please contact us
  7. 1 - 385 of 385. 40 80 160 240. per page. Burners for gas grills, we stock many different shapes and sizes of burners and venturis for your barbecuing needs. Curved Pipe Burner. 120R1. $55.13. Curved Pipe Burner. 13361

LPCAST10 - 10 Diameter Burner Head with 10 Neck Cast Iron. Low Pressure Propane or Natural Gas Burner. (100,000 BTU/hr) The burner head has (4) 8mm mounting bolts to the sides of the burner. From the edge of the air inlet to the center of the burner is 10. From the orifice to the center of the burner is 11 We are proud to announce that MWW Manufacturing has been producing fireplace gas burners for DTI Colombia (www.dticolombia.com). These burners have been specially designed to work in fireplace with various sizes and shapes. We have manufactured and tested burners for this purpose from 400mm to 1200mm. All pictures are courtesy of DTI Colombia Chimney and stove pipe online specialists. Low Prices on gas, electric or wood burning stoves and fireplaces. Featuring Dura-vent & Napoleon

PBM-MOD - Custom Length Pipe Burner Modification. There is a $25.00 charge to make custom length modifications of pipe burners (to shorten them from one of the stocked sizes). If as an example, a 43 length pipe burner is required, then purchase a 44 stocked unit (with or without a grease shield) and we will shorten the pipe and weld a 1/8 thick round steel plate on the end. Reductions in. Step 4 - Connect Fireplace Line to the Gas Pipe. At the gas pipe where you made the cut, install a T-fitting that will connect both ends of the cut pipe and the fireplace pipe. Cut out a piece from the gas pipe long enough that both ends will fit on the T-fitting. Then, fit the end of the fireplace pipe on the unused end The burner itself is a #304 stainless steel 1/2 pipe triple ring burner and can be used for propane or natural gas. The twin ribbon burners below are 50 long each and powered be an electronic ignition 1. Our fireplace is about 7 years old and for the past couple of years, only the last opening in the burner has worked. I see the pipe's threading shortly where it comes out of the wall in the firepit, but when I try to turn the pipe with a wrench, the whole pipe, including the pipe the burner is connected to, turns

If you have 100,000 BTU available from your gas source for your fire pit, and the fire pit is 20 feet from the gas source, you would need a 3/4″ diameter hard pipe. If the same fire pit is 100 feet from the gas source then you would need a 1″ diameter pipe. The 3/4″ pipe over 100 feet would only deliver 68,000 BTU's SL11 Series Wood Burning Fireplace Vent Pipe. SL11 series fireplace vent pipe for Heatilator, Heat-N-Glo and Majestic wood burning fireplaces. SL11 series vent pipe is an air cooled venting system that consist of a stainless steel interior pipe and an exterior galvanized steel pipe. Pipe dimensions: 11 inner diameter X 13 outside diameter

They come with a log set and burner so all you need is the place. Vent Free Gas Fireplaces features easy installation plus all of the conveniences of a vent free. With virtually endless installation possibilities, it's almost as easy as hanging a picture on the wall. Likewise they can be installed in a wall or a cabinet whichever makes it easier Indoor Gas Burner Kits For a fireplace that operates without a chimney, you must be sure that you have a vent free burner kit. Our kits are made of durable stainless steel that can take the heat of your fireplace, and these indoor gas burner kits require minimal maintenance and cleaning. No soot or ash here, which mea Many gas fireplaces allow you to control some functions of your fire using a remote. These remotes generally include on/off control as well as variable flame height control. Find the Gas Burner That's Right for You. There are many different aspects of gas log burners to know about before you set out to buy a new one or replace your current one

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  1. utes for either a straight or 90 degree angle installation. The Dante Universal Log Lighter features a energy conserving air/gas mixing chamber for efficient operation and comes with a 17 pipe. Reviews. Choose your rating
  2. Gas Fireplaces, Inserts, Stoves and Log Sets. Choose a gas fireplace or gas fireplace insert to create an inviting atmosphere in your indoor or outdoor space without the hassle of wood. Consider a stylish gas stove or convert your wood fireplace to a true-to-life gas log set. Browse indoor gas fireplaces in modern, transitional, and traditional.
  3. However, gas fireplace starters can be a reliable and convenient substitute for fire-starting practices. Gas fireplace starters can be your trusted fire starters even with a power outage. With a connection to a professionally installed fuel line (either natural gas or propane) and the turn of a valve key, gas is delivered into the pipe
  4. Gas Log Burner Components. Along with our large selection of gas logs, gas log accessories, replacement logs and control valves we also carry a variety of burner components. Our burner components include 18, 24 and 30 gas log burners in both liquid propane and natural gas models. Select burner components are equipped with manual control.

Gas fireplaces are becoming all the rage over wood burning fireplaces due to their convenience, low cost and easy operation. Gas fireplaces offer instant heat that can be easily started and controlled at the push of a button. We carry a variety of gas fireplaces including direct vent gas fireplaces that use special direct vent pipe recommended by the supplier and vent free gas fireplaces that. Gas Fireplaces include Direct Vent Units that vent combustion gasses directly outside, Vent Free Units that use the indoor air to fuel the combustion process and vent safely into the room, and units that replace existing masonry fireplace openings called Fireplace Inserts. Gas Fireplaces can have the look and feel of a real wood fire without. start cutting the pipe with a sawzall in the firebox. Work your way back towards the shut off, until you. get to a fitting that you CAN remove. Once you get it apart, then run CSS Flex gas line like. Trac-Pipe or Ward Flex back into the firebox. Expand Signature. Bob. Pellet Pig, 2 tons Curran hardwoods on hand

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How to Clean Gas Fireplace Burners. Gas fireplace units are found in many homes, providing the home with a fireplace option that eliminates the smoke, soot and other debris associated with a. Direct Vent Gas Fireplaces: Coaxial vent system of a pipe inside a pipe (generally 4″/7″) the inside pipe is for exhaust, while the outer pipe brings in outside air for combustion. The design of these fireplaces allow for a completely sealed system that does not compromise inside air quality of your home

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If you have a ventless fireplace, you can install this Empire Comfort Systems 18 Loft Series Vent-Free Burner. After your fireplace is spick and span, you'll need to attach a burner to the gas pipe. Before doing so, ensure that your flue is propped partially open with a damper clamp, so your fireplace can properly ventilate. Using the. Add outstanding realism to narrower wood-burning fireplaces. With up to eight real-life ceramic logs in three styles, Duzy Series 24 and 30 vented gas log sets are radiant with pushbutton ease and Natural Flame™ realism. View Details. Starting at. $1,088 *

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Gas Fireplaces. Beauty Fires offers a wide range of gas, wood burning and biofuel fireplaces. We have two types of gas fireplaces in our stable namely ventfree (novent) and vented (with chimney). The most effective of the two types of gas fireplaces would be the fluless gas fireplace (ventfree). It requires no chimney and burns at almost 100%. Dual pipe burner produces rich, full flames in front of the gas logs for enhanced realism All Peterson Real Fyre gas log sets are available in other sizes and with other valve control options (11 reviews

A flat pan gas burner for a gas log fireplace system comprises a U-shaped pan formed in a sheet of metal. The U-shaped pan is provided with attachment flanges and a gas pipe attachment aperture through which is attached a gas pipe adapter. A burner plate is further provided with a plurality of gas flame apertures in a predetermined pattern for. IMPERIAL Universal Gas Log Lighter. Item # 310071 Model # CH0135. Ignites logs instantly. Reduces harmful pollutants into environment. Universal design allows for both angle and straight installation. slider closed. Qty. Hurry, Low in Stock. Add to Cart Fireplace & Grill Factory Outlet in Addison, TX, can be reached at 972-250-2006. Call for a price on our gas fireplaces Majestic DVP Direct Vent Pipe. Majestic SLP Direct Vent Pipe. Stove and Chimney pipe. Majestic SL300 Series Pipe. Majestic SL1100 Series Pipe. Duravent DVL 6 Double-Wall Black Pipe. Duravent DVL 8″ Double Wall Black Pipe. Duravent DuraTech 6″ All-fuel double-wall chimney system. Duravent DuraTech 8″ All-fuel double-wall chimney system At only 8 3/4 deep - the Langley is one of the shallowest linear gas fireplaces on the market. An excellent choice for new home construction and renovations. The Langley 36L gas fireplace features borosilicate glass that will not shatter and can tolerate the heat produced from the stainless steel burner. Product Type: Fireplace

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Real Fyre 30 Inch P45 Pan Vented Natural Gas Burner - Match Lit at eFireplaceStore.com. We are the #1 online resource for fireplaces, stoves, chimney, and everything hearth related B-Vent, Decorative Gas Fireplaces - are a type of manufactured fireplace. They are steel fireboxes with faux logs, that get built-in to the wall, attached to the wall framing, and have metal chimney pipe that goes up and out the roof (called B-Vent pipe). They were most popular for use in condos, townhouses, and hotels, but we do also. How do Mendota gas fireplaces vent? All Mendota gas fireplaces and inserts are direct vent (DV). This means they have a fixed glass front that seals the gas burner and combustion firebox off from your home. 100% of the combustion air used by the fireplace comes from outside the home through a coaxial pipe

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May 27, 2018 - Explore WoodStovePro.com Hearth's board Gas Fireplaces, followed by 1763 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about gas fireplace, fireplace, direct vent gas fireplace 3. Clogged Burner Ports. The flames in a gas fireplace come out of a series of burner ports, each of which allows a small stream of gas to flow up into the combustion area. The burner ports have relatively small diameters, which makes them susceptible to becoming clogged up with debris Gas Burning appliances and equipment in Canada and the National Fuel Gas Code ANSI Z223 in the U.S.A. 1. The gas pipeline can be brought in through either the right or the left side of the appliance. A knockout is provided at either location to allow for the gas pipe installation and testing of any gas connection. 2. The gas control inlet is 1.

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Call to Request Information or Schedule an Appointment Today!! 330-264-4446. Buck Stoves Model 74. Wood-Burning Stove or Fireplace Insert. THERMO-RITE. FIREPLACE ENCLOSURES. The Originators of the Fireplace Enclosure. Made in AKRON, OHIO. Hargrove Gas Log Sets Gas Fireplaces - Traditional. The traditional line of gas fireplaces from Regency offers classic fireplace designs with the latest in gas fireplace technology. Advanced ignition systems, thermostatic remotes, and highly adjustable heat outputs that make enjoying your fireplace all year round easy Custom Gas Pipes. We sell Several Fireplace Burners in a variety of shapes and sizes starting from 12 Inches up to 48 Inches. Our most popular burner is our Dual Flame burner, this burner is made of heavy duty Black Iron Steel. If you prefer Stainless Steel we offer our H Burner and our U Burner. All of the Burners are constructed of 1/2 inch.

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  1. Arizona Gas Products is your number one source for gas fireplaces, gas log sets, BBQ grills, patio heaters, fire pits, fire features, accessories, and much more. We provide residents of Arizona with the finest gas products and accessories. All products purchased from Arizona Gas Products will be of optimum quality and built to last
  2. When choosing a gas burner, one of the first places you'll narrow your options is whether the product you need is vented or vent-free. If you're starting from scratch with your fireplace design and you're looking at both as an option, here are some facts about vented and vent-free burners that might help you make your decision. Vented Fireplace.
  3. The 12DM pipe consists of a 12 inner pipe, and a 15 outer pipe. Question 16: Can gas logs be installed in the wood burning fireplaces? Answer: All of FMI Productss wood burning fireplaces are tested and approved for use as a wood burning fireplace or for use with vented gas logs approved to ANSI Z21.60.Z21.84 or RGA 2-72 standards or for.
  4. Majestic 27 38000 BTU Natural Blaze See-Thru Natural Gas Burner with Fiber Logs. Model: NBST27NV. $1,230.93. Available in 1 Finish. Majestic 28000 BTU 18 Inch Wide Vent Free Natural Gas Burner from the EYF Series. Model: EYF18NM. $368.10. Available in 1 Finish. Majestic 28,000 BTU 18 Inch Wide Vent Free Liquid Propane Gas Burner from the EYF.

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18 match-lit stainless steel burner ring kit, for gas firepit ,fireplace SUS304 OR steel iron ,one ring ,two rings ,three rings for options 1/2 or 3/4 inch Inlet which includes inlet plug and wrench New cross-bar design for better gas distribution Fuel distribution ports are precision drilled for quality Concentric rings increase in diameter for better flame height 18 match-lit. Log sets are basic fireplace burners that sit in existing, open fireplaces. They use a pipe that sends fresh air from the outdoors into a sealed firebox, while a direct vent gas pipe removes the combustion fumes. These pipes go up a flue or straight through an opening in an outside wall. Ventless (Vent-Free

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Gas Pipe System Sizing Determining the Required Meter and Regulator size. Find the BTU requirement of each appliance in the home. In our example above, we have the following: 199,900 BTU Tankless, a 75,000 BTU Furnace, a 55,000 BTU Range, a 25,000 BTU Dryer, and a 40,000 BTU Gas Log Fireplace. The sum of these appliances is 394,900 BTU Grill Replacement Parts. Cooking Grids Replacement Grill Burners Flame Tamers Grill Drip Pans Replacement Igniters Conversion Kits Gas Hoses & Regulators. Steaks, Burgers & Meat Knives & Cutlery BBQ Gifts. BBQ Gift Sets BBQ Gifts Under $50 BBQ Gifts Under $100 BBQ Gifts Under $200 BBQ Gifts Under $300 BBQGuys Gift Cards. BBQGuys Brand Merchandise The outer pipe draws in outside air into the fireplace while the inner pipe discharges combustion air to the outside. The fireplace is fuelled by a propane or natural gas line. It may also utilize special logs meant for this type of fireplace. If yours is a direct vent fireplace, it helps to know how to troubleshoot fireplace diamet to oval pipe. Fireplace Grate. As low as $79.00. Use a fireplace grate to burn wood in a fireplace to allow air to flow underneath the logs. Without proper airflow, you will not be able to maintain a fire. Three sizes available. Add to Cart. Add to Compare Pick a location for the fireplace. Be sure to consider a variety of factors when deciding where your fireplace should go. The fireplace should enhance the design and character of the room but it should also be placed where installation of a gas line, an electrical circuit, and an exhaust pipe will be most convenient if at all possible. It is usually easiest to install stand alone gas fireplace.

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4 FIREPLACE OPERATING SAFETY INFORMATION A. Adults shall be present when this gas appliance is operating. This unit shall not be left burning when unattended or while anyone is sleeping. B. Keep the area of the gas burner system clear and free from combustible materials, gasoline, and other fl ammable vapors and liquids Gas Fireplaces, Inserts and Stoves The Warm Centerpiece of Any Room. Often referred to as zero clearance fireplaces, gas fireplaces combine the desirable factors of several heating systems into one: the efficiency and availability of gas, the ease of installation and simplicity of venting units and the beauty and charm of a traditional fireplace

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Natural gas log sets have to be installed into a pipe system from buried gas service lines. Liquid propane has more carbon than natural gas, and it also burns much hotter than natural gas. To get liquid propane logs heating your home, you need a tank to be positioned outside the home Menards® also offers the venting and accessories you need to install your stove or fireplace. We have a variety of reliable pipe options, including insulated double wall stove pipe, black stove pipe, pellet stove pipe, and wood fireplace venting.Keep your stove clean with our selection of wood stove accessories.Customize your fireplace with our hearth pads, fireplace mantels and shelves.

Clearance must be in accordance with local installation codes and the requirements of the gas supplier 3.a. for a gas fireplace exhaust termination cap, 3 feet (91cm) within a height of 15 feet (4.5m) above the meter / regulator assembly 3.b. for a gas fireplace exhaust termination cap, 3 feet (91cm) above - if within 10 feet (3m) horizontall PF8o-66: Profire secondary manifold. Profire Professional model barbecues have two straight pipe burners controlled by each control valve. Most barbecues have one burner per valve or one burner split in half so a right-side valve controls the right side of the burner and the left-side valve controls the left side of the burner Parts: Gas Inlet Nozzle Outlet Fan Mount 2' T-pipe 2x10 nipple 2-1 1/2 reducer 1 1/2- 3/4' bushing Mixing Chamber Screw the 2-1 1/2 reducer and the 1 1/2'-3/4 bushing together, make sure to use plumbers tape or dope. If you can find one use a 2-3/4 reducer instead. Attach the 2 end of the reducer to the 2x10 nipple. Use plumbers tape or dope. This will create the mixing chamber. Ventless Gas Fireplaces Direct Vent Fireplaces B-Vent Fireplaces Linear Fireplaces Propane Gas Logs Contemporary Fireplace Burners & Heaters Electric Log Sets Gas Log Accessories Gas Log Valves & Safety Pilots : Gas Vent Pipes. Venting Kits. View All. Outdoor Living. Shop By Type. Outdoor Fireplaces. Patio Heaters. Fire Pits In the case of gas logs, ceramic logs with gas burners are placed directly into an existing wood fireplace to give the effect of burning fire. These gas logs provide no real heat to the house and are essentially a waste of energy and money, as well as a potential source of pollutants, although they can provide an attractive fire

Woodman's Parts Plus specializes in replacement parts for the hearth industry. Browse our inventory of more than 20,000 in stock replacement parts for wood, coal, gas, pellet and bbq units Napoleon Fireplaces Canada is a division of Wolf Steel Limited, the parent company of the Napoleon brand. The fireplace division of Napoleon manufactures gas and electric fireplaces, wood-burning fireplaces, gas & wood stoves 7. Light the burner by using a long fireplace match or a lit paper under the center of the lighter near the burner ports. 8. Turn the gas valve ON gradually until burner ignition occurs. 9. If burner does not light with five seconds, turn gas valve OFF and wait 5 minutes before trying to relight. 10 ZERO CLEARANCE DIRECT VENT GAS FIREPLACE ‐ 42 WIDE: Listed for USA/Canada as a Vented Gas Fireplace, Dual Burner, SIT Valve with Hi/Lo, Wall Switch, 4/7 Sloped Top Flue, Tempered Glass, Safety Screen Framing Louvered 42 3/8 W x 37 1/4 H x 17 D. STANDARD Feature

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A traditional gas fireplace uses indoor air for combustion. It takes air from inside the home to burn natural gas or propane and sends the fumes up a flue. A flue is a vertical pipe that exhausts the gases naturally by drawing them upward and out of the home through the roof BP28BMN. Mantis Bay Window High (90%) Efficient Freestanding Pedestal Fireplace with Black Door, 28,000 Btu's - Natural Gas. The Traditional Bay Window Pedestal Fireplace model features dual burners that deliver a total of 28,000 Btu. Operating the front burner alone lets you enjoy the ambiance of the attractive log set and gas fire without.

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