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Reset Your Phone's Network Connection A simple and powerful fix for data not working on your Android device is to enter an SCRTN (Special Code to Reset the Network). Note that this fix will only work for phones using CDMA networks. In the U.S., these networks are T-Mobile, Verizon and US Cellular It appears the most recent OTA updates from Verizon broke this capability. Happened to my wifes s7, sons s7 edge, and my lgv20 all updated between May 1 and May 5. So it is not a handset manufacturer issue..it is Android or Verizon. I spent time on phone with Verizon tech tonight and they opened a ticket Depending on your phone model and Android OS version, go to the Wireless Networks or Connections section. There, you'll find Airplane Mode. Turn it off, wait for your networks to reconnect, and then double-check if your mobile data is working. 4 2021-07-04 20:49:22. @VZWSupport @bj_herr77 Verizon is currently experiencing a wireless network issue in your area. Our technicians are aware of this issue and are working to resolve it quickly. We recommend restarting your phone to resolve any network registration issues your phone may be experiencing. ^LCP Verizon has also been quite busy trying to improve their 5G coverage. The carrier had announced yesterday the successful deployment of their 5G Ultra Wideband in 14 additional arenas and stadiums. However, even with all this progress, there are still plenty of complaints doing rounds about network drops and slow mobile data: Source

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  1. A Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card is a small memory card that's inserted into a Verizon certified 4G LTE or 5G device. The SIM card lets you access our 4G LTE and 5G networks. This SIM card has very limited storage, typically 128K to 256K, and cannot be used to store photos or documents. Shop our store for a selection of available memory.
  2. Verizon 5G Not Working. Many users have said 5G doesn't work on Verizon even though they have a 5G handset. Now this problem is related to network connectivity and this is not a problem of your smartphone. We have gone through a comprehensive guide on how to fix 5G not working issues on Apple iPhone and Android. ⇒ iWireless APN Settings.
  3. Mobile data is your portal to the world on your Android phone, so if your data stops working it can kind of feel like the world's collapsing in around you..
  4. Widespread availability is expected by 2025. As such 5G might not be available in most parts of the world. Here we have gone through a guide on how to fix 5G not working or 5G network not showing up on your phone. This guide will work on Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, TracFone, US Cellular, Cricket Wireless & all the network operators around the world like Telus, Fidos, Rogers, etc
  5. In this latest installment of our troubleshooting series we will tackle the Galaxy S9 mobile data not working on Straight Talk issue. If you own a Samsung Galaxy S9 or any other Android device for.
  6. Call the International Support Team to get help while traveling, +1-908-559-4899. Enter your country's toll-free number. Enter your 10-digit mobile number when prompted by the International Travel Hotline. If a toll-free number isn't available for the country you're in, call (908) 559-4899 (toll charges apply)
  7. My data isn't working If you can't connect to cellular data—for example, you can't open a website or use an app while you're not on Wi-Fi—try the troubleshooting steps below to fix the issue. After each step, try visiting a website to see if the issue is fixed

If restarting doesn't work, switch between Wi-Fi and mobile data: Open your Settings app Wireless & networks or Connections. Depending on your device, these options may be different. Turn Wi-Fi off and mobile data on, and check to see if there's a difference. If not, turn mobile data off and Wi-Fi on and see if that works Will I use wireless data to upload or download files on my device with the Verizon Cloud app? If you keep Verizon Cloud in Wi-Fi only mode, most content types will be backed up over Wi-Fi. Certain content types, such as contacts, call logs and messages may continue to sync over a cellular network and wireless data charges will apply

Verizon Wireless APN Settings: The 4G LTE APN settings for the Verizon wireless phone is used for a high-speed internet connection from mobile data in your cell phone. These settings should work correctly in your android phones incase if you have any problem follow the procedure to set up Verizon APN settings.. The below information will help Android users to access the high-speed internet. Phone data not working. Pin . Lock . 0 Recommended Answers 1 Reply 3 Upvotes I have unlimited data. 2. There's no data blocks from Verizon Smart Family. 3. I've tried force stopping Setup Wizard from settings. Didn't work Welcome to the Android Community forum Mobile Data Not Working On Android Image Credit: AndroidAuthority. If all else fails to restore mobile data, go ahead and perform a factory data reset. This will erase everything on your phone and bring all settings to factory defaults. This means your phone will be left like the first time you turned it on (software-wise) However, over the last month or so I have been getting the popup message Mobile data not available while on this call when Im on a call. I have advanced calling activated through Verizon and turned on. When I contacted customer support they said that there had to be a 4g connection in order for data to work while on a call Data with Telcel (Mexico) no longer working on Verizon Galaxy S5. 07-25-2015 01:29 AM. Hi. I'm staying in Mexico for a while so I decided to buy a prepaid local sim (Telcel) for my Galaxy S5. Calling and text worked initially but data did not. However, I was able to mess with the APN settings to get it to work

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All email data on the Verizon mail server was erased after December 5, 2017. How to Set Up Verizon Email Settings in AOL. The following sections apply only to users who migrated their Verizon account data before December 5, 2017. Setting up your Verizon account in AOL is super easy Solution 3: How to Recover Data from Android Phone with Broken Screen via AutoPlay. This is another way to help you get data from Android phone with broken screen, it is similar to the solution 1. If the methods above not working, then it's time to try this AutoPlay solution. Connect your broken screen Android to your computer Problem: Galaxy S9 Plus mobile data not working. My phone will not connect to data. It says that it has full bars of LTE but wont even load your website when it is away from wifi You are welcome. Thanks for sharing the update. I hear about a lot of problems with Straight Talk's Verizon network. Losing data.Requiring multiple new SIMs, APN problems. I am at the point where I tell people try it and if it works for you great. If not consider Verizon prepaid. Looks like its $45 for 2 Gig per month. Go to autopay and get 1GB Here is how you can do it: Head to Setting s, then find either Reset or Backup & reset. Tap on it. From the list, tap Network settings reset. Keep in mind that this step will erase all network.

For the past week or so it seems that my push notifications do not work unless i am connected to WiFi. If i am not on wifi and i go to sync my gmail it will take a significant amount of time to refresh and show the new emails (anyway from 2-3mins+). Gmail will not do any push notifications nor will certain other apps There may be two causes for your apps not downloading. First, go back to the last page on this list and try clearing Google Play store's cache. If that doesn't work, try wiping Google Play's history Related: How to Fix Mobile Data Not Working on Android. Isolating the Problem. If you're taking matters into your own hands, it's important to establish that your data connection is definitely the source of your issues. Look at the top-left corner of your screen Samsung Galaxy S5 Mobile data not working. Discussion in ' Android Devices ' started by Albert R, Jan 2, 2015 . I have an unlocked Sprint Galaxy S5 (GM-G900P) and the mobile data is not working, even the sign of mobile data doesnt appear in the screen. I tried changing the APN and the SIM card, and reset the phone and doesnt work What to do when screen touch is not working when Mobile falls down: Android Smartphones: 1: Aug 4, 2018: V: Wifi not working in my mobile. But working in other devices. Also other wifi are working. Whats the problem and solution: Android Smartphones: 1: Jul 19, 2018: C: Will my simple mobile hot spot work on a verizon note 4: Android.

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MMS works fine when connected to WiFi, but not over the cell network. Update: when I restart the phone and am only connected to Verizon's mobile data, MMS starts working again. I f I connect to WiFi and then disconnect from WiFi and go back to Verizon mobile data, MMS stops working Net10 Data and MMS not working for Android or Other Smartphones. June 7, 2013 Bob Thompson. Leave a comment if you are trying to get Net10 Wireless Data and MMS working for your Android or other smartphone. If you have an iPhone, please see: How to Setup Net10 Web, Data, and MMS for your iPhone running iOS 6 Sometimes when I try to make a call, I get Verizon recording saying the phone is not activated, but I know it is. I noticed the other day, when I tested a phone, it was working fine with Page Plus SIM but then, I got an update and after that, I wasn't able to make a call, it acts like the SIM is not active! No internet, no calls, no text

Solution 8: Clear Cache and Data for Maps to fix GPS issues on Android. Sometimes, the cache files and data files that build up on your device for Maps may have been corrupted. This can cause a problem for your GPS and it may begin behaving abnormally. To solve this problem, you must delete the cache and data for Maps and check if the problem. Data not working using Verizon Samsung Galaxy Edge HowardForums is a discussion board dedicated to mobile phones with over 1,000,000 members and growing! For your convenience HowardForums is divided into 7 main sections; marketplace, phone manufacturers, carriers, smartphones/PDAs, general phone discussion, buy sell trade and general discussions : This article has been updated to reflect that simultaneous voice and data became possible on Verizon phones with LTE but did not work on iPhones because of a hardware issue. Next Up In Tec

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You can use any solution to get rid of this issue but if you want a quicker, direct, and more effective method that can address root causes of why your phone's back Button is not working, then use ReiBoot for Android. It will repair your Samsung phone and make sure you never face this issue in the future Reboot the phone and it works like normal. Same thing if I am not on a wifi and using cellular data and then come into range of a wifi connection. The phone will have slow data connection until I reboot the phone. Source. After updating to Android 11, WiFi stopped working on my Pixel 3XL Method 5: Fix Samsung Hotspot Not Working with ReiBoot for Android. Still, if your mobile hotspot not working Samsung S8, then the issue is probably because of an Android glitch preventing your phone from functioning properly. This best and simplest method to fix this is with the help of a third-party Android repair software TOUCH SCREEN NOT WORKING - Transferring data from OLD to New Phone? Hello all, My S20+ touch screen is NOT working. My replacement phone is incoming through insurance. Is there a way to transfer data (pictures, videos, messages, etc..) from OLD phone to NEW phone without having to touch the screen of OLD phone

My Verizon. The My Verizon app is the all-in-one hub of your Verizon experience, allowing you to keep track of account changes, easily switch to Verizon, and much more. Switch and bring your phone to Verizon in minutes with auto-detection of your device and the ability to scan your ID for quick setup. Plus, check which offers you're eligible for If you do not mind the drawbacks, Verizon Content Transfer app is a simple way to transfer content from Android to Android, from iPhone to iPhone, between iPhone and Android. With it, you can achieve data migration even without a computer. Step 1 Firstly, connect both mobile devices to a good Wi-Fi network. It cannot work via cellular data. Hum × is only available via Verizon Wireless; Hum × service operates on 4G LTE network only and requires data usage. Not all products are available in all areas. Pinpoint Roadside Assistance provided by Signature Motor Club, Inc., up to 4 events per year. Many services require GPS service and/or network availability, not available in all.

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  1. As Verizon has had their prepaid starter packs on sale for $20, I thought I might as well see what happened when I tried to use it in my non-CDMA capable iPhone 7 Plus (model A1784). When I first put the SIM card in, it would just search constantly. It popped up that there was a carrier update available, but this was apparently just a generic one, as the Verizon carrier profile would not even.
  2. I recently updated my Samsung Galaxy S3 to the new version of Android (4.1.2) using an OTA update. Since then, I've had two cases where I've left my home (on Wifi) and had no data connectivity. The phone shows a connection to 3G, and the arrows light up, but nothing works. Toggling airplane mode seems fix the problem temporarily
  3. Hello! I'm looking for some guidance on how to get working service on my new phone. I live in an area with weak service and have been using a samsung/verizon network extender (SCS-2u01) just fine for years, as well as my parents on their iphones. I believe it's 3G which I wonder if might be part of the issue
  4. Verizon joined T-Mobile and AT&T in adopting RCS. Verizon to bring RCS to all Android smartphones by 2022. Verizon joined T-Mobile and AT&T in adopting RCS
  5. I have unlimited cellular data on my iPhone 5s phone and it's not working. My parent's cellular data is working meaning that when wifi is off or they're out and about in a place w/o free wifi their data works just fine. Mine works where I can send pictures and receive them. But if I want to go on safari for example, or any other app, it doesn't.

Galaxy Note10+ mobile data not working fix #4: Perform forced reboot. Doing simple solutions such as rebooting can sometimes fix network bugs as well. If you haven't tried it yet, be sure to. Samsung s4 data connection on Vodacom not working. Hi Dear, Hope you can help me. I have a Samsung galaxy s4 on Vodacom and about an hour ago my data connection stop working. I can receive and send messages and receive calls and call. But no data connection. Regards Jennife In this step, we will be clearing the cached data for some applications which are integral to the working of the message+ app. In order to do that: Drag down the notifications panel and click on the Settings cog. Clicking on the settings button; Scroll down and select the Apps option. Clicking on App

S5 Verizon Version Switch To T-Mobile. Problem: i bought an unlocked refurbished s5 through groupon. it seems as thought the previous network is verizon. they sent me only some data to switch me. Make sure you're connected to 3G, 4G, or LTE. If your device is connected on 2G/GPRS/EDGE, you can't use calling and data during a call. Turn on VoLTE in device settings. Restart the device. Android devices: Wipe the cache partition and reset the device APNs to default. For non-T-Mobile phones, see BYOD T-Mobile data & APN settings Solution: How to fix mobile data not working on Samsung, Android/how to fix mobile data not connecting 2021/Internet mobile data not working Android/Mobile d.. Problem 17: Downloads Not Working After Android 10 Update. Google Pixel phones are the phones that have got the Android 10 update till now. But after that update, several bugs were seen. New bug was found in this update and that was Downloading not working. Users were not able to download anything off internet and this is very much frustrating On paper, yes, all Verizon plans do have access to the services 5G network, although it's worth noting that not all 5G data plans on Verizon offer equal speeds across the board

Part 2: Part of Android Phone Screen Not Work: Backup Data to Cloud Storage. Even though an Android phone screen is badly cracked or shattered, there is still hope that some parts of the phone screen are still working. Before giving up on your broken phone, please make sure that you have tapped every part of the phone screen.. Sync Verizon From Your Android Step 1: Open the Settings app and select the Application tab. Step 2: Touch the Manage Application option and select All. Step 3: Select the Add email option and add your account. Step 4: Now, go back to Settings and select the Data Usage option. Guide for Verizon email not working on android There are several causes for android phone not receiving calls such as no signal in android device or phone doesn't ring or consistent busy signal. This can't receive incoming calls on android phone. Other issue of not making calls is phone icon is missing, SIM card not recognized, can't answer ringing call, poor signal and other reasons. 1

1. Check Your SIM Card. One cause for the mobile network not available message is either a faulty, or a poorly inserted SIM card. Power your phone down before pulling your SIM card out. Then access your SIM card slot and remove the card before putting it back in, making sure it's secure Hotspots made it quite convenient for users to use the internet. If they are out of data, they can use their friend's mobile to access the internet or the other way around. Sadly, if hotspot not working Android; it will be a huge issue if you were depending on it. But there are ways you can try to fix it at your home, very easily. Case 1

Tip 3. Clear System Junk on Your Phone. If clearing cache on your Android phone cannot fix text messages not sending issue, you may need to further clear system junk on your Android device. Although system junk clear is necessary for almost all mobile users, mobile developers seldom consider developing a corresponding build-in feature 5. Clear the Cache and Data for Your Email App. Like all apps on your device, your email app saves data and cache files on your phone. While these files don't normally cause any issues, it's worth clearing them to see if that fixes the email sync issue on your Android device Description. The My Verizon app is the all-in-one hub of your Verizon experience, allowing you to keep track of account changes, latest offers and much more. With My Verizon you can: • View your account in one seamless feed. • Get on-demand support tools like Live Chat and step-by-step troubleshooting instructions as needed Android and the No Service Bug Fortunately — or maybe not — the no service bug is a fairly common issue with Android devices across every brand and carrier. The upside is, being a well-known problem, the answers have become pretty easy to come by in the event that it ever crops up. For anyone whose Android handset has taken a sit on its service, don't worry — the answer isn't far. To reveal the Apn menu on Verizon, change the preferred network to LTE only as above, then unselect 4g in the Mobile Network section for the Verizon Sim. Restart the phone. Next time you go to the Verizon section, there should be an Apn setting item. Create the proper Apn for Verizon because the default probably does not work

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Step 1. Launch the installed Android Repair program on your computer and choose the Repair tab from the primary interface. Step 2. Use a USB cable to connect your Android phone to the computer and go to the left side bar to click on Android Repair tab. The program will show you the Android problems it can fix You can check your data usage on iOS devices in iOS 14 by going to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data > Current Period. Switch on Cellular Data, if it is not already. These data stats do not. Step 1 At first, you need to download and install ReiBoot for Android on your computer. After that, launch the program. Step 2 Next, connect the mobile to the said computer and click Repair Android System from the main interface.. Step 3 Then, in the following page click on Repair Now and proceed.. Step 4 After that, you have to provide details about your said Android mobile First, let's do some quick routine maintenance for your android phone's applications to essentially refresh the connection and clear out unnecessary data. Please follow the simple directions below. 1. Clear your phone's cache: Go to your phone's Settings > Apps/Applications > YouMail > Clear Cache + Force Stop. 2

Scan Android phone to find all present and lost data. After connecting your Android phone, the software will quickly scan the device to find all the existing and lost data. You can easily find contacts, SMS, call log, photos, and more you want to recover by choosing the correct file types. Step 3. Preview and transfer data from Android phone to PC ---Verizon Motorola phones will only work on Android 4.3 or below.---AT&T Samsung phones will only work on Android 4.2 or below.---Other carriers/phones will only work if they still have Android 4.0 or below.---Straight Talk phones will only work if it uses Verizon and are compatible with the above Thank you for replying. That did not work. I don't think it's Xfinity. The problem is that APN gets locked to VZW instead of Xfinity's APN, which is why data doesn't work. I can put a TMO sim card in it and it works fine, so I don't know that there is something wrong with the phone itself. If you have any other suggestions, I would appreciate it 3. If that doesn't work (it probably won't), put your phone into AIRPLANE MODE. 4. Take phone out of AIRPLANE MODE after 1 minute.5. Repeat step 1 but this time select your usual Network mode (mine is LTE/WCDMA/GSM). This should work. If not, backup your Android with Android Manager and send it to repair

Fix: Verizon Visual Voicemail not Working If the issue is with your Computer or a Laptop you should try using Restoro which can scan the repositories and replace corrupt and missing files. This works in most cases, where the issue is originated due to a system corruption Contact Verizon if your phone is not unlocked. If, after inserting the new SIM, you see a message that says something like, SIM Not Supported, your Verizon phone is not unlocked. It could be because it's been fewer than 60 days since purchase, or that your phone was flagged as lost or stolen

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My Verizon App: Working Again! The My Verizon is working again and you can continue to access your account directly from your iPhone. Next time the My Verizon app is not working on your iPhone, come back to this article so you can fix the problem quickly! If you have any other questions, leave them in the comments section below. Thanks for reading Verizon blamed third-party tethering apps being blocked on an employee who had been working with the Google's Android app store operators. Lewis continued: Lewis continued Users are now reporting that LTE is not working after installing the Android 10 update. More specifically, users on the Verizon and Sprint networks are facing the problem. Thus, users are stuck with slow 3G internet speeds. Further, there does not appear to be a workaround to get LTE working on the device 1. Disable Cellular Data. This is a trick that works pretty well most of the time. If cellular data is enabled on your iPhone, but there's no internet, or perhaps you cannot use any internet.

I have a Straight Talk Verizon LTE BYOD nano sim. When I put this sim in an Android phone (Moto E LTE), I get data. I tried this sim in a Striaght Talk iPhone 5 (Verizon) but I could not get data to work, even though the phone connected to the LTE network. I then tried it on another iPhone: Verizon iPhone 5S and I still had the same problem Samsung Galaxy S5 Mobile data not working. Discussion in ' Android Devices ' started by Albert R, Jan 2, 2015 . I have an unlocked Sprint Galaxy S5 (GM-G900P) and the mobile data is not working, even the sign of mobile data doesnt appear in the screen. I tried changing the APN and the SIM card, and reset the phone and doesnt work

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Problem #4: Unlocked Verizon Galaxy S8 won't work on Cricket Wireless network after factory reset My phone was accidentally completely reset and now will not do anything but make calls and send. Reboot your device and it will work just fine. Solution 4. Repair Corrupted Android OS. If your device's OS has gone corrupt, then you will face the Samsung Galaxy S6 stuck on Verizon screen after factory reset as well. You will need to use a third-party software to fix your phone's system Devd07, Nov 13, 2019: This is worst experience I have with any android mobile. Just after purchasing a brand new mobile, my mobile data is not working. I have to forcefully upgrade os from 9.5.5 which came as default while purchasing the mobile to Oxygen 10 as this is being quoted as one of the resolution from community Solution #3: Probably Caused by Android System, Repair with Reiboot for Android Last but not least, we will make a system repair. Well, if Samsung Galaxy S9 wireless charging not working and any of the previous fixes weren't able to change the device's condition, then repairing the Android system is the only option we have left If the above two steps doesn't solve the issue and you are still not able to send, receive or Download MMS on your Straight Talk Phone, you can try downloading the GO SMS Pro APP, which seems to solve the issue for many people having this problem. This app also gives you additional features such as auto-reply, 800+ emotions and it's completely Free

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Getting a data only plan from a Verizon MVNO can save you hundreds on your monthly bill. Not all MVNOs currently offer data only plans, but there's still a great selection of plans to choose from that can provide you with what you need at an affordable price. If Verizon's not the network for you, there's more great offers with AT&T and T-Mobile. Basic phone plans: Not everyone needs a ton of data. Get 2GB or less with some minutes and texts. MVNOs make it so you only pay for what each family member actually needs. Tablet plans: Save money on your data only plans too. Choose from the cheapest Verizon data plans for tablets and iPads Talk and text only plans: Don't need data? No problem - compare cheap Verizon basic plans. Bonus, you'll save a ton of money if you're not paying for data! Tablet plans: Find the cheapest Verizon tablet data plan or iPad. Kids plans: MVNOs offer the best Verizon plans for kids because you can tailor them to exactly what you want your child to have