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racing pigeons videosthis video is about racing pigeons videos and how to find all the videos that I made I'm going to show you each step from one of my vide.. after my first video of the secrects champions know ,there was a very big positive response and i did a follow up. see superacepigeon.weebly.com . see our..

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AROUND five thousand homing pigeons in a single race appear to have vanished into thin air. Some 9,000 set off from Peterborough, Cambs, on Saturday on a journey to the North East that should take The World Racer pigeons. 4,845 Followers · Not a Business. A F Aviary. 5,424 Followers · Pet Service. Pages Businesses Local Service Business Service KK Racer Pigeon Loft Videos A very nice Female available. Wapp 0348 9615793. The racing success started with the immortal 554 Fabry and continued on with the Imbrecht pigeons. We were the first to introduce the incomparable Staf Van Reet pigeons back in 1991. No loft in the world can compete with our Van Reet blood or Van Reet racing records. We started introducing the best of the incredible Maurice Casaert pigeons in 1994

Ron Jackson says 27/07/2019 . What a great advertisement for our sport of Racing Pigeons,if more younger people get to view these documentaries they would have a better understanding of the whole aspect of keeping them.My name is Ron Jackson i live on the Gold Coast, Queensland Australia,i started racing pigeons way back in the 1970s in New Zealand with my younger brother and Dad under the. Pigeon Racing. A short video of young racing pigeons being trained early in their training program. This video is about shipping night for a 600 km young bird race. Thousands of racing pigeons are released and on the way home they are filmed from a helicopter. A short film showing a one trailer release Browse 96 pigeon racing stock videos and clips available to use in your projects, or start a new search to explore more stock footage and b-roll video clips. racing pigeons released from cages on truck. - pigeon racing stock videos & royalty-free footage. over 8,000 pigeons carrying peace messages tied to their legs, are released during the 3rd. Helen Vidler Plus. Documentary about the weird and wonderful sport of Pigeon Racing. This is a documentary that tackles preconceived ideas of these 'rats with wings'. Produced by Helen Vidler. Directed by Abi Njopera-Pedler. Camera & Editing by Benjamin Tucker. Funded by the Royal Racing Pigeon Society. 2012 Racer Pigeons For Sale In Peshawar. 2,704 Followers · Pet Supplies. Pkrp Club Peshawar. 2,453 Followers · Sports. The World Racer pigeons. 4,845 Followers · Not a Business. A F Aviary. Pages Businesses Local Service Business Service KK Racer Pigeon Loft Videos KK Racer Pigeon Loft.

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Racing Pigeon Videos. We have put together a collection of some of the best racing pigeon videos from around the web, all credit goes to the creators. Pigeon Beat: One Loft Racing in America. Pigeon Beat: One Loft Racing in America. How the Pros Fly. How the Pros Fly. For The Birds Documentary. For The Birds Documentary Our Meuleman pigeons have been winning for us and our customers for over 20 years and six generations. The Ludo Claessens are WORLD CLASS RACING PIGEONS, winning against 5,000 to 25,000 birds. Ludo Claessens final auction 11/2010 where the average price was $13,600 with the most expensive bird, Jonge Supercrack going for over $157,000! Pigeon Racing Coach. 43,234 likes · 8 talking about this. The leading online pigeon racing and racing pigeons community It's Taiwan. Here, Pigeon Racing is a sport and a national obsession. Just one race can make you an instant millionaire. Competition is fierce, even deadly. It's a sport, a watch with rumor of race fixing and mafia. For 30 thousand Taiwanese pigeon racers, it is a way of life. A dream will lead to fame and fortune ZA Loft Racing Pigeons July 2 at 11:31 PM · #3rdjuly2021 #sportspigeons #homerpigeon #zaloft #morningvibes #extremlevelpassion #beautygoroz #loyaltygoroz #speedgoroz #racerexplosure #moultingseaso

Dear Respected All, please watch this clip, boost my views, and subscribe my channel. This short photoslide is all about 'British Show Racer Pigeons'. The British Show Racer is a breed of fancy pigeon developed over many years of selective breeding. The British Show Racer along with other varieties of domesticated pigeons are all descendants from the rock pigeon The Racing Pigeon. 5,872 likes · 13 talking about this. The only independent Racing Pigeon Weekly, over 100 years serving you the fancie

Jan 28, 2017 - All kinds of videos about the sport, some interviews with different fanciers and 'how to' guides on certain topics. See more ideas about pigeon, pigeon loft, racing pigeons The reason for the fight was because the guy ripped the head off my pigeon. It's the first thing I ever loved in my life: the pigeon. (Animal Planet) The show is called Taking on Tyson, and it focuses on the former heavyweight champion's efforts to train pigeons for competitive racing in New Jersey

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  1. Pigeon Race - Big Island to Oahu Saturday, October 10, 2020 1,000 birds raced from Waimea on the island of HAWAII to various lofts on the island of Oahu. This is a quick video of what we do to get our birds from OAHU to Waimea. Oahu Invitational Flyers is a organization that supports the local club on OAHU
  2. Pigeons will need more energy for the long distance races, and for this reason one should feed more maize when these races are flown. The usual racing mixture should contain at least 60 % carbohydrates, but this percentage can be increased to 70 % or even 80 % when long distance races are flown. It is essential to learn to know each pigeon.
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  4. Summary One of the best pigeon presenters known to history Toni Melucci introduces this documentary film that will captivate the avid pigeon racing fancier. This video takes us all around the Gulf Coast of Florida and west of the Mississippi River to the Southern wards of New Orleans. A passionate Fancier, who serves as a [
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Racing pigeon videos of the sport. Focused on Breeding Fast Maturing, Tough, Endurance Racing Pigeons for Middle to Long Distance Pigeon Racing. Racing Pigeon Videos and Movies. Check out all our racing pigeon videos, short clips, & movies at: ProPigeon Racing Loft - YouTube Channe Top 15 Pigeon Racing Youtube Channels. Contents [ show ] ⋅ About this list & ranking. Pigeon Racing Youtube Channels. The Pigeon Loft. homing pigeon races. Racing Pigeons. Derby Arona-TENERIFE. Pigeon Pixels. Eddie Barry lofts video's

*Video* Parasite Prevention for your Racing Pigeons Here is another great video from Lavender Hill Lofts. This video is about how to give Permethrin to prevent lice, mites and mosquito from biting your birds. So go ahead and watch the video by clicking the play button below. I recommend all fanciers to us Permethrin to [ *Video* China's Million Dollar Pigeon Sport Pigeon racing is a big business in China, Racing pigeons are the new thoroughbreds here, with birds auctioned for hundreds of thousands of dollars apiece and races netting millions for the championship flock. This documentary takes us behind the scenes of the Pigeon Racing scene in China and we [ Sep 30, 2020 - Pak Birds Channel for any kind birds video we upload for our viewers Parrots pigeons Aseel kindly support our channel and subscribe thank you. Pinterest. Today. Racing Pigeons For Sale Racing Pigeon Lofts Pigeon Cage Homing Pigeons Dove Bird Bird Gif Watch Video Beautiful Birds Pet Birds. More information..

FANTASTIC RESULT ON TOUGH RACE 4, 7, 10, 17, 26, 37, 48, 83 etc NPO Chateauroux (670km) against 3,577 pigeons Prize percentage 61% (1:4) On this page you can see the arrivals of our pigeons of the race from Chateauroux (670km) The race has been postponed by a day due to bad weather on the flight line Jan 28, 2017 - All kinds of videos about the sport, some interviews with different fanciers and 'how to' guides on certain topics. See more ideas about pigeon, pigeon loft, racing pigeons *Video* Grading Baby Racing Pigeons. Here is another video from Lavender Hill Lofts on grading babies. It is important that you grade your babies before banding age. Look for abnormalities, signs of disease, lack of vigor etc, Remove those that show any signs of disease, stress or lack of vigor. Check it out by clicking the video below P-BAY - auctions of top quality racing pigeons. 1 hr ·. Big congratulations to Olivier Poussart, the overall 2021 Tulle winner against 12,334pigeons. . Distance: 537km. Speed: 1,406m/min. #pigeon #pigeons #pigeonlovers. Bird handlers were devastated after a mind-boggling 5,000 homing pigeons seemingly disappeared during a race across the UK. We've seen one of the very worst ever racing days in our history.


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Pigeon Race. realease of 627 racing pigeons in new york all headed towards rhode island with some destorted mp3 sample of a beastie boys instramental record. frenergee. Subscribe Unsubscribe 4. 14 Oct 2007. 592. Share. Share Video. Tweet Posted by PigeonRacingFan in All, Loft and Loft Management, Other Pigeon Videos, Videos on April 5, 2010. Hawk Control In this video John shows us some of his secrets he uses to keeping the hawks away from his birds. These are neat tricks that you can start using right now in your own loft to help control the hawks I took some photos of the band to help read it. I was able to discern the website of the Canadian Racing Pigeon Union and a few other numbers. No one there was immediately available so I left an inquiry. I read a bit about racing pigeons getting tired and needing rests sometimes. My thoughts went to trying to contain the bird to protect it

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  1. e if you agree. Pictured are Jeff Lamberton and Steve King, Fast Lane Loft, Tulsa, Oklahoma, an excellent racing pigeon fancier racing many of our pigeon strains and a very close friend of the Lamberton Family. Jeff Lamberton - Address: 2901 S. 33rd West Ave. Tulsa, OK USA 74107
  2. PIGEON fanciers suffered their worst day in racing history after over 10,000 birds vanished into thin air. They were flying from scores of locations last Saturday but failed to return home to their coops. 3. Richard Sayers (pictured centre, with his family) says 300 birds from his club are missing. 3
  3. Richard Sayers, who lives 170 miles from the race, said 300 birds went missing from a loft, where pigeon racing is a way of life. He has now appealed to the public to give shelter to the missing.
  4. Description. Super breeder father to ao 12-063 SUPER RACER. OLYMPIADE 003 Olympic Pigeon 2002 in Liévin, 2nd National Ace Pigeon Sprint in 2002, 1st Combine Noyon 1931p. He is also father to ''JACKPOT'' a worldclass breeder. He is father to ''DI CAPRIO''. Granddaughter to ORLEANSKE won 1st PROVINCIAL ORLEANS against 8.924p. Very.

Video report by Helen Carnell. Thousands of racing pigeons are still missing a week after they set off on their return journey to the North East Created for the new 2008 Subaru STi, this video is a rebuttal to the car community's complaints that the new STi had become domesticated from its rally/racer background. Our inspiration was that the new model does in fact have the same power, poise, and exclusivity as the outgoing model. It anything, this is one beast of a car. soul3

World's Finest Racing Pigeons! www.McLaughlinLofts.com. We invite you to browse through some of our Pigeons for Sale and purchase with confidence. Every pigeon offered has been selected by Frank to be a possible foundation breeder. If you do not see a pigeon you like, please call or email for other champion bred racing pigeons that might be. A - 1 Pigeon Export Service & 信鸽运输服务 (#1) A 2021 AU CONVENTION RACE & AUCTION TAMPA FL LIVE AND ON LINE AT IPIGEON.COM (#1) A-1 2021 Hoosier Classic Million Dollar Race Winners From 51st to 100th Place Ending at 20:15 (#51) A-2 2021 Hoosier Classic Million Dollar Race Winners 26th to 50th Ending at 20:45 (#26) A-3 2021 Hoosier.

There used to be dozens of pigeon racing clubs in the city, but the sport's popularity has waned. Green might be the biggest pigeon racer left. He says he knows every one of his birds Loft and Loft Management, pigeon racing, racing pigeons, Stock Videos, Videos January 1, 2013 *Video* Grading Baby Racing Pigeons. News Videos, pigeon racing, racing pigeons, Videos April 5, 2016 December 19, 2016. Pigeon Racing Taking Flight in China

iPigeon.com | Racing Pigeon Auction. Welcome to i Pigeon Great Birds, Good Bargains, and Exciting Auction Secrets of a Successful Pigeon Fancier (Part 2) Secret 6 Buy a hygrometer (Home Depot) with a high low setting. The hygrometer measures humidity. Place the hygrometer in the racing loft and adjust ventilation to maintain humidity below 70%. By monitoring the humidity you will learn to keep

Vladutzdumitriu (@vikingsracingpigeons) has created a short video on TikTok with music Nobody. | #nobody#vikingsracingpigeons#pupies#pigeon#lovebirds#vogel#passion#postaguvercinler#kalapati#kabootar#duiven#porumbei#colombi#fypシ#fypシ゚viral#tren Hawk Control In this video John shows us some of his secrets he uses to keeping the hawks away from his birds. These are neat tricks that you can start using right now in your own loft to help control the hawks. Hawk Control by John Glemser Sign up for the Pigeon Insider Pigeon Racin Two men from the Fresno area are in custody following a shooting at a pigeon racing event in the Sutter County town of Robbins. Like us on Facebook to see similar stories Please give an overall.


13 Followers, 16 Following, 9 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from @delhi_racer_pigeon 1,223 Followers, 85 Following, 58 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Belgian Racing Pigeons youtube (@belgianracingpigeons Racing pigeon that reportedly crossed Pacific to Australia isn't from Oregon after all. Updated Jan 15, 2021; Posted Jan 15, 2021 . In this image made from video, a racing pigeon sits on a. Welcome all pigeons from around the world. PIPR start colloect pigeons since 1 March - 31 July 2021, Fancier can contact your nearby bird collector. 07/07/2021. Start new season The 6th Pattaya International Pigeon Race. The 6th Pattaya International Pigeon Race , collecting time : 1 March - 31 July 2021. 08/06/2021 A pigeon sits on a roof contemplating the moon. - AP. Thousands of British homing pigeons mysteriously disappeared during races across the country on Saturday 19 June, with as many as 250,000.

The racing pigeon New Kim sold for $1.9 million on Sunday after a two-week auction at Belgium's Pipa pigeon center, Niels Cuelenaere, a project manager at Pipa, told Business Insider (Unwanted racers are often sold- some to be used for hunting dog-training or live, canned pigeon shoots- extra points for killing a banded bird.) Or he may be killed trying to get back home or while hanging around your house (a lone pigeon is at terrible risk from all sorts of predators)

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  1. g pigeons were released in Thirsk, North Yorkshire, with an.
  2. Pigeon Pictures. Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh where more then 30,000 pigeon fanciers of different categories. In the year of 2003 some of our pigeon fanciers have started to develop Racing Pigeon in Dhaka-Bangladesh and subsequently it has reached a level of international standard and such development attract pigeon fanciers
  3. Development. Racing pigeons were first developed in Belgium and England during the nineteenth century. They are the result of crossing of a number of other breeds, primarily the Smerle, French Cumulet, English Carrier, Dragoon, and the Horseman (now lost).From the high-flying Cumulet, the Homer received its endurance and its ability to fly for hours on end without tiring

Continue reading 6 Racing Pigeons Beginner Mistakes. Posted on May 10, 2020 July 16, 2021 Categories Racing Pigeons 1 Comment on 6 Racing Pigeons Beginner Mistakes Barcelona International 2020 - The Winning Pigeon. According to PIPA, the winner is Karscu Alin from Rastatt (DE). Alin is originally from Romania and moved to DE dreaming to race. The American Show Racer pigeon is known as the Bird of Dignity.1 The began in the early 1950s with the finest Racing Homer for their breed type. Levi mentions Show Pen Racers in his book The Pigeon.2 He describes the early development of the breed in the U.S.A. and early breeders of the variety. In 1952, The American Show Pen Racer Club was formed at the National Show held in Des Moines. American Racing Pigeon Union. P. O. Box 18465. Oklahoma City, OK 73154-0465. ph. 405-848-5801 | fax 405-848-5888. Office Hours M-F 8:00am - 5:00pm CST. If you were to enroll in Homing Pigeons 101, you would find that there are basics to be considered Top Flight Racing Pigeon Club, Saint Paul, Minnesota. 6,600 likes · 29 talking about this. Nonprofit Organizatio

Pigeon racing originated in Belgium, and breeders from around the world rely on that country's birds to create powerful teams of racers. A Belgium breeding bird can be purchased online for about. Welcome all pigeons from around the world. PIPR start colloect pigeons since 1 March - 31 July 2021, Fancier can contact your nearby bird collector. 07/07/2021 Start new season The 6th Pattaya International Pigeon Race. The 6th Pattaya International Pigeon Race , collecting time : 1 March - 31 July 2021. 08/06/202 So If you ever wanted to be a winning pigeon racer, breed champion birds and finally stop wasting all of your time and money then you need to read this entire page right now. Report. Browse more videos. Browse more videos. Playing next. 2:46. Pigeon Racing Racing Pigeon Toss Training Pigeons I love homing pigeon very much and always try to collect and watch the videos. Their ability to come back home very fast from a far place always gives me pleasure. I also enjoy the fancier's great talent to select the perfect birds for race.Actually it's a nice culture to discover good bird of high speed in short race, middle race and long distance race Hi sorry I've just realised I hadn't put this video up. This was the liberation from Kingsdown on the 2nd June. Regards Karen. Severn Valley Federation Racing Pigeons. 374 views · June 13, 2018. Pages Other Community Severn Valley Federation Racing Pigeons Videos Honiton 7am.

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  1. Kriemhilde Cocan. 12:46. uzun mesafe Joe Richir tarafından güvercinleri yarışı - Yarış Güvercini / long distance racing pigeons by Joe Richir - Racing Pigeon. Güvercin Show. 0:31. [PDF] The Wright Brothers as Engineers : an Appraisal and Flying with the Wright Brothers, one Man. Lotarioska. 0:06. Pigeon flying in the sky with racing.
  2. *Video* Vaccinating Racing Pigeon with PMV Vaccine In this video Dennis from Hawkbait Lofts shows us how he vaccinates his young birds with the PMV (Paramyxovirus) vaccine. He uses a standard syringe with a 22 gauge needle and injects the vaccine just under the skin between the leg and the body he calls it the web
  3. Posted by PigeonRacingFan in All, News Videos, Videos on March 16, 2010. From Heavyweight to Featherweight, Pigeon racing goes primetime with it's own reality show! Former world heavyweight champ Mike Tyson will take flight on Animal Planet with a new sport — pigeon racing. The network this week announced a new reality show that will pit.
  4. Pigeon racing is the poor man's horse racing, says Gary Beall, who has been training and raising pigeons his entire life. Source: CNN Stories worth watching (15 Videos
  5. Jun 11, 2012 - Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Pigeon Racing Birds Buttons History World Youtube Animals Running. More information... More like thi
  6. No new racing pigeon genes. The thing is there are no new racing pigeons suddenly appearing out of nowhere, no one has gone out and discovered a completely new line of pigeons.. As was stated earlier, all of the birds we are breeding today can be traced back to the original pigeons from hundreds of years ago
  7. Find professional Pigeon Racing videos and stock footage available for license in film, television, advertising and corporate uses. Getty Images offers exclusive rights-ready and premium royalty-free analog, HD, and 4K video of the highest quality

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  1. Video Transcript Transcript for Racing pigeon sells for a record $1.4M at auction A lot of heat on our jail went silent pay one point four million dollars for a pigeon
  2. Belgian Racing Pigeons : WEANING 2021 Second Round YOUNGBIRDS YouTube Stats on video rank, views, likes, comments, and other related information are statistics at Videoranked.co
  3. Find Racing Pigeon Latest News, Videos & Pictures on Racing Pigeon and see latest updates, news, information from NDTV.COM. Explore more on Racing Pigeon
  4. . 26/06/2021. National winner Belgium Old birds: Flasse Samuel (Audregnies) 25/06/2021
  5. The Journey of Orlando Golden Classic's Roby Delgado Through the pigeon racing sport, we have met many people. People from all over the world, various countries, cultures, and backgrounds. Roby Delgado was one of those people. Still in the infancy of our racing loft, we attended the Hoosier in 2018. Hoping to win big for [

Racing Pigeons. Home Racing Pigeons Pedigrees Young Pigeons My Loft Bloodlines For Sale Video Contacts Links Forum Racing Pigeon: Cock: Hen: Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Get Started. Every day during the racing season, 55-year-old Zhang Yajun wakes at 4 a.m. and carefully loads bamboo cages containing his 76 cherished racing pigeons into a van. Then he drives up to 200. China Racing Pigeon Material manufacturers - Select 2021 high quality Racing Pigeon Material products in best price from certified Chinese Material, Design Material suppliers, wholesalers and factory on Made-in-China.co View racing pigeon videos. Browse 459 racing pigeon stock photos and images available, or start a new search to explore more stock photos and images. Newest results. Landing of racing pigeon with wigs spread wide Racing pigeon comes home and prepares for landing racing pigeon stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images. In this image made from video, a racing pigeon sits on a rooftop Wednesday, Jan. 13, 2021, in Melbourne, Australia, The racing pigeon, first spotted in late Dec. 2020, appears to have made an.

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A female racing pigeon from Belgium called New Kim has been sold for a record €1.6m (£1.4m) to a mystery Chinese buyer at an online auction Racing pigeons are descended from the Rock Dove, and the earliest recorded reference to the use of messenger pigeons comes from Ramses III (c1200 BC) when they were used to co Show of the Year SHOW OF THE YEAR 2022 is planned for 15th-16th January 2022 The 2021 show took place online, in the absence of the real thing due to Covid-19 THE 6 TH PATTAYA INTERNATIONAL PIGEON RACE. The Pattaya International Pigeon Race is coming! Join us for what Promises to be an unforgettable event in the truly special setting of one of Thailand's most famous beach resorts: Pattaya The Hoosier Classic International Race is committed to the highest standards of accountability and quality. Our team takes a genuine interest in ensuring that your pigeons are met with the highest professional standard of care. By Jim & Kelly Ward 10258 S 1150 W · Wanatah, IN 46390 · US

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A racing pigeon sits on a rooftop Wednesday, Jan. 13, 2021, in Melbourne, Australia, The racing pigeon, first spotted in late December, appears to have made an extraordinary 8,000-mile Pacific. A racing pigeon sits on a rooftop Wednesday in Melbourne, Australia, The racing pigeon, first spotted in late December 2020, has made an extraordinary 8,000-mile Pacific Ocean crossing from the. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Other format: Kindle. Pigeon Racing. The Complete Pigeon Racing Guide. Racing pigeons breeds, loft, feeding, health, training, racing, record keeping and systems. by Elliott Lang. 4.3 out of 5 stars. 47. Paperback

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Thousands of racing pigeons have disappeared in the United Kingdom in a mysterious solar storm that swept them away. While 1000 of them disappeared on a journey from Swindon to South Wales, another 10,000 went missing during a race in Peterborough on June 19. According to pigeon breeders, approximately 250,000 birds were released in total across Britain on the day and only a fraction returned The premier organisation for pigeon racing in the UK. Today pigeon racing is a sport for the whole family in a highly social environment. It combines animal husbandry with the natural desire for competition. Electronic Timing Systems and One Loft Races have brought this popular sport into the 21st Century. Find out more Portrait of a racing or homing pigeon looking into the camera. Pigeon Racing stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images. Hands holding racing pigeon outside Hands holding homing pigeon outdoors. This man is holding and showing one of his pigeons. He is keeping this bird to breed with this animal as a hobby Topline. Belgian-bred pigeons are known as the best in the world of pigeon racing, but even seasoned breeding families were left stunned after an anonymous Chinese buyer swooped in to buy a female. In this image made from video, a racing pigeon sits on a rooftop Wednesday, Jan. 13, 2021, in Melbourne, Australia. (Channel 9 via AP) A racing pigeon has survived an extraordinary 13,000.

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Racing pigeons, not those being sent to the Barcelona event, in a cage. (CNN) A scandal has engulfed pigeon racing after 11 French birds were found dead on the eve of a major competition. A. White Racing Pigeons for sale for your Dove Release Business. Photos, facts and pricing to help get you flying.Successfully serving the White Dove Release Industry since 1989. LDHA Genetic Testing, How to purchase white homing pigeons, where to buy white homing pigeons Racing and tiplers Pigeons. Springfield, Birmingham. £10. Hi, I am selling full kit of my racing birds. 8 racing pigeons from 2020. 8 Racers £40. 6 tiplers for £60. All good and healthy birds Slow Crop in the Racing Pigeon. A slow crop in the racing pigeon is a disorder that can not only interfere with the performance of the bird but it can also be an indicator that there is something medically wrong. In this article, we will look at the function of the crop and focus on the symptoms, causes, and treatment of a slow crop Pigeon Chat. 5 June ·. Pigeon Chat are now on youtube, we are showing a free video of Ace Lofts which is fantastic. All we ask is that you subscribe (it's totally free) and that way we can offer you more free videos to watch. We have some in the pipeline already

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HOME. Hello and welcome to my racing pigeon pages. I have always loved and kept pigeons, right from the age of six (1976) in fact, but it was only in 1996 after meeting two people who influenced my life greatly -- Uncle Henry and Col Smith that I started keeping Racing Pigeons. I have enjoyed, and continue to enjoy the sport thoroughly Racing Pigeons - The Racing Systems 1. Dacian Busecan Racing Pigeons - The Racing Systems September 16, 2015 5 Racing Systems that will bring the best out of your birds 1 2. The motivation of the birds is a key factor in winning a race and very specific racing systems have been developed over the years.. Pedigrees - Racing Pigeon. Original VLADI & TSETSI. Ludo Claessens bloodline breeding pigeons. Louis Van Loon bloodline breeding pigeons. Gebr. Janssen bloodline breeding pigeons racing pigeons homing pigeons, nwi. great lakes invitational racing pigeon club great lakes invitational racing pigeon club great lakes invitational racing pigeon club great lakes invitational racing pigeon clu

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