5 Tips to Encourage Your Customers to Write Product Reviews

Most successful e-commerce sellers have implemented product review and rating on their product details pages. This feature has the main advantage that it gives customers and visitors assurance that this product is more than a generic e-commerce product. It is a topic that people are talking about (both positively and negatively) and it is listed here.

If your product information page isn’t up to the mark, people will leave your site and go to your competitors. The most important page on your site is the product details page. This is where customers will decide whether they want to add the product to their cart or not. Customers should feel confident that the products they are purchasing are a good deal and offer value for money.

The ability to allow customers to share their opinions and experiences about the product is one of the most powerful features on your product detail page. A simple comment from a satisfied customer can reassure many other customers about buying the product.

Here are five tips to make your product page more efficient and encourage customers and visitors alike to leave reviews.

Tips 1 – Product Details page Design:

People love to see product details pages that are attractively designed and well presented. The product detail page should include product descriptions, images, prices, and attributes selection options. Customers will find the information they need easily if it is presented in a clean and organized manner. People will write about your product details page if it is attractive and well-designed. Image zooming, image videos and multiple images can help customers get a better understanding of the product. A visitor who sees a product detail page that is eye-catching will be more inclined to want to add words.

Tips 2 – Don’t make it complicated:

Keep the Review & Rating section simple. Making it complicated would prevent customers and visitors from leaving reviews. You can offer the rating option along with the review option. A visual rating of 5 stars is available that can be rated by clicking the mouse. The negative rating options would make it clear to visitors that they can rate the product as they wish. The Review can be made optional by removing the email field. People don’t like their emails being visible to the public. You can choose to hide or show the email addresses in the reviews. CAPTCHA is a key issue to be aware of. Spammers can easily break easy CAPTCHA, while hard CAPTCHA is irritating to the real reviewers. You should choose one that is both difficult for spammers to crack and easy for humans to read.

Tips 3 – Modify the Reviews and Rating:

You should be able to manage the rating and review left by customers or visitors on your e-commerce platform. You should be able publish or unpublish reviews (or manipulate them if you wish), control visibility and control the number of reviews per webpage, reply to reviewers, and use other standard review moderation features. You should moderate reviews regularly if you want to value the opinions of your customers about your products. Customers feel disappointed when their reviews are not published on your website. You can send them thank-you emails and ask for their visit. In reply, you should write something that will impress not only the reviewers but all visitors.

Tips 4 – Don’t forget the negative reviews:

Your product detail page should be filled with glowing and positive reviews. Customers who have negative reviews about the product are your best chance to explain the reasons and inform others. You can confront negative reviews with positive answers, and then place them alongside the other reviews.

Tips 5 – Reviewing Competition

How about giving away a coupon, a free gift or a discount to the top-rated reviewers? This would encourage customers and visitors to explore your products and write about them. A $5 coupon code, discount of 5% or gift wrapping free would encourage more customers and visitors to write about your products.

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